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  1. OMG ROBBY! Idk where to even start fam! Cx I remember going and playing with you helping you through TTK just to say hi and then pulling you through your first kings fall and then finally introducing you to KSI and now you are a first LT?!? Like, I am SO proud of you!<3 you have helped me in so many ways and showed me parts of life I haven't been able to see and I'm just so happy to have a bestie robster! Cx love you and will talk to you later!!! >.< :console:

    1. KSI robbillkill

      KSI robbillkill

      I have to say that being a part of this community has really given me another look on life. I am so grateful that you have brought me into this. there is no amount of words I can say that will ever be enough. thank you. thank you. thank you so much! This community has brought out the best in me.. You are an amazing general and I will always be there to help you in your upcoming battles.

    2. KSI ApBlis 7

      KSI ApBlis 7

      Omg I can't give any more rep for the day!!!! Dx 

  2. Not the best of my singing, but here is what I did for karaoke tonight! Big shout out to Last Strike!! Good luck to all you other KSI members out there! Hope all of you participating in Spirit Week have as much fun as I did tonight

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