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  1. Sins

    Ha, your reputation is only 18. You really suck! 

  2. Cero


    I haven't made anything in 3 years so don't Schuck me too hard.
  3. Cero No Div Server Administrator harrisonsr.roberts@gmail.com
  4. Cero Forums harrisonsr.roberts@gmail.com
  5. Sorry everyone for taking so long, I'm in finals right now I'll have the awards and name changes done next Wednesday don't hate me.
  6. Gonna do the name changes and make the award tonight Do you guys prefer Cero's little helpers or Cero's Lab Subject #____ depending on when you posted
  7. Basically this is just a prototype and you can use your imagination on the types of songs and stuff if you could could you describe how you accomplished task 1 and task 2 and what issues if any did you have? Also to clarify this is for a free forums name change and an award
  8. Hey everybody, you might not know me well but I'm KSI's main site administrator and CAO. So how do you get a free name change on the forums and an award? I'm working on a class prototype and need as many people to review it as possible. This is what I need from you: Go to this link: http://s4e7se.axshare.com/home.html and here is your tasks Task1: learn a new dance move Task2: listen to the song of the week Now after you have completed both tasks or are unable to complete both or either task please write what you think about the prototype and what can be changed and how you completed the task or did not complete the task or what hangups did you find. I'm going to keep this thread open till next Monday but upon completion post what you want your name changed to and I will be making the award in a few days but it will only be open during this.
  9. Lol I remember when we thought we were gonna beat GS after our one win it's adorable. GS is one of the most talented teams I've seen in my life and shattering records left and right. OKC will lose and Durant will go to GS in the summer calling it.
  10. Congratulations, Welcome to Hell!!!!!!
  11. yo im in forsaken ls and im telling u that that i cant send messages or talk to anyone for a couple days i wont get kicked from clan right

  12. Cero

    KSI Slack Chat

  13. Cero

    KSI Slack Chat

    Hey everyone dunno if you all use slack or not, but if you do or want to; our slack channel is https://ksiboredchat.slack.com Or post your email in here and I can invite you.
  14. *claps*

    because you're the best mate!

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