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  1. I can witness to kitty’s craziness because she takes it all out on people with door knobs. (They hurt truthfully) honestly it’s comes across more of an addiction then it needs to be. Leaving parties and friends that she hangs out with to handle ksi work at all hours of the night then coming back to take it out on gambit in games that we play. It’s a real feels bad that people are making her an aggressive meow meow.
  2. We are lazy and when it comes to noms. Not the be confused with moms unless that’s your thing. (No kink shaming from me.) gambit our little nugget is one of the strongest directors we had in a long time. Most of what i posted on kitty’s app applies to gambit also. They work seamlessly together and have built a power house division. As head and co-head of TnE I would say have showed in the activity across the board for that department. Not to mention we bully him so hard idk why he’s still in this community, let’s be fair he’s taken his lumps and deserves trophy of some sorts. Edit: plez give award or i’ll find you people and put glitter on your floors.
  3. I can attest to OS2. I’ve known kit kat for a short period of time but stalking her division from an IA standpoint before she was promoted to director it was in short one of the most secure divisions we have in this community. A good feat in my opinion. If IA isn’t your cup of tea, she has ran one a department as one of the most if not the most successful head of TnE. With that being said I’ve also played in many TnE events throughout my career and I will say recent TnE has ran smoother than some of the previous I’ve been in. Finally if department stuff isn’t your cup of tea, (we get it you hate tea you communist) then she has a very very solid division in terms of clan ops. Obviously seeing that two of our more recent directors have came out of DM it doesn’t suprise anyone that I’m bringing up the clan ops aspect. Her and gambit along with the entire leadership staff are a well knit crew who handle things in the utmost positive way in the community. They may bully each other a lot but when it comes to work they get it done. It may be the main reason I complain at her the most,she always bounces in matches of pubg to handle KSIregardless of time and it becomes a problem sometimes where I want to blacklist KSI from KSI. That way maybe just maybe we will get a full night without her leaving 3 or 4 times. Don’t usually come in the AAP to witness for people and I don’t even do it for OTY to avoid favoritism but hey she deserves it.
  4. I can verify for it, we were doing work back then with growing that division
  5. Hey Paratroop nice to meet you, thanks for all you do.

  6. Hey man no worries about what I put in the chat earlier what happened happened there really wasn't anything I could do without braking coc 

  7. Shhhhhhhhhh I stole ya Fury!!!!

  8. Good luck to all of you guys and gals 💜
  9. Atm the events are my available, they will be given out soon so every division can have some awesome teams ready! thank you and be on the look for it
  10. I mean his is so colorful we haz to vouch for him. Other leaders such as ONI, sin, and impy can vouch also but I think I will do :3
  11. I want to copy this and say all this but she beat me to it. Bandit has been really awesome, I don't quite know when we first met but we have been friends and work associates for a couple years now. She's always on top of things and has always gone the extra mile to ensure members are enjoying their time on Xbox and in this community. She threatens me a lot but we all know I could beat her up in a bar fight. Still she is currently one of the best co-divs we have in this community and can't go anywhere but up from her recent promotion. Myself and a lot of other leaders above her have great expectations for her.
  12. Mines kinda short since my phones fixing to die :/ he has deffinately improved since he was under my leadership in CO. I've seen a lot of growth from him since he came to WI and I'm glad to say that him and laffy in that division have improved it in the last couple months and we are looking forward to them improving even more in the future. With that being said I will gladly vouch for his OS number 2 and if anyone has any questions please let me know
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