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  1. Black Ops 3 S&D on the Xbox ONE: Captains Gamer tag: KSI COMMAND0 7 Captains Division: HD Teammate 1: KSI COMMAND0 7 Teammate 2:KSI TrueSavage (MVP) Teammate 3: CleanKillzem Teammate 4:CleanKillzem Friend Backup: Wreckage HD member
  2. Hey it's been a minute hit me up sometime on kik or Xbox my new gt is Mr bakes alot

  3. "All right, they're on our left, they're on our right,
    they're in front of us, they're behind us.
    They can't get away this time." -Chesty Puller

  4. Gamertag: KSI COMMAND0 7 Division: Divine Reign Game: Black Ops 3
  5. Where have you been the last 3 years? 

  6. Leaders create more leaders, they do not create followers

  7. I love the Information tab its easy for new members to find and access. I like the Chat option its very unique and its different than the old shoutbox by telling us who is currently using it. I like the new sleek look of the website, but my members and I are having trouble with the Quiz system. I remember there was a forum instructional video made last year and posted on the Productions YouTube channel which new members came to me and reported it was very helpful. If there could be a brief manual or short Productions video explaining the new updates and changes for this site that would be very helpful. But its always best for our members to navigate and explore the site on their own so a manual or video may not be necessary. I'm not entirely sure about the Collab groups, and I think new members may click the "Division Groups" tab thinking that's their division section when there's no officer to guide the through the forums at that time, but I like the idea. I like the new feature that links videos to my profile as well as articles because now I can gather videos from my Div and post them on my profile as well as help Productions find new content. All in all, I appreciate all those folks that took the time to make the changes to this site and for allowing us to give you feedback on this major update. And thank you to anyone that read this post, you just took a minute to review my feedback.
  8. I'll blast zombies any day. Feel free to send me a friend request or invite anytime.
  9. The only source of knowledge is experience. Albert Einstein

    1. Lafayette 7

      Lafayette 7

      Resolve is the elixir of success.

  10. I witness for KSI ToxicRain. I am her Co-Founder and I can attest that she has over 30 trains in her squad.
  11. I apologize, I just thought this was over. I just wanted to thank all of my witnesses and the AAP Staff, thats why I posted. It wont happen again.
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