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  1. Just stopping by to say hello. Hope you are doing well.

  2. Hey COO. Just wanted to stop by and call you COO. Because, you are pretty coo. Plus an l. Which equals cool. K bai. ♡ 

  3. So, I don't really go here anymore, but sometimes I like to come and sit at yalls table to steal all your snacks. Alot of you know that I have no issues adding my two cents to pretty much anything. Even if you don't want them, here they are anyway. Kitty's Two Cents: DntAskImAWaffle, also known as DntaskImAwfl, is well known to many, throughout all ranks and divisions of KSI. She repeatedly puts herself out there, whether that is in departments, or divisional events. DntAsk is looked up to by members of the community. She is also well known to members of the BoD, as she sends o
  4. Ahem... Just wanted you to know that I got on the forums. K bai. :hug:

  5. FOR RECORDS ONLY: Date of win: 4/20/19 Event Won: Smite 3v3 Joust Gamertag of winner: KSI Torch096 (2/3 WW Champ)
  6. Smite: 3v3 Joust Results: First: KSI Torch096 RUSTYMARSHMELOW Rupp Horde Second: KSI ANTI LEGION KSI LEGION Tis Logic Third: KSI Shadowo45 KSI Dundarrach KSI SiddsGODL3Y Attendance: DL: KSI Shadowo45 KSI Dundarrach KSI SiddsGODL3Y KSIfiremomma7 KSI ShadowV KSI DARKPARADOX ES: KSI Torch096 RUSTYMARSHMELOW Rupp Horde WD: KSI ANTI LEGION KSI LEGION Tis Logic Hosts: KSI Excalibur Streamer: KSI FireHeart 7
  7. FOR RECORDS ONLY: Date of win: 4/13/19 Event Won: Rocket League 2v2 Gamertag of winner: KSI x Nutty
  8. Rocket League: 2v2 Results: First: KSI x Nutty WickedMammal493 Second: KSI D3ADLLAMA2 xNun Ya Bidn3ss Third: MDYG slicc triggers Attendance: DL: KSI Dundarrach DM: KSI TyraTreXxuS KSI Vonner 7 KSI Blocky Voodoo iTL DW: KSI x Brownie KSI xKamikaze KSI Artifice KSI D3ADLLAMA2 KSI Bane 7 KSI Nebula 7 KSI x Nutty KSI SLATE KSI Durty ES: KSI OddBa11 KSI Squeek 7 KSI Jynxie KSI Torch096 LS: KSI CR4ZYJ4Y89
  9. I, KSI BadKitty 7, can attest to the fact that KSI Kratos18 has been in KSI with a KSI related gamertag for at least one year. *Super professional and shiz.*
  10. Weekend Warfare Winner: Date of win: 4/6/19 Event Won: Brawlhalla Gamertag of winner: KSI Dundarrach Profile Link: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/46897-ksi-dundarrach/
  11. Brawlhalla Results: First: KSI DunDarrach Second: KSI Kazeshini 7 Third: KSI Jdog5006 Attendance: DL: KSI Follow KSI gespi KSI Dundarrach KSI DropShot 7 KSISumUnicorn 7 KSI Shadowo45 KSIxD3adSh0t KSIxNamineMoon DM: KSIRonin KSI UppishB592 KSIsupermonkey3 KSI FireHeart 7 KSI MeShell 7 DW: KSI Bane 7 KSI xKamikaze KSI xMinion KSI VENUM 7 KSI Smoki KSI Ragingone86 KSI Jdog5006 KSI VENOMIZED
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