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  1. Name: KSI Shadow007 Link To Forum Account: @KSI Shadow007 Award/Achievement: Donated 1000 Bits to the twitch Award: Baby Bit Donor
  2. Name: KSI Shadow007 Link To Forum Account: @KSI Shadow007 Award/Achievement: 2021 Donor Award Award: July Donor Award
  3. Senior Leader (Board Of Directors, Senior Directors): Gamer Tag: KSI TexAngel 7 Forums Account: @KSI TexAngel 77 Reason: Tex is someone who has always mentored me. She is always trying to get you to come up with your own ideas like a good mentor does. She has been a amazing guiding hand to ES and DL. Always willing to put in the extra hours to be every rank clear to a Gen. She is the embodiment of dedication in my eyes as she is always willing to give anything a try as long as its towards a good direction. She is a calm (when you don't make her mad lol) soul and is all about laying a so
  4. Team Captain: KSI VIP3R Division ES Teammate: KSI Showdown Division: ES Teammate: KSIDemonwolf Division: ES Teammate: KSIxBlazeout Division: ES
  5. Division: ES 1. Team Captain: KSI Shadow007 2. Gamertag of Rep: KSI VIP3R 3. Gamertag of Rep: KSI bongmilk 4. Gamertag of Rep: KSIDragon497
  6. On Saturday, October 10th, T&E will be hosting a Brawlhalla Free For All Event. This tournament will be played as a "Stock Brawlhalla" event, meaning the matches will not be timed. The event starts at 8:00pm EST, and sign-ups close promptly two hours before the event starts. (6:00pm EST.) All proxy post must be approved by KSI DropShot 7 or KSI Akame 7. Late signups will not be permitted. Please use the following format when signing up: Gamertag: Division:
  7. DIV: ES Rep 1: KSI CrazyBear52 Rep 2: KSI KatBot Alt: KSI Twistex ALT: KSI Squeek 7
  8. Div: ES Team 1: Candy Crushers Team Captain: KSI WaviestSnow Gamertag of rep: LessPositive Gamertag of rep: KSI JokerWest Discord of Team Captain: KSI WaviestSnow#9408 Alt: KSI bongmilk Alt: KSI HEAVYD
  9. Team captain: KSI Barb 7 Rep 1: OtakuSensei Rep 2:KSI JokerWest Rep 3: KSIbounded50 TCs Discord: barb130#0275
  10. Team 1: 1. Team Captain: KSI Twistex 2. Gamertag of Rep: KSIPanda4501 3. Gamertag of Rep: KSI Squeek 7 4. Gamertag of Rep: KSI V1P3R Team Captain's Discord: TwistexCypress#7090 Team 2: 1. Team Captain: KSI xGHOST21x 2. Gamertag of Rep: KSI Waviestsnow 3. Gamertag of Rep: KSIDemonWolf 4. Gamertag of Rep: KSIxShowDown Team Captain's Discord: KSIxGHOST21x#1682 Alternates (Up to 4): BoundingCoast, KSI CrazyBear52, KSI JokerWest, KSI Redwolf
  11. Team 1: Team Captain: KSI Squeek 7 Rep: KSI Twistex Rep: KSI WhyNatsu Team Captain's Discord: KSI Squeek 7#8067 Team 2: Team Captain: KSI bongmilk Rep: KSI Marcotics Rep: KSI Tooperf Team Captain's Discord: KSI bongmilk#2587
  12. Senior Leader (SENIOR DIRECTOR through CEO) Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI TexAngel 7 Link to forums account - @KSI TexAngel 77 Reasoning why they deserve this - Tex is someone who you can always come to with something you think could help and she will guide and assist you along the way to make it successful. If your idea isn't something that will be successful she will assist and manipulate the idea into a direction with the idea in mind that can make a difference so even if the idea is originally a bad one she never lets it go to waste and helps mold it into something worth go
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