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  1. @go away is my choice tbh. it seems to be against my well being at most times as well. Truly unhealthy
  2. Gamertag - Very Lazy Bear Twitch Name - ALazyBear Award - Twitch Sub Link to forums - http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/6624-mr-bear/ Reason - Didn't know if I needed to use my prime sub or not but I subbed with it just in case.
  3. Yah man idk. Sometimes people just aren't able to see the full picture. We all use our own past experiences as a fuel for our opinions. So if someone had it easier in a squad that didn't have cpt's breathing down their necks to rct when you shouldn't feel pressured, then it would be easy for them to have the mindset of accepting responsibilities as just accepting responsibilities. I accepted the responsibility to try and recruit, what I didn't accept was to receive backlash if I didn't get a recruit every other day while my officers did nothing. Of course theres a need to recruit, but there shouldn't be a situation where you feel that if you didn't youre considered a useless member. I hope no one has to go through that in this time of KSI, but I did. I was friends with a lot of people, I was known as a sgt for a long time. What I wasn't know for was being pulled into parties and gave a *****ing to from certain people. Once ksi always ksi? Doesn't happen very often.
  4. As I stated at the end there, I said that was my experience. As in the division I was a part of, FI. We were in fact pressured into recruiting. And as I explained, the training process was half assed to say the least. I joined Fi a few months after it had split from a different division. Of course there was a need to recruit since it was fresh and no one wanted to see a merge happen just as soon as a split did. And its ignorant to say the fee for a name change is something to scoff at. There was a minimum age requirement of 15 to join. idk how many 15 year olds you knew that paid for their console, their headset, their games, and anything else they may of needed to play at all. 90 percent of the time it was the parents buying all those things. Now, add on the convo with your parents asking them to take you to the store to purchase Microsoft points. "well why do you need that? you already have the game" well I want to buy something on the game "well what do you wanna buy" now add in either a complete lie or tell them the truth that you want to change your name. The latter option opens the question "why do you need to do that" idk I feel like it. In the end they don't see the point to it and just say no. or they ask more questions. I didn't want to write a lot again but youre pov is very narrow minded imo. Assuming people can just pay for a name change really pisses me off. Pretending its not a big fee just means youre not taking into account people who barely can keep up their month to month gold. Because they cant afford that 60 dollar card. Unless they go silver for a while and then buy a 60 after a while. im just gonna stop lol. This shouldn't even be an argument.
  5. I was gonna originally post that there is pressure when accepting an officer role. But when I think about it I received pressure from the day I recruited. I was told to get my name changed to ksi as soon as I could. Sounds nice at first, as if its your choice when youre gonna change your name. But for a lot of people it turns into the thought that you HAVE to change your name. So its no longer an option whether to change it or not. Its now WHEN are you gonna do it. Not only that, but if you join into the clan to experience a type of structured gaming, then you want to go through the ranks. But in order to do that you are required to spend money and change your name. After you do youre then wanted to rct people. Which when I did change my name I was told its my job to recruit people. So now, from wanting to just join a community for fun, I felt pressured to use 10 dollars to change my name and then made to recruit people. Now this isn't the case for every squad or even every division. But to say there isn't any pressure is just childish. Because if no one was even slightly pushed to change their name and recruit, what would happen to the numbers in KSI? They'd become stagnant. No more squad splits, no more division splits. Ranking up wouldn't be a thing since no one would rct others and become an officer, then there wouldn't be anyone to promote after training rct's. Yes you accept the responsibilities of an officer. But in my experience in the squads I was a part of there was a lot of pressuring to rct rct rct. Train train train. Which pissed me off because I thought our motto was "Quality over quantity". I had heard the phrase enough to think it was actually what we aimed for. But when I became a Lt I was told to train anyone on the rct tag. No matter if they just got recruited or not. Don't know how it is now but we used to have to let them sit on the tag for a period of time before training. But cpt's and our gen would tell us to just train em right away. They were pushing for numbers and that's all they cared about. I understand accepting the responsibilities, but when you are in a squad that's very intense and doesn't exactly abide by the rules. Leaving is the easier thing to do than getting a transfer. Again guys, this was just my experience. So just to sum up my opinion. "once ksi always ksi" never seemed to be a thing for me. Its completely up to the people you were surrounded with in your squad. Everyones different, every squad is, every div is.
  6. Was a part of clan ops back at the beginning of 2012. Made a lot of friends within the clan. Once I left back in 2015 I did notice a drop in communication between everyone. I was a pretty vocal guy myself. I didn't leave because of hassle with the community, I had just lost my drive to be in the clan. I was actually a sgt for nearly the whole 3 years (sometimes referred to as a super sergeant as a joke amongst friends) but leaving the clan seemed to have quite a large affect on my friends list. as of now I have 3 ksi tags on my friends list. they are all retired as well. But when it comes to the other 60 I used to have when I was in the group, theyre all gone. Of course no one told them to delete me (I hope not at least ), but I myself used to delete people who weren't part of the clan to make room for more ksi tags. Its a lot harder keeping up with old ksi members when they change their name and interact less with the clan. If you think about it, every week theres a meeting. so youre guaranteed at least one night playing with a whole squad. Then factor in HH team nights, game nights, or any other activity the squad officers might hold. Take that time away and a lot of people never really hung out with each other.
  7. Gamertag - Very Lazy Bear Awards - Friendly, Approachable, People Magnet, and Enlightened. Link to forums - http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/6624-mr-bear/ Reason - Won the day 14 times according to my profile. I also have 253 rep points.
  8. My good sir, its been too long. I did not fully enter clan ops. If I was gonna go tackle one thing it would have been web ops. After being in for a few years and seeing so many things go wrong and losing friends, I decided it was best to separate. 


    Much love, 


    KSI Bear46

  9. Did you get involved in Clan Ops fully? I never thought I'd see that ! : )  Hope you remember me! - Plex 

  10. Think you can just touch my profile and get away with it o.O hmm

  11. Work hard until the day comes when you no longer have to introduce yourself... then work harder - Docness 7

  12. If I read correctly I'm still able to post. I vote for Forced Induction.
  13. Happens to all of us lol You're heading in the right direction though
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