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  1. Senior Leader KSI Slick 7 - @KSI Slick 7 Slick has been awesome this month, even being riddled Covid and bedridden can't stop this guy. This old timer showed up and was still helping me get acclimated to being a Director and getting me adjusted with my second div, WD. He's sat in on important squad-level conversations when I couldn't make it. Taught me more about thinking different ways about the same issue and trying to analyze situations from multiple sides. He's been top notch this month and stood in as the leader of Clan Ops while Swag went on LoA, keeping everything rockin' and rollin' as we pushed Security Checks and recruiting coming out of Spirit Week. Slick is a phenomenal leader and an elite trainer. Keep it up big fella, appreciate you. DivLead KSI Shatner 7 - @KSI Shatner7 Shatner has started his reign as CS DivLead off with a bang. Wasting no time crushing security checks and eradicating fluff for a fresh start. Now, as the recruiting push begins CS is off to the races with plenty of ground to make up and the tools to do so. Shatner knows the Division like the back of his hand and is well-versed in how to motivate each of the leaders beneath him. Knowing which strings to pull on, when to pull on them and just how hard he needs to pull that string is more than a mere skill, it's a whole artform. Shatner is well on the way to mastering that art and show exactly why he is the right person to lead CS. Expecting big thins my guy, keep it up. General KSI Hatter 77 - @Hatter 77 Hatter has done fantastic work this month with Vanquish, keeping a squad even keeled, locked and loaded with 120+ members aint easy. But she's kept it moving forward, progressing, training, and promoting into her fully staffed officer corps whenever possible. She's taken on helping the other WD squads with their workshops and trainings so they are able to move faster on POs and officer promotions. Keep it up Hatter, you know only good things shall follow. Captain KSI Napster8 - @KSI Napster8 KSI Napster8 has been working his tail off to keep Carnage running. He hasn't had a lot of support or direction from above him. Now that he does his spinning wheels are beginning to find traction, bit by bit. Forging new habits with his officers/POs, honestly evaluating the state of Carnage, and driving activity have been his top 3 goals. You start to see it his energy and actions. We talked about my expectations for him, and that same night I saw him out there doing it and the next day, and the following day. Consistency is key, and Napster is off to a great start getting his squad turned around. Lieutenant KSI OGSM0KE - @OGSM0KE619 Senor Smoke may not be able to handle the smoke in Crusader Kings, but he'll take alll the smoke in Clan Ops. He's been top notch for Oblivion this month, staying on top of promotions, recruiting, training. Earning himself a LT promotion early on in the month as well. Smoke kept that steady work ethic and continued to steadily make progress forward for his squad. Keep up the good work feller.
  2. experiment: spam post 1x per day to test if this Poop gives me koins... pickles are digusting... swag prove me wrong
  3. KSI Uppish 7 @KSI Uppish 7 It's My Birthday Bc today is the day! woo!
  4. awarded through this post
  5. KSI Uppish 7 @KSI Uppish 7 Fresh Meat, Rising Star, Getting Popular, Well Known I have over 5k profile views and have been on the forums over 12 months Skyrim, KO City, Golf w/ Friends, Pokemon, For Honor, Shining Stars, Optic Requiem @Loyalty Paradox can attest i have subbed to twitch channel for 7 months and have the award evidence stacked in our DMs (check the pins lol).
  6. KSI Uppish 7 @KSI Uppish 7 Leadership Mentor As a Director I am now a part of the education mentors. KSI Slick 7 @KSI Slick 7 Leadership Mentor As a Senior Director he is now a part of the education mentor team.
  7. Last year the local July 4th fireworks got delayed. Thankfully to a day I didn’t work, took a girl and we had a wonderful time. The grand finale was insane cuz we didn’t have a fireworks show the year previous. A most excellent evening
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