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  1. Happy Birthday Man


  2. KSI robbillkill http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/35746-ksi-robbillkill/ Lieutenant of the month I feel the need to vote for Robby as he has been an amazing LT, He has tackled problems head on & they have always been resolved. He has also helped me on a personal level In such an amazing way, even though his circumstances aren't the best. I have always turned to robby on a personal level as he is such a great friend & such a great officer, he keeps us all In high spirits & he always reminds us that we are a family! any issues which have come up he is strict to the C
  3. PICCKKKKKLLLLLLEEEEEESSS!!!! XD you're amzing! :) see how I put you're XD I love that your so innocent yet you are so deadly at the same time :D I;m glad to have you as my General & My friend! See you on blak ops.. even though I'm on black ops with you already... confusing times xD

    1. KSI ApBlis 7

      KSI ApBlis 7

      I can't give you good rep!!!!!!!!! Dx bad forums!

  4. LOAAFFYYYYY!!!!!(>^.^<) <3 hehe HI! You are absolutely amazing and I'm just great to have you as my LT and as a friend with your weird, funny breadfull self! >.< :D see ya on the black ops side my bestie!!:ahappy:

  5. Division: Last Strike (LS) Team Captain: KSI Loafy Team memebers 1. KSI Loafy 2. KSI MrCuddlez 3. KSI PaladnMouth 4. KSI GhostMaro 5. xXPalmer17Xx Backups 1.Cpt runawayz 2. AshleyJessica 3. KSI xSPARTACUSx 4. KSI JpDigital 5. KSI AZTEK
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