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  1. Yes. Nezuku Midoriya has been a discord mod for over 30 days. Became one in July 2022
  2. Gamertag: KSI Bane 7 Division: None Game: MW2 Link to Clip:https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/ksi-bane-7/video/167100232 Description: nice kills Game: MW2 Link to Clip:https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/ksi-bane-7/video/167100365 Description: nice kills
  3. Hello Bane hows it going bro 

    1. Bane 7

      Bane 7

      Going great around here, how’ve you been?

    2. KSI Gary 7

      KSI Gary 7

      Living the dream y'know 

  4. LETSSS GO WD!!!!! The Winning Division
  5. I can confirm that raccoon is a trial mod in the web ops what a swell person
  6. Dark has been with KSI for 8 years. She’s pretty much the only person I know from back then when I first joined. She’s a KSI Hall of Fame member, so I’m surprised she doesn’t have it. Over the last couple years she’s been a vital piece of web ops making it up to senior mod, being Venum’s right hand. She’s built a division from a Div split in 2017. Over all the years she’s been here, she’s always been passionate about the stuff she does. It’s hard to look at all the things shes achieved and say she doesn’t deserve OS1. web Ops hall of fame **KSI Hall of fame**
  7. Department Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI iGeordie Trial Moderator/Graphics Mentor Link to forums account - @iGeordie93 Reasoning why they deserve this - This guy works a lot of wonders both with the pictures he makes and the way he handles discord stuff. I’m mostly going to be writing about his work as a Trial Moderator in the community server. Something that I’m looking for within the area is creativity, and this guy comes to me with a multitude of ideas, which some we are looking to use. I would love to give you all a sneak peek and all that, however if you like surprises then it’ll be worth not to know. However don’t ask me or anyone else, we’re sworn to secrecy in web ops. Anyway back to Geordie. His assigned mod was on an LOA for the last few weeks so I really took on that role for him, and me and him have worked together, he’s come up with great ideas we will use, he’s done well at checking over the server to make sure everything is ok. With his timezone, it’s usually seen as it can sort of be a conflict within other areas of KSI, however for discord it just provides coverage at all time. On top of this, from what I’ve seen and heard, he’s really been on top of his graphics stuff, he’s came into that team and been a big help, and has came up with great stuff for that too. Implemented new ways of doing things. He really deserves department member of the month.
  8. It honestly surprises me that jewels doesn’t have this award. Maybe we should double check her awards cause this is ridiculous that she doesn’t have it. Now I’m sad. So here’s why she deserves it. I met jewels when she came over to ES, but before that I’m the one who ran her rejoin app in 2021. I like to think my terrible work on her app is what made her want to better the join area, cause she definitely has, only kidding about my terrible work :). She has a lot of skills that make her shine. She always brings creativity and organization to all areas of the community she’s in. When she became a join mod, I actually took on the task of training her, and when you train someone, you always want them to end up better than you, and I’ll keep it real, Jewels has been a better Senior Join mod then I was during her time in web ops. I can’t wait to see her go further. She’s always is on the top of her game, and shows it. She posts daily about what she’s doing and what her plans are for the join area for that day, and she gets it done. I’m very proud of what’s she’s become for web ops. On top of her web ops duties, she also assists with the education department, but there’s not enough info I know on that, but I only see great things
  9. KSI xStar 7 @KSI xStar 7 OS Level 2 statement: Star is not the type of member/leaders we see all too much often. A lot of people are able to say they are going to put in the work, and show little to no effort, and with her this isn’t the case at all. She is extremely hardworking, and is very passionate about being on top of her goals, as well as making sure everyone is having a great time. She is eligible for Outstanding Service Level 2, due to her being a Forums Moderator. So I will talk about her as a forums mod, the position she’s held since May. As well will give info of her web ops history, as that leads into it all. Star has been in web ops twice, first time making it up to Senior Join mod, and now has made it to Forums Moderator. If you’re not entirely aware, usually this wouldn’t have happened with anyone else, but web ops leadership saw the drive and the desire to progress, not for herself but for web ops entirely, and overtime it was shown. I won’t write about how Star does her job, or how she completes things on time. I will write about the changes web ops has went through because of her and why she’s a vital piece to it. In the last almost 2 years the biggest thing that has always been a concern was the turnover rate of join mods. A lot of them felt like this was just all work and no fun, so certain people leave within 2-3 months due to also not feeling included. Star helped implement new ways in keeping people active. She is all about consistency. Consistently reaching out to join mods, and senior join mods on a regular basis, tries to not only establish leadership, but also friendship, but still doing a great job splitting the two. Game nights within web ops were unheard of, we barely all played games together, instead there was people who already knew each other, and cliques were formed, etc. Star helped lay down the foundation in a new approach for activity in web ops. Which is more than a moderator has ever been supposed to do. She doesn’t just do her job to keep the forums safe, and sit there and just do the paperwork. She has also been here to help with making everyone feel included within the team. ALL I’m sayin is, the plunger bois formed at a web ops game night. Nah lemme stop, but for real, there’s not a lot of bad blood within web ops, we’ve all formed ourselves into a family, and Star is one of, if not the main reason for this happening. She is responsible for training new join mods, as well as senior join mod (while being a senior join mod). She is extremely knowledgeable about all of web ops, and all of KSI. She is very much so ahead of a lot of people when it comes to her knowledge, and going back to what was originally said, she’s not one to say she’s gonna put in work and not go through with it, she’s one to say she’s gonna do something, and you best believe she’s gonna get it done perfectly. On top of all of this, she has always been very approachable to members within web Ops, as well as KSI as a whole. I know for a fact she deserves this award, and many more to come.
  10. Department: Web Ops Gamertag: KSI xStar 7 Link to Profile: @KSI xStar 7 Qualifications: Nominee’s Current Rank: Forums Moderator Has Nominee been in this department for at least six (6) months? yes Has Nominee been in KSI for at least one (1) year? yes will be on 9/19/22 Awards: Department Staff OTM x2 (won both for work in join area) Outstanding Service Forum Staff OTM Testimony: Why does this member belong in your Department’s Hall of Fame? Please explain. Originally me and star both became join mods at the same time. We both were looking to progress within web ops and we did. Star worked really hard as a join mod then as a senior join mod. Did she shine enough to be considered a Web Ops hall of famer back then, yes, but, personal life issues happened so she had to depart from KSI. However in September 2021 she came back to KSI. Already she wanted to come back to web ops, and the next application period in November she came back. She made to Senior Join Mod yet again in January. As a Senior Join Mod, I was a forums Moderator, and I helped watch over the join area, so I saw exactly what she has been capable of, and she is and was capable of a lot, and that's what lead to web ops leadership trusting her to take on Senior Join Mod again. Her leadership within Web Ops has been unmatched the whole entire time she's been in. As a Senior Join Mod, she helped teach and get Jewels ready to be a senior join mod, and the whole time Jewels has been a senior join mod, star has always been there for her. Star has been very important in join mod retention, along with others she has hosted many game nights for everyone in web ops. I was always pushing for star to become a forums mod, because of her hard work within the area, with little competition and to just to quote something she once said, "I kick ass". Star is currently a Forums Moderator, responsible for implementing ways to retain members (which has always been a difficult thing in the past) she is responsible for training some of the best join mods and senior join mod, with Star in web ops leadership, the area can only shine bright. Put her in the web ops hall of fame
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