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    COD games, Sport games, hunting, Playing various outdoor sports, Earning Money
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  1. Yo brotha im thinking abt rejoining ksi 


  2. Idk you but happy birthday man!:frantics:

  3. hay lotus lets get bigger and stronger

  4. FI all day this is the best div in KSI Yeah baby!!!
  5. Killer J has provided a number of name changes for cpls in his squad that couldnt afford name changes. As well as guiding members with issues to the right people that can handle the situation at hand. he deserves this award
  6. I am here to witness for KSI KingBear. This member has done a remarkable job with recruiting as well as referring new members to other members to help them out. His numbers are 100% accurate
  7. These two members have been a part of FI with KSI in there gamer tags for over a year and are truly committed members and should be awarded this award
  8. I am here to witness for KSI Perplexity. This member has been very generous when it comes to helping members with name changes as well as xbox live subscriptions. he deserves this award
  9. I am here to witness for KSI Its Anarchy. He had done an exceptional job orientating new members as I have sat in on many of them. As well he is a part of the Head hunters team. This members deserves these awards
  10. Thank you for the amazing honor. I will do my best to do an even better job this month
  11. KSI xForce is part of NITRO HH team in position #1 as well as the captain of the Head Hunter team. I am a Co Founder in FI
  12. I am here to witness for KSI Perplexity. He has done an amazing job with 30+ Orientations. This member deserves the trainer award
  13. I feel our upper leadership is doing a great job with spirit week as many thing came to light. If anyone knows how to help out with the communication issue when streaming on the one hit me up in a pm or on xbox live.
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