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  1. You're a legend bro! Thanks again for the FC Recap assist!

  2. Name: KSIxDragon 7 Link to Forums Account: @Dragon 7 Award-/-Achievement: Over Achiever Reason-/-Evidence: currently at 93 awards. Staff Award Requested: The Elite
  3. Ive spoken with Uppish, if its a matter of if im leaving today or not, rest assured, im not going anywhere yet.
  4. Name: KSIxDragons 7 Link to Forums Account: @Dragon 7 Award-/-Achievement: Dedicated Reason-/-Evidence: Ive been here the 3 years straight. @KSI Joe 7 Was the person who Re- Recruited meh.
  5. Category: Director Gamertag: KSI Gruntier 7 Forums Account Link / @: @KSI Gruntier 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Over the past year working with Grunt has given me the chance to see what kind of leader he is. Throughout everything that has happened this year, the good and the bad, he has made it very clear that he will always be here for the members. Anytime I see him on he is constantly communicating and helping anyone he can, and has been known to not even get on a game just to help resolve issues in a very professional manner. I have personally been impacted by his wisdo
  6. Trixie has proved on multiple occasions her ability to go above and beyond with her squad and the division! She has succesfully led her squad into a split and even rebounded fairly quickly afterward! This woman has helped prove what an efficient squad can do and knocks down barriers for what we expect from squad leadership. She has helped countless members with various issues that most wouldnt, or couldnt. Some of these ways are helping members obtain gold, ensuring every member has someone to play with from the get go, and even going as far as being there for someone to talk to about various
  7. DntAsk has continuously put herself out there with keeping people motivated, inspired, and positive! I know myself and countless others have been encouraged to keep trucking when feeling low and down, all because she is more than just an ear that listens to us. On several instances when I was in a rough shape with one thing or another, her random, feel good messages was always perfectly worded to make me feel better and look forward to things to come! Almost every member of DM, and countless other members and leaders throughout KSI, have been helped by her one way or another. I know her irl ca
  8. KSI DK 7 @DK7 I <3 Awards - Award Senpai - Big Kahuna I have 80 awards. ( I would like optic requiem, the onieroi collective, and airborne's legion ) Enlightened I have a community reputation of 261. Forums Rookie I dont have this one yet, i have the others and I have more than 500 post.
  9. Romeo has continued to be a beast with everything he has going on. He is gone above and beyond more times than I can list for what hes done for this division and its members. He has been acting gen over 2 squads, both needing a help in the officer dept., as well as being an acting CoFo for another squad. All of this done, while also staying on top of the division as a whole. This LEADER continues to improve the way we do things and has helped us threw countless issues. There is very little that goes on in this division that he has not already got an eye on, or he isnt already expecting. There
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