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  1. 2021 Donor: Yes Halloween Spirit: Yes Server Booster: Yes
  2. Halloween Spirit (Verifired): Yes I <3 Awards (Verifired): Yes Supplemental Meta Award: Gang Beasts (Verifired): Yes
  3. Well it's been a real nice minute since I did this. So plenty of shout outs are in order tbh. First up is the Groggiest of Grog, @KSI Grogu 7. Dude I don't think you realize just how clutch you are. Like for real, I would've gone insane the past 3 months without you homie. The words do not exist to describe how magnificent & incredible you are. Most certainly earned that CS DHoF and then some beyond a shadow of doubt. I appreciate everything you do for CS & KSI homie. Second is the slappiest of slappers, @Sleepy. The guy is MEGA clutch for his squad, Calamity lives and dies by that pimp hand homie and you know it too. So promise to use your powers for good and keep doing what you're doing. You'll make it hella far in no time flat. Remember "The longer you spend down there, the better you'll be on top." (Yea I changed the quote it's an improvement lol). Third is @KSI Kat.. and I didn't have a good wind up for this one, sorry Kat lol. But over the last month as we've tag teamed Acting Gen of Rebellion you've proven yourself a worthy adversary and MORE then capable of running your own squad one day. You did a spectacular job in working towards creating a better and stronger squad and I know you will continue to do so. Don't worry Jak, your "if I get hit by a bus" plan is in good hands with Kat around . Last, but certainly & probably least , is the homeboy from down under, @KSI MercX. His hillbilly heada** has run a darn near PERFECT squad for just over 3 months now. He's done a great job holding his officers to high standards and overseen the transition of Wrath from a great squad to the powerhouse of CS. Only greatness lies ahead Merc, keep making those money moves big man and you got a shot at achieving it . Love ya pal. Oh wait, how could I forget @KSI Stack & @KSI KingdomX. Stack I've known for eons and Kingdom I've gotten to know better, y'all haven't been forgotten for how well Wrath has been doing either. Talk about a dynamic duo, y'all could put just about any other duo in this community to shame. It think Shatner and I have an edge for now but idk how long it'll last lol. There are a TON of phenomenal leader who have made CS into what it is, and my challenge to each and every one of you is to get yourselves ready for when the torch (eventually) is passed to you. One of the ways I've learned so much in KSI is by asking questions, don't do something simply because ANYONE tells you too, whether it's myself a Board member or anyone else. If you have questions then ask them and get an answer, you might not like it and you may still disagree and do it anyway. But you will learn about that person and the reasoning behind the decision they made, and that is useful information. So ALWAYS ASK "WHY?" Love you guys more than I probably should , Uppish!
  4. Name: KSI Sinon Link to Forums Account: @KSI Dilf Award-/-Achievement: Squad Builder Reason-/-Evidence: The squad grew by 25+ members before the 3 month mark.
  5. KSI Jak Knife 7 @KSI JAK KNIFE 7 Committed, Dedicated, Devoted As the current CS Division Leader, and a longtime friend. I can attest to the fact Jak has indeed held a Gold KSI Tag for 5+ consecutive years and has never left nor rejoined.
  6. TEAM 1 CPT:KSI Sleepy @Sleepy™#6666 KSI Nezuko KSI Groudon KSI Infid3l TEAM 2 CPT:KSI KingdomX @KSI KingdomX#1841 KSI Walrus EvadeDragon KSI Grapeist Team 1 or 2 ALTs: xScrubHunter
  7. CS CPT: KSI Uppish 7 KSI Sleepy I AM W1CKED7 Alternates: KSI T StackG KSIsuprafan
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