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  1. Influencer (Verified) Yes
  2. Excelsior (Verified) Yes Still Scrolling (Verified) Yes Under the Kilt: Yes Identity Crisis: Yes
  3. Gamerscore Rookie (Verified) Yes
  4. Name: KSI Bane 7 Link to Forums Account: @Bane 7 Award-/-Achievement: Server Booster Reason-/-Evidence: Sent in AAP Chat
  5. Server Booster (Verified) Yes
  6. Tag your it. Tag another KSI member and see how far this can go

  7. Tag your it. Tag another KSI member and see how far this can go

    1. Bane 7

      Bane 7

      betttttttt say less


  8. Dary (Verified) Yes Excelsior (Verified) Yes Grand Theft Auto: Yes Halo: Yes Gamerscore Rookie (Verified) Yes Influencer (Verified) Yes Double Trouble (Verified) Yes Forums Novice (Verified) Yes Obsessed (Verified) Yes Server Booster (Verified) Yes
  9. Bane 7


    Kingshot: Not at this time. You already nominated yourself for April sub/substitute award this year.
  10. Bane 7

    DC Die Hard

    Bring on the witness statements for KSI DC 7’s Die Hard Nomination. We are looking for detailed statements. Please keep in mind that Die Hard is an award which is awarded based on the following Criteria: A Member that has gone through multiple instances of strife and plagued by daily issues in KSI and persevered onwards where one would normally give up and walk away, but has come through and continued their dedication to KSI and not given into the pressure. -Member must still be in KSI-
  11. KSI Aether GS Rookie (Verified) Yes GS Hoarder (Verified) Yes KSI CalmMars GS Rookie (Verified) Yes GS Hoarder (Verified) Yes
  12. GS Rookie (Verified) Yes GS Hoarder (Verified) Yes GS Master (Verified) Yes
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