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  1. Senior Leader KSI Venum 7 / @The ChadMin Reasons they deserve this: Venum is always willing to help out anyone in the community. I have seen him, reach out to 7 staff about join apps, help out with AAP awards, explain how forums work to members as well as just jumping in and answering a Destiny 2 question. His attitude is always one of "what can I do to help or make your job easier?" When things aren't done right there is a gentle reminder and how do we fix this that makes you want to do better. As former Div lead I appreciate his understanding and makes me want to learn to be a better leader in the community Co-Founder KSI Gambit 7 / @KSI Gambit 7 Gambit is just a dynamo. He turns around squads in his sleep! He creates an atmosphere in a squad that makes people want to be a part of it and energizes all the people around him.. He is also a recruiting monster and has built up a cadre of officers who are excited to make the div great and are becoming recruiting monsters as well. ES is very lucky to have him as cofo and hopefully div lead real soon! Gen KSIMommaBear / @KSIMommaBear MommaBear has come up the ranks in the last few months very quickly because she is eager to learn and doesn't let any hardship stop her. If she had trouble recruiting, she just kept at it until she was able to bring them in, and she has built up an officer staff that can all go out and bring recruits in. She started a program in her squad having officers responsible for reaching out to members and keep them active. Which has had an incredible effect on her retention. She has also started PO classes, to help train POs so they can hit the ground running when they get promoted. This has helped her squad immensely since the class helps weed out the POs who really just want a position. She also was instrumental in helping her squad spit the first time is gradually bring them around for a second one.
  2. I witness that as division Leader this squad has grown this quickly
  3. KSI xGHost21x @KSI xGHOST21x KSI Rome @KSI Rome Award: Leadership Aspects Evidence: Workshop hosted by KSI Barb 7
  4. KSI DRKB1ADE @KSI DRKB1ADE Awards: Forums Rank Structure Host: KSI Barb 7 Evidence: KSI Barb 7 hosted both workshops
  5. Please follow the guideline below: Senior LeaderGamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI xKing 77 (CEO, acting co Founder- ES)Link to forums account - @KSI xKing 77Reasoning why they deserve this - King has always had the best interest of KSI in all he does. He became acting Gen and Cofo in ES when we were struggling. He is not afraid to He inspired people to come over here and help out and under other leadership we might have been closed down. But he saw the potential and in a matter of months helped bring about a squad split and also being on the verge of another. King inspires people to be their best. He has the quality I refer to as a "cheerleader". People want to do their best for him and the results are amazing. General KSI Gambit 7 - General ES/Hydra @KSI Gambit 7 Gambit came out of retirement to be a member, but he soon stepped up as an officer and has been killing it in recruiting, mentoring and train officers and inspiring his squad to split for a second time in just a few months. ES is very lucky Gambit and the skill he bring to us CPT KSI Inked 7 - CPT ES/Succubus @KSI Inked 7 Inked transferred over to ES a few months ago and from the day she cam over she interacted with our members. When Hydra was formed she decided to go over to Succubus and soon became an officer and has become a great example to the members what a good officer looks like. She has a great rapport with he other officers and is constantly reaching out to the members and getting them more involved. When I was on LOA she stepped up to act as Gen in my place and kept the squad running smoothly. LT KSI Rome LT ES/Succubus @KSI Rome Rome always has the most attended game nights in succubus, he has this very laid back personality and very well spoken. He says he is shy but you would never know it from his game night or his presence at squad meetings. He always comes off as confident, knowledgeable and as an all around nice guy. I am very lucky to have him supporting me in Succubus SSGT KSI DRKB1ADE SSGT ES/SUCCUBUS @KSI DRKB1ADE Since drkblade rejoined KSI he has reached out to succubus members as well as ES members in other squads. He joined any game night he could to get to know as many members as possible. He wanted to be an officer and inspired current officers to do better. As soon as we could we brought him up to SSGT we did and he did not disappoint. He has continued to reach out and bring the squad together. He is eager to learn and keeps an eye on the who squad so I know I can get the lowdown on what going on because he is right there and has his finger on the pulse of the squad. SGT KSI River#1541 SGT ES/SUCCUBUS @ywanger KSI River is a member who loves KSI and wants to help even though his work schedule doesn't really allow for it right now. He always responds to messages sent to the squad on discord and always makes sure he gets read in on the notes from squad meeting. Even though he can't be around much he is very present in the discord and game nights when he can.
  6. KSI xGhost21x/ @KSI xGHOST21x Award: Forums Advanced Training Rank Structure Evidence Attended Workshops hosted by me @KSI Barb 7
  7. KSI DRB1ADE/@KSI DRKB1ADE Award: Recruiting Evidence Attended Recruiting Workshop Hosted by: KSI Barb 7
  8. KSI DRB1ADE/@KSI DRKB1ADE KSI kinSlayer/ @KSIkinSLAYER Award: Basic Training Evidence: Attended Basic Training Worshop Hosted by: KSI Barb 7
  9. Hey Barb you’re my favorite New Yorker I love your accent

  10. Name: KSI Barb 7 Forums Account: @KSI Barb 7 Awards: Forums Newb, Forums Novice, Forums Rookie, Forum Addict Evidence: 1012 forums posts
  11. KSI Inked 7/ @KSI Inked 7 Award Leadership Aspects evidence: Attended Leadership aspects workshop hosted by me
  12. KSI Inked 7/ @KSI Inked 7 KSI Zillah/ @KSI Zillah KSI Rome/ @KSI Rome KSI xGhost21x / @KSI xGHOST21x Award: CAPS Certification Evidence: Attended CAPS Workshop
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