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    licking, poking, face ownage. Being retired and loving it.
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    im the forums information guy
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About Me

Disclaimers to know about luci and interaction with luci:
(Best to read the disclaimer before dealing or interacting with luci)

1: yes i am English.....
2: no im not American.
3: no im not Australian.
5: incase you cant work out the hint...no im not American.....
6: bonus content......dlc........ENGLISH hate on that if you want to i honestly dont care becuase im already in your head and slowly destroying your brain
Im easily angered thru frustration and irritation....i really dont handle idiotic people well....or stupid people lol.
*If for any reason any aspects of this disclaimer fail to sink in and feels are hurt.....i did put it in the disclaimer...you just didn't read it properly which puts all of us at fault.



Part 1: Things I don't factor into decisions and wording with people.


- Empathy - compassion - Sympathy - Feelings- People in general - humanity.
- mental state.
- drunk or sober
- That i dont always think spamming somebody is a bad thing, when it often is.
- That I dont consciously register that the way i talk with my close friends can be regarded as flirting or offensive becuase I have alot of messed up humor with my close friends so it doesnt always filter when im talking with new people. (If i do say something messed up and offensive, don't be quiet just tell me otherwise i will not be aware at having offended or caused distress or crossed a line in a conversation or interaction)

Part 2: Things I will Assume about people



- Assume people just are not looking for things properly.
- That most people still haven't worked out I am a cold uncaring blunt person for the most part.
- That people haven't worked out....I Am not in clan ops so I don't care all that much about petty issues and "he said she said" issues, i will still listen but again i will be blunt and tell you if you are wasting my time.
- That 90% of the people I know....enjoy finding ways to test my patience and my sanity and how far they can stretch my capacity to play nice.
- That most people have no idea how to get me to talk about things that are bugging me.
- That most people don't understand i am Insanely blunt with words and that i really dont give a rats ass about 90% of you

Part 3: Humor and personality



- I will joke about ANYTHING.....and i mean anything.
- People get under my skin and irritate me intensely when they are surprised Im angry.
- I have the people Skills of The Hulk....and the emotional restraints of Rainman...and the OCD nature of the most random people ever.
- I am very very unpredictable.
- I maintain all premises to ignore people if im in a bad mood.
- I was born christian but i got better.
- Im a god damm dinosaur Ruawr
- I am a Rage gamer and a camper....so please dont feel the urge to tell me, Im already aware....
- Politics and religion are control systems and something to be made fun of....nothing more.

Luci's 1v1 record:


- Luci vs KSI Hucklberry7: luci wins (live spirit week 2014 special 1v1)
- Luci vs dende: luci wins everytime....lol
- Luci vs fuzzymeep: Luci win. 15 kills blops2, final kill by head shot *3 restarts due to host messing up settings*
- Luci vs Huntress: luci lost 14 to 12. *halo 4, swat*

Minions list, and you can apply here: http://www.ksiforums.org/topic/11095-application-to-become-a-minion/page-2



KSI Oni 7, KSI Sinister, KSI chicken wing, KSI Toxicrain, KSI Sianyrabbit, ksi huntress, KSI flareon, KSI Fro, KSI Dende, KSI Kittens, Tyrant, KSI Arc 7, KSI Badger 7, KSI Metalhead 7, KSI Mufasa 7, KSI Hedgy 7, KSI GreendayFox.




KOV Kosmo. KSI Prequals 7. KSI DENDE. KSI Bacchus 7. KSI Fuzzymeep 7. KSI Flareon. KSI Teck 7. KSI Spazbit 7. KSI Trauma 7. KSI METALHEAD 7. KSIxAPOCALYPSE7. KSI SAGE 7. KSI KEFFREN 7. KSI REBELLION 7. KSI Oni 7. KSI Sinister. KSI Cannibal 7. KSI Queenjess 7. KSI Chaos 7, KSI Huckleberry 7.

KSI History



Joined KSI: 9-14-10 (Recruited into KSI Phantom LS by KSI Robin Smith. *KSI Dende*)
Phantom LS: RCT - PVT
Transferred to Pandora LS
Pandora LS: CPL
Pandora closed down + Back into Phantom
Phantom LS: CPL - SGT - Headhunter team member - 2LT
ENCORE LS Founded with 9 people.
ENCORE LS: Forge Team Founder - HH Founder - SWAT TEAM Founder
ENCORE Squad Split and Forms ECHO starts with 21 people.
LS CO-DIV >>07-01-2011<< Resigned position due to 3 month Holiday
Forum Moderator 7-9-2011
BOE Director of Community affairs(DCA) (Resigned on 11-02-2011, tired of BS)
LS Founder....again
RS 10th November to the 27th. (2011)
left from clan ops. (currently full Retirement from clan ops)
LB founder *formed Light Bringer Division, Jan 2012
Bane + Ruawr squad's made
LE + FD merged into LB
*UMADBRO MADE from Synister FD
LB reached 127 members: 2-4-2012
Reinstated to BOE: 2-6-2012 - Director of General Assistance
Senior Forum staff (GM) *I quit after 1 to many times of people pissing around with my account
Senior Forum staff *AGAIN*
CO-Division leader of LB 3-4-2012
(BOE dissolved into BOD)
Hall of Fame member as of April 2012
LB DIV LEADER (5-18-2012)
Director of General Assistance (BOD)
KSI Director: (2-7-2012)
2 Year Anniversary of being recruited into KSI 9-14-12 (September 14th 2012)
*Director Over LB, DR, CO
*Director Over LB, LS, ET
5th December 2012 - Stepped down as a Director in Clan ops after 2 years due to my heart not really being in clan ops anymore
December 5th 2012: Took up full board of directors title of CIO
jan 2014: being trained as an admin now....so i do the leaders list and group changes for it and ensure its up to date.
GM ended: 21st August 2014.
Became User support admin on the 21st august 2014.

PAST GAMER TAGS (in order to current)



KSI LuciferLux
KSI Luci Lux
KSI Luci Lux 7

Current activity:



Over AAP
Senior Forum staff
Board of Directors: CIO
User support Admin: 21st August 2014


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