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  1. I'm in all honesty Surprised this lad doesn't already have this Award. FadeZ has been an amazing person to work with for around the past 2 years. I first met him when I was General of Hannibal in 2017, I met him from another Member, and we talked a bit. I thought, "Huh. This guy is cool, he's a fun guy to be around." and then I left and didn't talk to him for a little bit. I didn't have a chance too. FadeZ was a General of FI at the time, and I only got a chance to talk to him again when he was transferring, and this was a tough time. With many people harassing him due to his Decision to seek out a new Family, it seemed to make it even worse for him. We had become friends and then became eager to work with one another through varying different Activities. With his Years of experience, he was taught me a ton about what it means to lead a Department, and he was taught me what a Leader should be in relation to their Members. On a daily basis, FadeZ is a Leader in HSI, but he is also a Friend and someone you can play with. FadeZ has moved through the Officer ranks time and time again through-out his Years in the Community, Ranging from Divisional Leader, General, and SGT, Multiple times. Wherever he went he changed the Squad. I've seen this personally a few Times while inside of DW, In Samurai and Hannibal, He's made several people become Officers and show them what a Officer truly should be. He changed the "Aura" of the Squad to a more Friendly and Family Oriented place. FadeZ has definitely been the "Dad" of Squads at one point or another. Inside Departments, I've seen him work countless hours every day working on ways to improve the Departments he was in. Whether it was writing his Famous Articles from News multiple times a week, to talking to people on the Forums about joining the Community, To managing HSI and improving relations with the Community and the Department. FadeZ has been someone I've seen work tirelessly and it's very inspiring to see him do his best for the sake of the Things he's in. I've worked with FadeZ with multi-department events and Ideas for a long time, He has reached out to all departments in a effort to bring Department Ops and the areas inside it to a closer and more Family ideal atmosphere. FadeZ is one of the most caring people inside of the Community, he is always looking for people to succeed and improve their Areas, and he isn't afraid to come up with his own to help those people, without Stepping on peoples feet. FadeZ, you are someone who has been a Leader for a long time, with as much accomplishments as you have, I think they pale in comparison with how much you will do in the Future. Whether its in KSI, or Real life, I hope you find Success wherever you're searching. And, I think we can all agree that FadeZ is secretly the CEO already. I believe FadeZ is someone who deserves OS3, and is someone every Leader, whether its Current or in the Future, should shrive to take in his Ideals, and Work Ethic. You inspire me to be a better Leader, Member, Friend, and Person @FadeZ 7
  2. I'll put my Witness in this I met King I want to say around the end of 2017 when he rejoined Clan Ops to pursue being able to be a Director, he joined Samurai LW under poor leadership and worked hard to ensure that his Squad was the Best in the Division. He became a General like I was at the time, and King could confirm, I liked to call us "Rivals". He worked tirelessly, whether it when he helped me become a better General and give me tips, to getting on after his job to help his officers and go recruiting. Whenever he had free time, he was with his Members or with his Officers making Plans. I can say without a doubt that even as a General inside of LW, he was making big plays and changing the Division for the Better. When LW merged with DR, and Became DW, King was the prime candidate for a Promotion to Co-Founder. Before he was promoted, he laid the groundwork and brought Samurai from the Depths, when we first started each of our Squads were around 20, When he became a Co-Founder both of them were around 50-60. the current leadership was KSI Gary 7 as the Founder, and KSI HAVOC 7 as the Co-Founder I believe. King fit himself in the position of Leadership just fine as his experience had taught him. King made big differences inside the Division in each rank he was in, After he was promotion to Founder, and in charge of the Co-Founder's below him, KSI VENUM 7, and Myself. He made sure that we were up to the task and helped us for the better. although we did butt heads constantly, King was available for areas to improve in. King later transferred to ES to help them, do to there only being one person in the 7 Staff, KSI Eyonia 7. Anything after that, I don't have perfect memory do to him being in a different Division, but I heard constantly that King had Changed ES and was doing a fantastic Job. As soon as King joined ES skyrocketed in Activity. After becoming Division Leader, he became a Director and Is continuing being someone to look up to and change Divisions in Positive Ways. in Web Ops, he was a Forums Moderator, and Join Staff, he is now in charge of the Join Staff and a Senior Forums Moderator. He worked on many rejoin/join cases and brought many members to the Community. I can't say much on the Web Ops side, I've never been in it and can't really say how much he's done. He was engaged in many Departments including, Marketing, PO, HSI. He was slowly been getting more experience in each of the Areas, and helping the ones he's still in. He's no longer in my Department, so I can't say much as to what he's doing now. King has been a fantastic member of the Community, working tirelessly to better himself, those around him, and the things he engages in. King would have to be without a doubt, on of the Most Outstanding members of the Community in the past few years. Thank you for all that you've done King, I hope you can continue doing what you want and pursuing that you have Engaged. Much love
