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  1. What would I do with a billion dollars??? I would buy a house in the country and have 2 horses and then I would upgrade my gaming room with a new gaming computer and furniture.
  2. HAPPY FORTH OF JULY!!! Since I never got to go to a big 4th of July event. I started a tradition by Lighting fireworks for the kids in my neighborhood every year that never get to go to any big 4th of July event and they get to have hot dogs and chips and drinks from my dads house. I enjoy doing it for them. STAY SAFE EVERYONE.
  3. Gamertag KSI TyraTreXxuS Link to forums account @KSI TyraTreXxuS Meta Award/ Acheivement. Star vs the World Reason. i got the Round of Applause award along with that i am applicable for the a meta or supplement meta award Evidence Link to forums account @KSI TyraTreXxuS Also @KSI Starset 7 Has evidence that hes showed me
  4. Gamertag: KSI TyraTreXxuS Award/Achievement: Round of Applause Reason: i have received 20 awards Evidence forums account: link to forums @KSI TyraTreXxuS Also @KSI xKami 77 Has proof.
  5. i would like the Double agent award. @KSI xKami 77
  6. Thanks I would like the Heart and Soul award. Thanks @KSI xKami 77
  7. Lifes a climb. but when you get to the top the view is beautiful. 

  8. i can pick 3 staff awards? or do i just get to pick one? @VENUM 7
  9. The Elite reward i would like.
  10. Gamertag KSI TyraTreXxuS Division DM Award On Point reason I have received 15 awards evidence Forums link @KSI TyraTreXxuS Forums link @KSI TyraTreXxuS
  11. Ok thanks I’ve put out for the ripple effect one.
  12. Gamertag KSI TyraTreXxuS Division DM Award Ripple effect reason I have received 10 awards Evidence forums link Forums link @KSI TyraTreXxuS
  13. Gamertag KSI TyraTreXxuS Divison DM Award Legen i have Received more then 5 awards Evidence my Forums account link @KSI TyraTreXxuS Forums Link @KSI TyraTreXxuS
  14. Name KSI TyraTreXxuS Link to forums account: @KSI TyraTreXxuS Award-/-Achievement: May the 4th be with you Reason-/-Evidence I have been subbed to KSILive Twitch for 5 months. Screenshot below.
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