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  2. KSI Uppish 7 - DM Idk if what date i was added to this "omega" tho.. so idk if i will meet that requirement
  3. KSI Uppish 7 DM (cuz I don’t have a Div)
  4. General: KSI Hatter 77 @Hatter 77 In October, her squad Vanquish has shown breaths of fresh life and turning a new leaf. Breaking through a sluggish few weeks to get her squad back moving steadily in the right direction. Recruiting, activity, promotions, attendance have all been on the up and up the past few weeks. In addition to her own squad, Hatter has gone WELL above and beyond her role as a General. Mentoring and training all 3 other Generals in WD. All while leading by example with her own squad lighting the way. Captain: KSI Pathfindr @KSI Pathfinder Path has been an crucial part of getting Vanquish back on track this month. Alongside his Gen, he's been the steadfast leader over Vanquish learning how and when to pull the right strings at the right times. He's done an excellent job setting himself apart and doing everything you ask for from a Captain and more. Keep up the good work fam!
  5. Captain: KSI ODINN 7 discord: ODINN#1496 KSI Uppish 7 KSI Pastries 7 ShadowNinja054
  6. WD Team 1 1)Team Captain: KSI Yodaa Discord: Yødaa#3078 2) KSI Baxsaa 3) Ghost of Time44 Team 2 1) Team Captain: KSI ANTI LEGION Discord: KSI ANTI LEGION#0431 2) KSI ANTI JR 3) KSIxSniipes ALTS KSI Nugget65 KSI StarFire KSI Slumpz
  7. WD Team 1) KSI Nugget65 2) KSI Yodaa 3) KSI ANTI Jr 4) BABT ANTI ALTS KSI ANTI LEGION KSISleepyash
  8. WD Fortnite teams: 1) KSI OddBa11 and KSI DABSTER OG 2) KSI Spoon and KSI MsMadDog 3) KSI Yodaa and KSI DJGamin ALTS KSIDROPP100 KSI Nugget65
  9. hell yes! I would LOVE to see this come back next spring
  10. But all POs are SGTs.. so if they're being awesome POs. They're simultaneously functioning as excellent SGTs as well. And would therefore qualify for SGT OTM. ya feel me?
  11. "6v4" "Join Uppish, Nyquil, & Swaggy in the age old debate of who is the greatest NBA player of all time. Lebron or MJ?" Basically, @Nyquil 7 & I maintain that Michael Jordan is the NBA GOAT. Whereas @KSI Swag 77 thinks it's Lebron James.. what a wacko lol. Definitely had this debate in enough parties to make it a solid award lol
  12. KSI Baxsaa @Baxsaa KSI xStar 7 @KSI xStar 7 KSI Nugget65 @KSI Nugget65 Education 101 Graduate Evidence: I hosted the class and all 3 passed
  13. I can attest to the veracity of this post.
  14. Teacher's Pet: Awarded to 101 & 201 participants who complete the full class. Awarded via nomination from the mentor(s) for the class for those who are, at their most basic core, a teacher's pet.
  15. Slick is one of the few I can honestly say has easily earned this award. His knowledge, passion, and honesty is near unmatched. True to form, as any excellent teacher is, he never preaches answers. Instead guiding you to learn from yourself and those around you, and in that, find the answer he could've easily told you long ago. As result you learn much more than you anticipated, keeping you interested and engaged is his specialty, even his ramblings have those those interesting sentences that make you go, "wait say that again?" And leave you on the edge of your seat for his nightly soap box speech. (Which should be his forums award if he ever gets one btw, Soap Box Preacher FTW). Slick transcends a lot of the BS and politics that can be played on the upper levels to try and get things done. Slick is a colleague to many, a mentor to a lucky few, and a friend to all in KSI, and a dang good one too. Slick, thank you for all you've done and all you've taught me. I couldn't have asked to have a better mentor in Community Leadership. Love you buddy
  16. Nezuko has easily earned OS1, I watched him flounder and falter as an officer for a good while. He took an LoA and has been top notch ever since. He's grown and matured significantly while still maintaining the fine line of jokes and laughs that endeared him to his squad. Nezzy Wezzy has been a crucial part of keeping Calamity (now Oblivion) alive and afloat. At times being the only officer for extended periods of time while his General was on LoA. He's still out there (somewhere) pushing forward and building those beneath him. Continuing the great work he's done so far. His contributions have been paramount to the success of his squad and he earned OS1 at least twice over.
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