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  1. Update Name: Don't just give a gift, give a TANK!

    Release Date: 7/18/19

    Update Contents: Give a friend a tank premium time.

    Update Links: https://console.worldoftanks.com/en/news/single-tank-gift-giving

    Journalist Notes:Has to be done on the online store only

  2. December


    "Let me tell you something. I’m from Chicago. I don’t break." @KSI xKamikaze
  3. That one is 284x177, my guy. @KSI Lightningfiber5
  4. Name: KSI December 77 Link to Forums Account: @December Award-/-Achievement: I <3 Awards Reason-/-Evidence: 60 forums awards Staff Award: Destiny award
  5. Hey! Couple things. We need an image that's at least 1080x1080. And we're not gonna be able to incorporate other gamertags into an image, only the gamertag of the individual posting the request. Hit us up with a larger image and we'll get started! @KSIxTHOR
  6. December


    @KSI YeetQueen
  7. source.gif

    Miss you.

    1. Awoken Lucifer

      Awoken Lucifer

      ...idk what to even make of that gif....lol


  8. Hey! Unfortunately, the image you linked has a watermark in the bottom right corner. We're unable to use another artist's work when filling a request. Do you have another image we could use? One that is 1080x1080 at least. @KSI Lightningfiber5
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