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  1. Sins

    Ha, your reputation is only 18. You really suck! 

  2. yo im in forsaken ls and im telling u that that i cant send messages or talk to anyone for a couple days i wont get kicked from clan right

  3. *claps*

    because you're the best mate!

  4. muwahahahahahahahahahaha

  5. I don't want awards loser stop nominating me for stuff.
  6. How are people being left behind? Spirit week is a fairly new thing. back when the 360 came out it was basically a sole division me and one other person ran for 2 years till halo 3 came out, we didnt even really have a set game we just played all games. Xbox one is the future but until they hinder us on the 360 the majority will be here, no one is being left behind either they just can't play 2 games everyone else can because none of you all can play them. Literally nothing is being taken away from EF, they've just moved on to the bigger and better. Which we all will be there eventually, but we still will communicate through THIS SITE and Twitch live streams. Literally no one is being left behind so please keep your opinions to yourself if you want to go for the Edgy Statement just to grab attention. I and the Spirit week staff are working hard coming up with ideas to satiate your problems, but if you don't have solutions please stop repeating yourself. We hear them and know these problems and are working damn hard to fix them. I finally ask this if we tailor to one division are we not doing the same thing you all are asking? Leaving every other member behind.
  7. I'm looking for exerienced players 3.0 k/d or higher or really good at objective based game types for a gb and possible MLG team. I'm looking for people willing to play and be 18+ so if we go to MLG it wont be a problem. I've been offered sponosorships for other gb teams to go to MLG and I want to try and keep it with people I know better and around this community. Post your stats in here and we'll have tryouts sometime this weekend. Also, you dont have to be a member of KSI to join.
  8. I'll witness for die hard erbs was banned ab 15 times and kept coming back
  9. I'll witness this bull Poop too, as much as it pains my soul. I refuse to write anymore for fear of my soul going into a coma.
  10. i'll be holding them Wednesday around 6-7 eastern
  11. So yea since this is basically all us old 7s headhunter players play I'm guessing we're gonna have to start things new on ghosts. Anyone looking to tryout add KSI PR3DATOR 7 and post in here. I'll decide on a date after Monday it'll be sometime this week though.
  12. Hey can you add me on xbox when you have some time? I want to talk to you for a quick bit.

  13. Post your Gamertag squad and rank in here We will be holding at 7 eastern This Tuesday and Thursday
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