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  1. Categories Forum Staff (ADMIN/MODS/DEPARTMENT HEADS) Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Stella (aka KSI Star5528)Forums Moderator Link to forums account - @KSI Stella Reasoning why they deserve this - No longer am I on the forums side of web ops, I be doing discord stuff. But one person that has always stood out to me, and still stands out to me is Star, you probably always see her posting dancing eevee emojis in every discord server (wonder how she got those). I’ve known her since we first became join mods together, and it’s amazing to see where she is today, and I’ll always be supporting her. She’s been working really hard as a mod lately. It’s not always easy to balance working all day, and being an officer in clan ops, but she also adds on being a forums moderator. Which is where I believe she shines the most. She’s always been a great mentor to new members of the join area, answering any questions. In the last month, I’ve got to sit in on many of join mod interviews, Star was always there, hosting or taking notes, and being very welcoming to the new hires, and shows how she is a leader within web Ops, and one day I know she’ll reach her goals of furthering herself. Department Member (STAFF) Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Nezuko Discord Mod Link to forums account - @KSI Nezuko Reasoning why they deserve this - In the last month members who showed interest were hired to become Discord mods. I hired 4 people. Sitting down now and writing about one was so difficult. Because I have 4 great mods, but here’s why I’m writing about Nezuko. I’ll start off by saying I was never 100% sure on hiring him to be a discord mod, but looking back I should’ve been 100% sure on him. The guy is super active within his role as discord mod. He’s always asking me to give him stuff to do, he’s eager to put in work. I always see a young version of me, when I see Nez. He’s very enthusiastic about his work, even though he might not show it a lot of the time. Nez always checks his assigned areas in Discord, always welcomes new members, gives them roles. Always answers new members questions, and has really shown that he is marketing himself across the whole community, meaning at some point down the line, everybody is gonna know who he is. I see this guy talking in every server, sometimes I gotta hold him back haha. But he’s a good moderator, along with my other mods as well. It was tough choice for the first month I can actually nominate these guys, but Nez has really been on top of his game. Proud of him.
  2. KSI Bane 7 @Bane 7 May and June Donation award I have both already so i want Pokemon cause i wanna catch them all and Among us because im sus Sent evidence to @Loyalty Paradox
  3. KSI Bane 7 @Bane 7 Executive Gifter Evidence sent to paradox @Loyalty Paradox
  4. Forum Staff (ADMIN/MODS/DEPARTMENT HEADS) Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Star5528 Forums Moderator Link to forums account - @KSI Star5528 Reasoning why they deserve this - Star got promoted to Forums mod at the end of May. This promotion was something that was well deserved. Star has always been eager to learn more, and picked up on a lot very fast, as anything I’ve had to teach her for mod was immediately taken in and used. She’s very knowledgeable with everything, very determined for more, and overall has an actual passion for the area, and it’s not just a rank to her. With doing her duties as Forums moderator, she also continues to help keep the join area in great shape. Still doing stuff from previous ranks to show she knows where she has come from. She assists the Senior join mod in any possible way, helping with mentoring, and even activity throughout the area, by helping host web ops game nights, something that has been doing well. Department Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI xJoker 7 Join Moderator Link to forums account - @KSI xJoker 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - In the last wave of hiring, Joker became a join mod. When hiring no lie this guy was like an automatic hire for me. I pushed for it cause I had a feeling he’d make a great addition to Web Ops based on his interview and application. I still 100% stand by that decision. Joker has been a great join mod, continuously finding the answers to his questions he may not be sure about, and that’s exactly what’s needed, he never has been one to fake it. He is very active in chats, picks up join/rejoin apps as much as he can. We all appreciate his hard work in web ops leadership as a join mod, and I hope to see him go further in the future. PlungerBoys #getplunged
  5. KSI Star5528 @KSI Star5528 Outstanding Service Statement: Let’s talk about one of the hardest working people I know within KSI, and I’m gonna tell you all why she truly deserves Outstanding Service. I met Star when we both got hired as join mods. I’ll keep it real, at first I thought she was just a loud immature kid I’m not gonna lie. I was 100% wrong. Her first round in Web Ops showed just a glimpse of what she’s capable of. About 2-3 months after becoming a Join Mod, her and I became senior join mods. I include myself so y’all know how that I saw everything first hand pretty much. She was very eager and determined to learn more. Very knowledgeable through the area, and overall a great leader with the area. Unfortunately that was cut short due to personal issues, but she decided to rejoin the community, and with rejoining, she immediately applied to be a join mod the next time applications opened up. Her second time as a join mod, again showed she was the most qualified and the most hard working and after about 2 months we decided to move her back up to Senior Join Mod. This time she really proved herself. Responsible for training a handful of the newest join mods very well. Handles issues within the area great. As a current Forums Mod at the time, I decided early on that I knew she’d be a great Moderator, so I trained her on a few of the things early, which helped her really get to her highest potential as a senior join mod. Star even helped with the training of the next senior join mod, that was one at the same time as her. Her achievements and hard work within Web Ops is what earned her a Moderator promotion, as well as me deciding to write this statement on why she truly 100% without a doubt deserves to be recognized for her outstanding service.
  6. Name: KSI Bane 7 Link to Forums Account: @Bane 7 Award-/-Achievement: Fresh Meat Rising Star Getting Popular Well Known Here to stay Legacy Reason-/-Evidence: check my profile
  7. KSI xJoker 7 KSINOTBATMAN @KSINOTBATMAN @KSI xJoker 7 Laquarium Sauce Give these fine gentlemen my staff award “Laquarium Sauce”
  8. When are the DHoF’s from Spring Break 2 months ago, going to be awarded? @Loyalty Paradox @KSI Uppish 7
  9. KSI Bane 77 @Laquarium Triple Threat I have a 7 in Clan ops as a former Co Founder in DW I have a 7 in Dept Ops as the Former Head of Productions I have a 7 in Web Ops as a current Senior Moderator @The ChadMin can verify all these
  10. Look I know how these things work. They can say whatever they want about me. I accept what this brings :/
  11. hey there, come on this site often?

  12. Name: KSI Bane 77 Link to Forums Account: @Laquarium Award-/-Achievement: AlrEADy have Spring Chicken , and I want Minecraft Reason-/-Evidence: Sent to Uppish
  13. As discord server mod, i can witness that this member has the VIP role in the community server , which means she boosted the server.
  14. KSI Bane 77 @Laquarium Megastar I have won 40 days on the forums
  15. I can never speak for Venums first time in ES, but im able to speak for right now. I've been in ES for almost a year now. One person who is very deserving of getting into the ES Hall of Fame is Venum. On top of running the forums Venum has been highly influential to all officers coming up in ES. Hosted workshops, mentored officers, and helped create ways to better activity. Without Venum, this new era of ES would've been completely different, and potentially lacking something only Venum could've brought to the table. Always been a guy who can answer questions on all aspects of KSI. Many people are able to also state that without Venum, their climb through the ranks would've been much more tough. Venum deserves this Hall of Fame, and y'all should allow him to be in. Venum is ES. @The ChadMin
  16. Name: KSI Bane 77 Link to Forums Account: @Laquarium Award-/-Achievement: Already have Luck of the Irish, so I want “Double Agent” Reason-/-Evidence: sent to KSI SubZero
  17. Happy Birthday Tinc
  18. Server booster (verified) yes
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