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    weekend warfare winner (Verified) Yes
  2. Department Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Star5528 Senior Join Mod Link to forums account - @KSI Star5528 Reasoning why they deserve this - Star has been a huge necessity to the join area. Always willing to help others and make sure others are doing there job, but also while making sure she’s doing her job. She is always willing to pick up join/rejoin apps, but never hogs all of them. Always makes sure the team is doing equal work. She has worked very hard in the area, by as a Join mod doing the job of a Senior Join Mod, posting apps, and making sure they are picked up by other staff. Star flawlessly executes every app, making sure everything is looked at and down fair and correctly. All this earned her the Senior Join Mod promotion this month, and should definitely earn her Department Member OTM
  3. Ripple Effect (Verified) Yes Laquarium Sauce: Yes
  4. Fresh Start (Verified) Yes First step (Verified) Yes Twitch Sub (Verified) Yes
  5. Already has Fresh Start (Verified) Lady Luck: yes
  6. Please send evidence to either myself or one of the AAP staff members. @KSIxAsuma 77
  7. Bane 7

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    OTY Attendee(Verified) Yes 2022 Donor (Verified) Yes
  8. Thank for making correct changes. @KSI Eslin024 OTY Attendee (Verified) Yes
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