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  1. I second this. I recommend this member for the Hall of fame. I was in Forced Induction when he was and I saw him split squads, spend thousands of hours in personal training with other members, recruiting hundreds of members, training future leaders, increasing activity on the forums by mentoring members, leading mentoring groups, and actively making sure every member felt like they had a place in this community. To be nominated for this I think a member has to have done things that have improved the community as a whole on a huge scale. Without a doubt he has drastically improved this community. There is no other member I know except Swag who has spent thousands of hours improving this community by all together recruiting, training, mentoring, and spending time with at a least thousands of potential members and hundreds of members. Those thousands of hours that could have been spent doing other things including work, school, personal life stuff he spent instead helping this community to become better. This isn't even considering the amount of people who he trained that have become leaders themselves and the amount of people they have helped. We are talking about 3000+ plus people being impacted by this member in a positive way by being recruited, trained, or spent time with. If that If that alone isn't worth being in the hall of fame I don't know what is.
  2. My good sir, its been too long. I did not fully enter clan ops. If I was gonna go tackle one thing it would have been web ops. After being in for a few years and seeing so many things go wrong and losing friends, I decided it was best to separate. 


    Much love, 


    KSI Bear46

  3. Hi! For some reason my message feature wasn't working. It won't let me add text to the message. Anyway, I am an old member from FI and wanted to say that you look exactly like an old member named KSI FatallyFoxy. You could be twins! She was also in FI with me for quite a while. 

    1. Greenday 7

      Greenday 7

      Lol well sadly I'm the one and only KSI GreendayFox :) was originally recruited in 2013 and just came back in Febuary lol so been around a while 

  4. Did you get involved in Clan Ops fully? I never thought I'd see that ! : )  Hope you remember me! - Plex 

  5. There are so many words I could use to describe the experiences I've had in KSI but I chose to say only one, and that is profound. This word is attributed to my experiences that were wrapped up in intense emotion, that were difficult to understand, and yet very deep and life changing.  I miss this community with so very much. But more importantly, I'm thankful for the lessons I learned, the memories I've made, and the time well spent. I hope to open up a new chapter in my life, including KSI, even if it is a few years later. Missing FI, missing my friends, and missing everyone that made my experience worth while. 

  6. If you need anything feel free to message me: KSI Perplexity 

  7. Terra has helped out on numerous occasions. She has given 10 dollar cards for CPLs to change their gamertags to KSI and has also bought 3 month xbox live cards for members who ran out of live and couldn't afford to renew their membership.
  8. Name: (Member-/-Squad-/-Division of the person you are nominating) KSI KING B3AR 7 - CoFo - FI Link to Forums Account: http://www.ksiforums.org/user/19626-king-bear-7/ Award-/-Achievement: (The award you are nominating this person for) Squad Splitter Reason-/-Evidence: (Please give reasons to why this person is deserving of the award you are nominating them for) KSI KING B3AR 7 Split Shift and created Viper as a Gen and Viper maintained successful growth the two months following the split.
  9. This is going to be a long post so please bear with me. Shinobi is an outstanding leader. From the time I joined I've witnessed Shinobi sacrifice countless nights of sleep just so that he could be online with his members to help them out or to just be there for them, as a friend. Not to mention Shinobi works and takes care of his kids along with his newest baby. Even if he can't speak on the mic on some nights because of his newest born he will make sure to talk to us on kik or xbl messages. His selflessness is also demonstrated by his ability to stick up for our division even if it were to means costing his own rank. Shinobi has demonstrated an ability to be selfless by putting his division before his personal life via sacrifice. Secondly, Shinobi's leadership style definitely yields outstanding service. Shinobi makes sure that if the division is running properly that he will continue to check in on members, officers, gens, and fellow sevens to make sure the div is actually preforming well, firsthand. Shinobi, even as a div leader, involves himself with the lower ranking members as I have witnessed firsthand in my squad. There is no air of superiority or indication of rank in his conversation because Shinobi understands what is absolutely crucial for anyone to to receive this award which is that what sets KSI apart is that we are a family. Any outstanding leader in the community will recognize and contribute to our sense of familial commmunity and Shinobi does just that. Shinobi along with usually a full party's long night conversations (despite him having work with 30 mins of sleep) are a direct indication of that. Thirdly, Shinobi along with the other sevens have purged any disrespect or harassment. Shinobi makes our division a safe place for KSI members and that is something that should be considered. When members have told me that they feel safer in our division than they do in their own house with their own family, you know that div leader must be leading the rest of the members correctly. Without Shinoibi's low tolerance for harassment of any kind FI might not be a safe haven free from any type of hate. This is a direct result of successful coordination between him and our seven staff. My fourth reason is that Shinobi does not stifle leadership, he promotes it. Shinobi understands his responsibility for the division as the div leader but also recognizes that the lower ranking members "run" the division as they are the ones putting on day to day operations. Shinobi allows the seven's, gens, and officers to implement programs freely such as CPL Showdowns or the basic operations of our division's welcoming committee. He does not dictate our every move but gives us an outline of what would be best, allowing us to develop our own leadership from such guidelines. That is the definition of an outstanding leader. I must conclude with the fact that FI is almost the largest division in KSI. Without Shinobi's leadership and never give up attitude, I dont think this would be possible. He's a great friend, a great div-leader, and overall caring and outstanding person.
  10. Name: (Member-/-Squad-/-Division of the person you are nominating) KSI MFLSwagg21 - Ignite - FI Link to Forums Account: http://www.ksiforums.org/user/17174-ksi-mflswagg21/ Award-/-Achievement: (The award you are nominating this person for) Squad Splitter Reason-/-Evidence: (Please give reasons to why this person is deserving of the award you are nominating them for) Swag split Ignite as General and created Carbon FI. (Edit: I see that the addendum is that the new squad must grow by 25 members within 2 months of splitting. Is that 25 member growth after all of the members have been transferred over?)
  11. Madness recently assisted me in some questions I had regarding his squad, for training purposes.
  12. King Bear has been my personal mentor for quite some time helping me out with many KSI questions
  13. When I first joined KSI Sketch made sure to answer every question I asked. Once I gained a more basic understanding of KSI I began to ask him specifics like who the generals were, what his squad was like, and how to run game nights. Looking back on it, he answered those questions accurately and quickly.
  14. Im an ex-general of FI so I'd like to say that this post has credibility. I worked directly with King Bear with for quite some time as generals together. There so many reasons why he deserves this away, so I'll explain them. King Bear has, even after I was no longer able to be a general, kept up with and created a KSI welcoming committee. He was the main leader for this beside myself as he made sure to go out of his way as he held gamenights for new members and made sure to host CPL showdowns each week. He took charge next with the divisional gamenights but went even further with our own Friday night tournaments that operated on a divisional level complete with prizes and all. He is one of those members who assists every single squad when they need help as far as recruiting, morale, and training. I think what qualifies him even more so is his patience. His time for promotion went by quite slowly, more so than others who were promoted more quickly. Even though he had to wait such a long time, he did not give up and he kept on doing even more than his position required as I've mentioned above. He takes the initiative to establish multi-squad/cross-squad communications by organizing multi-squad/cross-squad game nights and training sessions which has so many benefits, one's I will not list as his actual preforming of such activities are much more important in regards to the award. Another thing that qualifies him for the award is that he intentionally gets to know and treat every single member of the division possible like family by developing personal relationships through one on one time in party chat and in game lobbies. A good leader will preform his duties as required but an outstanding leader will create a vision to constantly improve his or her division and act on that visions. As explained, King Bear has that vision and acts upon it.
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