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  2. yo im in forsaken ls and im telling u that that i cant send messages or talk to anyone for a couple days i wont get kicked from clan right

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  5. So I got bored and decided I'd work on one of these before I finally forget everything. Furthermore lets get started, in November 11th 2005 I joined a squad KSI Gunmetal XK through my friends KSI Hypnotize and Mesmerize(they were twins and the two best doubles halo 2 players KSI ever had.) A few more of my friends that a few exist on the Hall of fame joined around this time too, KSI Saint 7, Undeadshells, KSI Kim Jung Un(he had like 6 gamertags hell if I can remember anyothers since that one was so ridiculous), and my other friend Storma. We all had played halo 2 together for quite a while before we joined, sadly my first KSI experience was pretty unmonumental this was around the time the xbox 360 came out and I had got one day one. I got pretty hardcore into Perfect Dark and dissappeared. During this time all my friends had a falling out with KSI(typical drama lol) and they all left and made the first KSI Sucks Clan. After a month I came back and we all played again, eventually mesmerize and hypnotize joined back and I decided I wanted to come back. I had to play against one of the best halo 2 players and the manager of our first Pro team KSI Mersk(this was a more current GT can't remember his original GT) and he beat me 10-6 this was enough to get in. I joined KSI No Radar XK right before the biggest split KSI had seen since 7th Cav left to make MoB. This was when 007 and Knight and all the big wig XGC council guys left and made XGC. So yea a week in that was my biggest experience and I loved it the drama instantly drew me in, hell I was 14 at the time so yea drama was awesome it was like being in some crazy Virtual war. So after this split a lot of us stayed here, I was transfered by mersk into the SO division. Which was ran by Mersk, Animalstyle, and our Founder KSI Blood Lord 7. We had lots of fun their one of my good friends Tmoney got up to captain rank. We played and played, but we had another falling out; when my friends Hypnotize and mezmerize got offered their own squad in XD. So we left and formed KSI Genocide XD, this is where I had a huge change in the online community world. It was a time where playing the game and being better then everyone else is all that mattered to me, ranking up didn't mean anything. This is when I met my friend MoB R3AP3R 2k(This is before he became a hall of fame senior director we'll get their eventually). Well I first joined through a lobby I believe shells was hosting because they had been hitting MoB squads and had many contacts in MoB. When I joined I met Reaper and he told me what had happened to him how he randomly got matched in a matchmaking game with MoB Nikki and a few others and got blacklisted because of it. These days this was pretty normal it happened all the time, and within hours I ended up blacklisted for being in this game by KSI Khaos 7. So I joined reaper in the best squad I ever joined MoB Demigod TG; under the tommy gun division. We had a Major clan rank of 28 and a minor rank of 30. We were the real deal we dominated people in that squad and that's all that mattered to me, but ranking up and building something set on the back of my mind. Eventually I met probably the most notorious member of MoB(Besides Godfather), MoB Bob Dole. He at the time had hit around 25 KSI Squads. I was young and thought hitting the clan that had blacklisted me for such mundane reasons would be hilarious. So, I ranked up in Tommy Gun and helped Bob Dole hit many squads. We had the original KSI gamertag and used it to pretend we were the creator and requested overlord it worked like 75% of the time it was pretty ridiculous. Then when that wouldn't work we would just coax members into handing it over. When all was said and done we had hit 60 squads in the span of a few months. This was all around the time of MLG Chicago where KSI Mannup ss had tried to fight all the MoB members. Tensions were really high in the communities and we were loving it. Eventually I moved to hitting other clans the biggest was XGC and when I hit it XGC Knight XI lost his Poop, because at the time XGC and MoB had an alliance. I thought that sounded dumb so I ended that, they requested we be kicked from Tommygun yet everyone knew we were basically our own clan since Bob Dole was loved by Godfather. So that was the end of the pact between the two clans. Then I focused my attention on other things then hitting squads. I ranked up to the status of Don when Bob decided to hand the title over to me. I ran Tommygun for months, during this time I recruited the future downfall of MoB lol, KSI Raze Drake. He had joined tommy gun and he and dole had a falling out, so he went to Pit bulls and basically standardized the community. We were a no rules community, he made it into new KSI and is why the community is dead to this day. We eventually left and formed our own clan GFS(Gamings Finest Soldiers) it was all fine and all but I wanted to be a part of something huge. During my time as a squad hitter in MoB I had a lot of KSI contacts and one of my friends still to this day KSI Xakutioner 7 got me back into KSI. We also had a good friend who was a MoB squad hitter, KSI Dirty Dog 7; we had no idea he was trying to hit Demigod when he was MoB Dirty Dog. But we absolutely loved him when he was in and he randomly dissapeared one day. After everything we ran into him again and while I was in some fringe squad xakutioner and I made, he ran the Firestorm division with KSI Spider 7. Eventually