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  1. For me I listen to a lot of rock and rap.
  2. Name: KSI Bane 7 Link to Forums Account: @Bane 7 Award-/-Achievement: May the 4th be with you Reason-/-Evidence: check out this cool picture
  3. Name: KSI Bane 7 Link to Forums Account: @Bane 7 Award-/-Achievement: Spring Chicken Reason-/-Evidence: I sent picture to KSI Starset 7
  4. Name: KSI Bane 7 Link to Forums Account: @Bane 7 Award-/-Achievement: Luck of the Irish Reason-/-Evidence: I’m subscribed to the twitch channel this month. See attached picture.
  5. Gamertag: KSI WhiteWolf36 @KSI WhiteWolf36 award: Forums workshop I hosted the workshop for him.
  6. Well hello there 

  7. Name: KSI Bane 7 Link to Forums Account: @Bane 7 Award-/-Achievement: 2020 donor Reason-/-Evidence: subscribed to ksilive twice this year. Picture below Name: KSI Bane 7 Link to Forums Account: @Bane 7 Award-/-Achievement: I love me Reason-/-Evidence: I subscribed to ksilive in February
  8. I’m not the best at writing this kind of stuff and I wish you all truly knew how it went down in DW for KSI xKamikaze (KSI xKami now) From my viewpoint this guy is what helped shape DW in 2018-2019 to even today. If you look at him today you see a General, a forums mod, and even a genuine good helping hand, to just name a few. It all really started in DW for this guy and that is why he deserves to be in the hall of fame. When you think of DW you get reminded of some of the good people who were part of it and Kam is one of them. I joined DW in the beginning of 2018 and there were lots of members who stood out to me. Kam was one of them. Me and him were close but far apart. He was in late night Samurai I was in Bed time Hannibal (only the real ones know :P). I would hear stories all the time about him on how great he was. When king moved up to cofounder he became Venums right hand man. He was responsible for a lot of the officers who were trained up and he was big on Member Retention and made sure everyone was active and having a good time. As well Kam was a HUGE driving force in the first and only split so far in DW. With the creation of Paladin DW, it was Kam’s time to shine, he became the gen. This is where I worked extremely close with him since I transferred to his squad. He was what kept Paladin together with his hard work ethic, get stuff done attitude and his willingness to work with ANYONE. That’s what I can say about KSI xKamikaze. I wish those reading this on the AAP staff were also able to see Kam’s time in DW from anyone in the Divisions point of view. For me what’s seen is more valuable than words. Kam taught us many things and a lot of it helped DW thrive as a division. #Kam4DWHOF
  9. Name: KSI Bane 7 Link to Forums Account: Award-/-Achievement: First Step, Rolling Subscriber, Enduring Subscriber, Anniversary Subscriber Reason-/-Evidence: have subscribed to KSILive for a total of 12 months.
  10. Name: KSI Bane 7 Link to Forums Account: @Bane 7 Award-/-Achievement: Jack of All Trades Reason-/-Evidence: I have all required workshops as well as lead 101 graduate.
  11. Division Leader Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI VENUM 7 DW Div Leader Link to forums account - @VENUM 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Venum is a div leader that gets down in the squad levels and actually participated and plays with the members. He seems hard on everyone but he’s not. He will always make time to talk about what’s happening with you. I’m happy I have him as the division leader. I see him spreading his wings and becoming director in the near future. Keep it up Big V Co-Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Starset 7 DW Co Founder Link to forums account - @KSI Starset 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Starset is a great leader in DW. A stand out Co founder he is. Continues to help out Elysium become a better squad. Challenges us to do more. Actually gets out there and helps us. Always finds a way to help better the squad. Starset is a great leader in KSI. Keep it up kid. LT Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI DURIN Elysium DW LT Link to forums account - @KSI DURIN Reasoning why they deserve this - Durin is a very hard working officer in Elysium. He does his best to make sure everything is done correctly. He has been huge on training most members and potential through hosting various workshops. With his past experience this guy has a lot of knowledge within the squad level. I’ve seen his work for years now and I’m still surprised that he doesn’t have any OTMs yet. SGT Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI BLITZ11 Elysium DW SSGT Link to forums account - @KSI Blitz11 Reasoning why they deserve this - Blitz rejoined KSI in December and since then has been a great member to have around. He’s been a huge help in Elysium and has took a lot of charge at such a low rank in the staff. Recently we’ve had to get a majority of our members into the new squad club and he has been able to get a great amount of people in. All I see is good stuff from him in the future.
  12. Gamertag / Forums Name @Jake363636 @KSI Blitz11 @KSI xXxNINJAxXx Award basic training certified Any evidence if required (Pictures are great too) I hosted the workshop for tags listed above Profile Link if possible
  13. Name: KSI Bane 7 Link to Forums Account: @Bane 7 Award-/-Achievement: Forums Newb & Forums Rookie Reason-/-Evidence: I have over 1000 posts on the forums, already have addict Name: KSI Bane 7 Link to Forums Account: @Bane 7 Award-/-Achievement: I <3 awards Reason-/-Evidence: I have 65 awards Staff award: The Elite
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