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  1. I skipped through what you said till the last sentence but yes I consent to what you said I want the ally award because I am an ally and wish to display it
  2. Name: Impy VII Link to Forums Account: @Impy Award-/-Achievement: Monthly Donor Award (LGTBQ thingy please) Reason-/-Evidence: Image is attached. Bane told me my 1,000 bits donation counts towards a monthly donation total and I can claim the LGTBQ award for donating. If this is wrong, please give me the award anyway and ban Bane from providing bad advice in the Department Discord server. I’ve been a good boy and think I deserve most of the awards.
  3. Name: Impy VII Link to Forums Account: @Impy Award-/-Achievement: 2022 Donor and the OTY attendee thingy Reason-/-Evidence: Image is attached
  4. hello fellow member

    1. KSI RiiOT 7

      KSI RiiOT 7

      Glory to VII




      Not poaching btw

  5. Having read through the other replies, I can’t help but agree that Drop deserves this award. He’s been in KSI longer than most, and his influence and contributions are a testimony to his dedication and commitment to the community. When I was still active within KSI, Drop was a leader who led by example. He took charge at Leadership Council meetings and made himself available for mentorship and conversations that would help grow better leaders around him and improve KSI for all members. He led T&E through a period of remarkable growth and consistency and he’s been a hallmark on the Forums, helping making community members’ online experiences fruitful and positive. Drop is a model leader and community member and he has long deserved this award. I will always be willing to go to bat for this man because of his high character and positive influence to KSI. KSI as its known wouldn’t exist without contributions and sacrifices from Drop, and to have that type of influence is rare and deserving of praise.
  6. Gamertag: KSI ImPyyy 7 Link to Profile: @Chairman Impy Awards: 2020 Donor – Donate in 2020 First Step – Sub for 3 straight months Rolling Streak – Sub for 6 straight months Preggo Streak – Sub for 9 straight months Anniversary Streak – Sub for 12 straight months Award Senpai - Awarded 70 awards. Army Support Award – Meta Award for 70 Awards. Big Kahuna - Awarded 80 awards. Lady Luck – Meta Award for 80 Awards, plus nobody supports our lady gamers like I support our lady gamers. Game on ladies, don’t let the chauvinistic pigs tell you that you can’t game good. Evidence:
  7. Impy

    I see you stopped by for Spirit Week, but not Fall Classic. I am disappoint.

    1. Rita


      I’ll be around for the awards show for sure. Works been crazy, being management is difficult lol. 

  8. King's history in KSI and long and full of accomplishments. He's a determined leader who has battled adversity to get where he is now. While he wasn't always the ideal member, his perseverance and dedication to trying to improve as a leader and a person is admirable, and sets a standard for the commitment to excellence that KSI members would be wise to follow. Every division he's been involved with has become stronger from his participation and presence, and I'm not sure there's a greater indication of cause and effect. While those divisions often face their own challenge -- what division doesn't? -- King's attitude and determination rubs off on those around him. He brings out the best of those leaders and members he works with, and they often have effusive praise about his knowledge, leadership, and empathy. King absolutely deserves an award of this magnitude. He's been through a bunch in this community, and he's always trying to do more. He has risen to the top through those characteristics, and it's those traits that make him deserving of such a big award.
  9. O.o.....if you were food....youd be a fillet minion........cause you tasty ;)

    1. Impy


      i'd rather be a smores pop tart.

    2. Awoken Lucifer

      Awoken Lucifer

      so you can burn the crap out of people?

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