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  1. This fella is definitely super deserving of OS 1 (IMO 2 as well! BUMP THIS MAN UP LOYALTY!!) He's always around, engaged, and reaching out to folks and setting up fun events to stream. Cheers Asuma, you a real Amish lad homie. Unfortunately I'm not as familiar with his vast Clan Ops accomplishments. But he's got great stories and that's how you know Asuma's seen some real shiit ya feel me
  2. CoFo OTM KSI Hatter 77 @Hatter 77 Hatter’s been alll over WD this month. Helping cover for me and my busy work schedule as I take on more responsibility and a promotion at work. Hatter has been critical to getting WD Security Checks done in a timely fashion, the #1 Primary driver for WD’s AMAZING Spring Break participation, and the glue that’s been holding this Div together. BONUS! We can watch playoff hockey together! Yay!
  3. copy thank you for that substantive contribution
  4. KSI Uppish 7 @KSI Uppish 7 Only Phans I gotta lotta phans yo ;P
  5. hanging out with my Oma and Grandpa at Greenfield Village. Thomas the Tank Engine rides for Christmas cannot be beat js
  6. KSI Uppish 7 @KSI Uppish 7 Nirvana I have finally earned 500+ Forums Rep!! Mac n Cheese & Uno Evidence sent to @Loyalty Paradox, who keeps adding a uuseless "u" is random wourds lol
  7. fine but then we gotta do an award for 420+ awards lol @Loyalty Paradox
  8. KSI Uppish 7 - DM Idk if what date i was added to this "omega" tho.. so idk if i will meet that requirement
  9. General: KSI Hatter 77 @Hatter 77 In October, her squad Vanquish has shown breaths of fresh life and turning a new leaf. Breaking through a sluggish few weeks to get her squad back moving steadily in the right direction. Recruiting, activity, promotions, attendance have all been on the up and up the past few weeks. In addition to her own squad, Hatter has gone WELL above and beyond her role as a General. Mentoring and training all 3 other Generals in WD. All while leading by example with her own squad lighting the way. Captain: KSI Pathfindr @KSI Pathfinder Path has been an crucial part of getting Vanquish back on track this month. Alongside his Gen, he's been the steadfast leader over Vanquish learning how and when to pull the right strings at the right times. He's done an excellent job setting himself apart and doing everything you ask for from a Captain and more. Keep up the good work fam!
  10. Captain: KSI ODINN 7 discord: ODINN#1496 KSI Uppish 7 KSI Pastries 7 ShadowNinja054
  11. hell yes! I would LOVE to see this come back next spring
  12. But all POs are SGTs.. so if they're being awesome POs. They're simultaneously functioning as excellent SGTs as well. And would therefore qualify for SGT OTM. ya feel me?
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