  3. I met Airborne sometime in 2017, while he was in charge of the Judges. I don't know anything before that, or when he was Clan Ops Leadership. But while I've known him, he's been a great asset to Department Operations as a whole, putting his knowledge out to help other Departments, and being active in multiple of them, giving his 110% in each of them. until recently he moved to be the Head of AAP, and Renovating it into being a more active place, and bringing in more awards, and resembling the AAP Staff to have more people and a more active team. He changed AAP into what it could be, and what it should be. He Created the Record Section on the Forums. The record section was made to keep track of people inside and outside of the community, if someone does something bad that Division or Department makes a Record in a chat about what happened, and the Witnesses that were there when the event transpired. Even while doing all of his work, on the daily he makes sure that he is available to play with members, or talk to his peers about what could be better in his Department. Airborne is a very determined Member of the Community, who is very caring of the areas he's in. I believe Airborne is a shining member of the Community who deserves to have Gold Outstanding Service! Keep it up Bucko
  4. Greenday, That's a name I've known for a while. I first met her while she was KSI Greendayfox, and striving to get her 7, and become a bright influence in the Community. She's been in Clan Ops, in FI and SL (That I know of.), And being a positive change in her Squad and Division. In Department Ops, whether she's a Judge, News/HSI (Before & After the Merge), Marketing, CDC. She brings new ideas and aspiring movements in the Department, She strives to help others and improve on herself and the Departments she's in. She even got Department Member of the Year 2018, which should prove her dedication! She's also a Forums Moderator, which u can't say all she does due to myself not being one, or having alot of knowledge of, but she's in each area of the Community, wanting to better herself in each one. Green is such a motivational influence in myself and Others, She maintains a positive atmosphere and encourages Activity in events and Departments, She goes above and Beyond in so many Areas, and I can't talk about anything before 2018, but I've seen what she's done so far, and moving forward I'd love to see her bring everything back to what it can be, And bring things to a higher level. I'm rooting for you and I'm excited to see what you do in the future!
  5. Name: KSI Harmony 7 Link to Forums Account: @Nikki Cola Award-/-Achievement: Novice Recruiter/Recruited 30+ People Reason-/-Evidence: Can confirm, whether it was me as her Gen, or me as her Co-founder right now, She's recruited more than 30 People sense she's been back.
  6. Gamertag/Forums Username: KSI Fenny@Fennyishere Award Desired (Train the Trainer Certification) Any evidence if required: I hosted Link to Forums account: already tagged her Forums name lol
  7. So. FadeZ. FadZey, Baby powder, Baby Cakes, I have many nicknames for this man. And many things to say about him. I first met him when he was a officer/General in FI, we didn't start out as friends, we met in a party and just talked for a little bit. Months later, he transferred to DW, and we started to talk more, And I saw his ambition to help others. Several times he wanted to be an officer just because the squad needed it, whether or not he had the time for it. Moving in Departments, I saw him join News and HSI, and worked up in both of areas, when they were One Department and then when they were two. He became a senior news writer, putting out several Articles each week sometimes, to the point where he couldn't write anymore and getting burnt out. And when he got Head of HSI, Where I saw him getting another Head Position, Previously T&E before my time here. And him give it his all in HSI in making it a better place and making sure the Staff are enjoying their time, and making efficient progress with their Divisons, whether it was Divison's 7s or the Directors for getting stats, FadeZ stayed and thought of new ways to improve the Department even before he was Head. I can't say about the past before 2018, but FadeZ is an Exceptional Example of the things a Leader should be, and what aspiring members should become. He is in every area in the Community, whether or not he is considered a leader inside that area, he has striven out to become more knowledgeable and to help as many people as possible and have a great time here. Much love dude, You deserve it
  8. So, Starset... He is by far my greatest Successor of being a Drama Queen. The sass of this Lad is off the charts. This man is constantly looking out for others, but is constantly making fun of me when doing so. He'll be answering questions then he'll throw some shade, then I call him a naughty word. But he does tell me about his Clothing line and about his SoundCloud raps, he also flexed his Anime Funko Pops and he had a full shelf of them. He makes me jealous sometimes I heard about a story of him Mooning a friend or something? I'll make fun of him for that later.
  9. Applicant has accepted, Thank you for Requesting Request can now be closed! @Dragons 7
  10. Can confirm he is in Marketing
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