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  1. My name is Retep an im Evil!

  2. She's my Cherry Pie!!!!!!

  3. 67' 4-door Flat black Chevy Impala with a 327 and 4 barrel carburetor!

  4. KSI Sad Tempah - General Reason: Since day one of my KSI life, this swagtastic young fellow has been on the ball. He doesnt stop his great hospitality, hes taught not only myself how to flow in KSI but many more. Back in Venom days even though he was limited due to his rank he still showed his leadership, still tried to pull everyone in the squad ahead. Hes a member thats been there and done that, he has history in KSI and with that comes great experience. He never gets mad and if he does he doesnt explode, he goes around the table of officers to see how we should deal with an issue. Even though hes General he always makes sure hes an equal and no better than anyone in the squad. I can go on and on talking about how great this Swagster is with only 10 months of knowing him, but the number one best thing about Tempah is that hes a homie to everyone. Everyone and anyone can easily say hes "Da Homie." Hes always gots your back, always joking, always having a good time, and thats best part about him; his friendship. P.S. Shout out to the crew Anguish WI and my boy Tempah, Swag on my brothas and sistas!
  5. Anguish is moving Forward fast :)

  6. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have met our Destiny!

  7. Its the final count down....

  8. I love when the jelly gooshes out like blood when i bite into a pop tart. >:)

  9. Laffy is amazing as a leader. Every time i ask him a question (which are far more than i can count with my fingers)he doesn't only answer with a yes or an answer or two, he answers with everything that he knows. He will go out of his way to give the best answer to your question or concern. When i ran into problems, he didnt just push it to the side like "ill deal with it later, eh" no he took care of business right then and there. He is also super freakin reliable, because he is always on the forums. When probs or questions pop up i think of Laffy because i know he will respond ASAP. Im pretty sure hes a pretty great friend seeing he has a whole fam bam going on his forum profile, lol. From what i know, the times ive invited him to play games with Anguish, he has yet to let me down. Even though he has other squads, friends, and Bo2 to play with, he still makes time to at least stop by and say hello. If what he dose isnt above and beyond then i wouldnt know what is.
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