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  1. Let's gooooooo ES! Rip CD/DR/DM!
  2. I'm only here cause @KSI Aizen 7 owed me 20 dollars
  3. General - KSI Gambit 7 (Hydra ES) @KSI Gambit 7 Ive known gambit for a couple of years now. Since being in ES Hydra I've seen him put in work everyday, from recruiting to workshops to gamenights, he is very helpful and is willing to sit with you and teach you 1 on 1. I'm proud of all he has done. He truly deserves this award.
  4. Department: Productions Gamertag: KSI Link to Profile: @KSIxAsuma 77 Qualifications: Nominee’s Current Rank: Head of Productions Has Nominee been in this department for at least six (6) months? Yes Has Nominee been in KSI for at least one (1) year? Yes Awards: Endured subscriber, Devoted, battlefield Testimony: KSIxAsuma77 has been apart of the Productions team for some good time now. Since coming back to Productions I've been great thing come out from asuma. Currently he is the head of Productions, he takes his time with everyone to make sure they are okay and are able to stream and help them when they are streaming from PC. His hard work should be recognized and that's the reason why I'm nominating him for Productions Hall Of Fame!
  5. ITS GOOOOOOOOOOO CD! I mean DR..... I mean ES!
  6. miss you bud. hope your doing great!

  7. I remember this was a great time for 8 Divisions to go head to head, now there's 4. Breaks my heart, RIP DR, CD, And DM
  8. Well I joinned 2018 and it was bane and skarzx, I joinned to be an streamer but once skarzx left I decided to be the editor with the persuasion of KSI Bane 7. He was the reason I started editing and at the end I was his editing mentor. I believe bane deserves to be in the hall of fame for Productions for all the hard work and dedication he put into Productions.
  9. Team Captain: KSI Soap 7 Division: WD Team Captain: KSI Bane 7 Division WD
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