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  1. Bane 7

    KSI Kanao 7 OS1

    25 hours till taken into staff discussion
  2. OS3: Unfortunately my vote is not at this time
  3. Dropping Vote to Witness I’m here to tell you why KSI Tension 7 deserves the Drama Queen Award. I told you weren’t safe I’m putting it all out there. I’ll be including information from the time he rejoined in July till now. So to start off, on a daily basis this guy causes drama, and to understand what I mean you’d need to join a party with all the Hydra squad. So there’s some info you won’t know much of, but also read the other statements. Like everyone else has said this guy is like Happy Gilmore when playing Golf with Friends, I only got to hear the stories, but I also played with him last night and everytime I would mess up he’d be yelling, “hey guys look at bane, that’s right keep stroking,” and he would cheer everytime i messed up, however I ended up beating him, but that’s besides the point. On a daily basis we need to hear him yelling, telling his wife to get out of his room he’s trying to play Minecraft with his friends, and he knows damn well he don’t play no Minecraft. Also literally every party he’s in he threatens to blacklist people knowing he don’t got that power, it’s gotten to the point where people thought he was serious and actually removed and blocked people.
  4. 48 hours till taken to staff discussion
  5. Achievement Noob(Verified) YES Achievement Hunter(Verified) Yes
  6. Ripple Effect: Yes With every meta award you are eligible for a staff award or supplemental meta award, so please check them out and let it be known which one you’d like @KSI Hero 7 Forums Newb: Yes (edited) Minecraft: Yes
  7. Friendly: yes Forums Rookie: Yes Round of Applause: Not at this time in order to be eligible for meta awards you must have the required amount at the time of the nomination. @KSIxxr3b3l
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