Reaper joined KSI Pyros FS, and got me to follow him. He ranked up again and again and I eventually got to the rank of General. I rank pyros at 100 members, maximum capacity from september 2006 to october. Eventually I was promoted to a co-founder and finally got my seven rank. I recruited two other hall of famers during this time KSI Shank 7 and KSI Mari 7 in KSI Butane FS. Eventually R3AP3R was moved tO LE and given his shot at Director. So he took me and my best general KSI Destroyer 7, our job was to rebuild LE. After awhile we ran the community and got LE up to a thousand members. During this time we recruited probably some of the best members KSI has seen: KSI Tex 7 and KSI Matrix 7. Eventually, I got bored of running generic halo 2 clans, this is when me and Reaper decided to start the first Xbox 360 division KSI Demigod. We tried to run it like old school MoB Demigod, and ran it on many different games Rainbow Six Vegas, gears of war, and a few other big 2006 games. This is also around the time we met our demise we started to play World of Warcraft. We eventually made DG a Wow division, and boosted it to about 500 members. But our activity on xbox was so low eventually people just treated our division as something billy allowed us to do. Oh did I mention I was pretty good friends with that guy after I rejoined too. He was a crazy guy but would do anything for you as long as you didn't catch him on his bad day. Anyways, during this time I also ran a secret squad that would eventually become IDD. This squad was called the A-team, yea it was halarious that's the point. This squad was the original reason I was let back into KSI, to get rid of the competition. Whenever we had a threat me and my squad were to either spy on them or get rid of them. Typically it was the latter, we used many social hacking means to get rid of these people and that's why you don't hear about many three letter clans still to this day. Yea I was young and a little Poop but it was fun. Eventually I got interested in Graphics this is when I met my idol to this day Aanoi(The current AD) and the other person besides Reaper to be my mentor: Erbs. Haha yea i'm sure you'll all laugh at that but he taught me how to use photoshop and how to laugh at just about everything. Eventually I became a Graphics Artist, or a troll to most of you, and met some of the most influental people I've met online to this day. Aanoi, Avaria, Erbs, Sins, TopDog, Elite, Brain, Wormo, cows, and tons of other people. I envied all these guys as the great artists they were and to this day they are responsible for shaping my artistic abilities. Over time a guy KSI Shotgun 7 started a website called SexonCanvas where we all kind of hung out for awhile and for some reason everyone got blacklisted for being there. Over time we all got back by some means, but things were different after that. Eventually, we all went our separate ways, we all still see each other around. I went to college and while there United was made, I saw it as the new MoB and jumped ship once I realized it was not I left and formed a clan called VzR with KSI Xakutioner 7. VzR was probably the most professional clan I was apart of we had 8 teams in the #1 place on Game Battles. Our website hopped from 500 members to 10,000 in a matter of weeks. We eventually sponsored a team called Triggers Down's member SK to go to MLG Orlando where he won. To this day billy still takes credit for this, lol no KSI still hasn't won an MLG from a team under the KSI name. Anyways, things happened our webmaster stole the site and it all fell apart. We attempted to start up quite a few things after we sponsored one of the top Starcraft teams for awhile.But they got offered more money and better promises. Eventually I had a lot of things happen all at once and returned home from college to work full time. I called billy and he gave me a spot as art director for a few weeks and a board rank. Then I got a lot of the old members back and they ostracized me because I was just handed the role, and I was always the abstract artist who couldn't really do any actual design work to scale. So they shunned me from the role and I gladly handed it over. Eventually I met one of my old friends again who had just been given the role of CEO KSI Adidas 7. He had me join in on a project to help get KSI grants to turn the community into a education system that would get us government grants and actually get all of you crazy people paid money. He had me working on that and in the mean time gave me Moderator on the site. This is when I met Tex again and met some really awesome people KSI DrunkMunkee 7 and KSI Ragnaroks 7. I worked on one of the admin KSI Spider 7, he hated me because he always knew me as a troll even in FS lol. After time Spider got kicked out for dumbass reasons and I got moved up to Global Mod. This was also around the time Adidas got kicked out over probably the Pooptiest reason I've ever seen. So that ended all of the hopes for a new future. Eventually, the split came when we all watched Billy week after week make absolutely ridiculous decisions based on race, religion, and rumors. Eventually when he told a young muslim member that he had to change his name because "muslims are terrorists" alot of members had enough. That is when everyone voted billy out and things ran smoothly for a day or so when Billy was banned from the site. Eventually KSI Msanders 7 rejoined and gained control of the server back from JT. That is when worstplayer created KSIforums.com and the bulk of KSI transitioned there along with it. I stayed behind because of everything Billy had done for me, but I also offered to help get the new site up. This is right when I went to