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  1. Hello everyone. I’m KSI Bane 7, formerly KSI Bane since 2018 and KSI Maniac5 since 2014-2018. This is probably the hardest thing I ever had to write to be completely honest. KSI has been something great for me. These last 5 years have taught me a lot, stuff I probably wouldn’t have learned elsewhere. KSI got me through a lot. The fact that I can get online and chat with wonderful people like you all is amazing. If you told 15 year old me that he was gonna make it far in this community he probably would’ve laughed. Never would I have thought I’d get to be a Department Head of something I had no interest in back then. Or even that I’d be a Co-Founder. KSI has been great to me and I hope we can still chat in the future. Maybe one day I’ll return, today I can’t answer that though. I want others to have the chances I’ve had. Thank you for all the memories. It’s not anyone’s fault, I’ve stayed positive, but doing this is just something I can’t do in this time of my life. I’ve kept it all bottled up till now. I know I might be leaving a big part of me with leaving but it’s what I need to do. Thank you to everyone both past and present who’s helped me through my lengthy career in KSI. KSI Python 7, KSI Koolaid 7, KSI Zkittlez, KSI Raiders1, KSI VENUM 7, KSI xKing 77, KSI Gary 7, KSI Skarzx 77, KSI Kalakoi 77, KSI MeShell 7, KSI Majesty, KSI xMinion, KSI FadeZ 7, KSI AIRBORNE 7, KSI Scotland 7, KSI December 77, KSI xKamikaze, KSI Starset 7 and much more people who know who they are. This is KSI Bane 7, and I hereby relinquish all duties I have in KSI. Good bye, I love you all. -Tim
  2. I got work today and that is sadly my only plan for tonight. Happy 4th of July
  3. Gamerscore Hoarder - yes Gamerscore Master - Yes
  4. Jack Of All Trades - Yes
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