Europe and while there I did some occasional work on both global.com and .org as admin. I recruited a lot of older members to populate our gm and moderator roles and was getting .com back on a path of recovery. Eventually though I was told that a member had told billy that I was helping .org which I did not deny. I was told I was blacklisted by Billy. A man who to this day I know better then most people I know irl. This hurt but I came over to .org full time and worked my way up to CAO, and my time in .org I met some of my best friends to this day. Me and Ragnaroks became practically brothers, same as KSI Ace 7. Then I met KSI QueenJess and Chaos, and instantly fell in love I seriously love all of these guys like family. I also have had the greatest staff I've ever worked with, in clan ops or web ops. These people on my staff are basically family to me I would back any of them to the end and if they needed something from me I would give it to them. Even my retired staff members I still feel this way about. Since coming to .org, I had thought I understood what clans had been about since I had been around them since 2005. But I finally found a place to call him in .org and a place where I have met people whom I will do anything for, for the rest of my life. In summary, I've seen it all and heard it all. I've been through all the drama and all the strife, but with these past 3 years I look to the future every day because .org really surprises me. I can't wait for what lies in the future. ** Sadly, I've forgotten a ton of stuff and probably pissed people off I've forgotten, but I'll update the below if anything comes to mind. For awhile in 2007 I was a Web Admin under KSI Legacy 7 I also made the first gaming site, like weekend warfare, with KSI Webmaster 7. I also ran a graphics website called aR which was an artist community created on KSI. I also helped create the first online radio for KSI with Webmaster also. Me and Xakutioner also helped recruit pro teams to KSI. We helped recruit LGD to play under KSI, I still don't count this since they weren't actually a KSI team. LGD won 1st in gears of war in 2007? I think Another good friend of mine I met in KSI, KSI Chief 7 just can't remember exactly when we met. I currently am the Trademark owner of the KSI Global name which I filed in 2011. I also run our servers and run our web staff along with KSI Ace 7 and KSI Ragnaroks 7. I'm also that pretty face who streams indie games every now and then and plays sexy music during spirit week on twitch. The highest rank i've obtained in clan ops is Division leader and my favorite rank I've held was General. My tenth year in KSI will be 11/11/2015 My past gamertags are: GrumpyPumpkin, AngryPumpkin, KSI ARMAGEDON, KSI Petrify, MoB Apocalypse, MoB TommyGun, GFS Apocalypse, KSI xApocalypse, KSI Apocalypse7, KSI Cero 7 KSI Dirty Randy 7, KSI ZombieLenin 7, KSI Apocawaka 7 Divisions and Clans I've been apart of: XK, SO, XD, XGC, MoB, GFS, FS, LE, DG, AD, TK, DH, DM, and currently GZ. List of dates as I remember them: joined 11/11/2005 left XK for SO in January 2006 Left SO for XD in March 2006 Blacklisted in march 2006 Demigods -> Tommygun -> Don of TG March 2006- June 2006 GFS june 2006-september 2006 FS -> general -> cofo September 2006 - Jan 2007 LE January 2007 Trial artist ??? 2007 LE -> DG sometime in 2007 GA 2007 Lost in wow may 2007-??? back to GA?? College -> back to KSI 2010 Mod to GM 2010 Judge 2010 Split 2011 Admin on .com & .org Nov 2011-Nov 2011 lol Filed for Trademark Oct 2011 CAO 2012 February to may 2014 Currently CTO Ranks when I first joined: Private,Sergeant, lieutenant, captain, general, co founder, and founder
  6. I don't want awards loser stop nominating me for stuff.
  7. How are people being left behind? Spirit week is a fairly new thing. back when the 360 came out it was basically a sole division me and one other person ran for 2 years till halo 3 came out, we didnt even really have a set game we just played all games. Xbox one is the future but until they hinder us on the 360 the majority will be here, no one is being left behind either they just can't play 2 games everyone else can because none of you all can play them. Literally nothing is being taken away from EF, they've just moved on to the bigger and better. Which we all will be there eventually, but we still will communicate through THIS SITE and Twitch live streams. Literally no one is being left behind so please keep your opinions to yourself if you want to go for the Edgy Statement just to grab attention. I and the Spirit week staff are working hard coming up with ideas to satiate your problems, but if you don't have solutions please stop repeating yourself. We hear them and know these problems and are working damn hard to fix them. I finally ask this if we tailor to one division are we not doing the same thing you all are asking? Leaving every other member behind.
  8. I'm looking for exerienced players 3.0 k/d or higher or really good at objective based game types for a gb and possible MLG team. I'm looking for people willing to play and be 18+ so if we go to MLG it wont be a problem. I've been offered sponosorships for other gb teams to go to MLG and I want to try and keep it with people I know better and around this community. Post your stats in here and we'll have tryouts sometime this weekend. Also, you dont have to be a member of KSI to join.
  9. I'll witness for die hard erbs was banned ab 15 times and kept coming back
  10. I'll witness this bull Poop too, as much as it pains my soul. I refuse to write anymore for fear of my soul going into a coma.
  11. i'll be holding them Wednesday around 6-7 eastern
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