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  1. Division: SL (now WD) Gamertag: KSI ATH3NA 7 Link to Profile: @KSI ATH3NA 7 Qualifications: Nominee’s Current Rank: CoFo Has Nominee been in this division for at least six (6) months? Yes Has Nominee been in KSI for at least one (1) year? Yes Awards: CoFo of the month, gen otm divisional, CPT otm divisional (x2), LT of the year, os1, SGT otm Testimony: What to say about KSI ATH3NA 7. So I recruited her and as soon as she joined she went straight into it and loved it. I taught her how to recruit and she became best recruiter only to second to Dc in my opinion. After that with the help of myself and her other two mentors, Rogue and N3WERA, she started doing game nights then soon became one of best Officers I’ve seen grace SL. I’ve been in for two years and I’ve seen officers come and go. I’ve seen gen’s do nothing, I’ve seen 7’s barley work but Athena she puts in work. She’s now a Co-fo and I already know she’s gonna make a great Div lead. I normally don’t say stuff like that until I see them at that rank and I’m like ur doing good but I know like I’m seeing the future. just based on how she works and has continued to work since we started from dang near running Prestige SL as a LT. I’m happy I recruited her and to see she where she went and where she’s going to go. After Prestige, she continued to do the same thing as a CoFo and the squads she was over flourished. All while also being a mentor in education and being the leadership council administrator then moving up to being the leadership council coordinator, never letting her clan ops duties fall or any of the heavy blows SL took bring her down.
  2. GT:KSI Sasuke08 award :Dedicated Forums: @Sasuke08 reason: I have been in since 1/11/19
  3. Senior Leader (Board Of Directors, Senior Directors): @KSI DC 77 So let’s start off by saying I’ve seen this man grow from being a SGT who just needed help with recruiting and play COD to being the power house he is. he has grown the eduction department and helped change KSI for the better. Sometimes we don’t always agree on everything but through and through this man represents KSI and core values as a whole we all know he has the knowledge of KSI and strength he has that to from constantly doing his job with little to no breaks and integrity I personally know he has it if he says he’s doing something it will get done no questions that is why I’m putting him up here for board of directors. Awards: divisional hall of fame KSI hall of fame Diehard Double trouble Senior leader of the month Department hall of fame Bright idea Director: Division Leader: @KSI Wu Tang 7 WuTang I’ve seen this man grow to from just a normal Officer along with me to being a div lead and a great one at that you don’t always see good higher ups longer you are in I’ve seen a lot of 7’s come and go but it’s different with him he puts his all into KSI I’m proud to see where he has gotten in his leadership skills all the way down to how he’s developed as a person. Awards: Divisional hall of fame SL Novice recruiter Trainer General of the month divisional Pro recruiter Officer Co-Founder:: @KSI ATH3NA 7 Reason she has been a CoFounder for most of the year and has kicked ass from keeping prestige up there and bringing it out too squad in SL. Then we got Templar that she was over Templar was not doing the best it kinda was dying in my opinion and what happened Athena was placed over Templar and did a hell of a job she did a good job normally a co founder is not always doing a general job getting recruits but Athena is not afraid of hard work and doing what it takes to help out SL and community as a whole she’s in education and LC Coordinator with that she she doesn’t waiver on her cofounder responsibilities ethier goes above and beyond. Awards: Co founder of the month Leadership mentor Gen of the month divisional Captain of the month divisional Education 201 Member assistance KSI mentor Lieutenant of the year 2020 Outstanding service 1 Novice recruiter General: Captain: @KSI Eslin024 Eslin she was one of the first officers in prestige after I left the officer core she is prestige she has been one of the best Captains I have ever met and I’ve met a lot Ik if she keeps going she will be a great co founder or higher She has so much going for her and no matter what rank she is she’s doing a great job every step of the way to where Ik she will end up. Awards: EDUCATION 101 GRADUATE CAPS FALL CLASSIC TURKEY BOWL ADVANCED TRAINING CERTIFICATION Lieutenant: @KSI Lucifer Lucifer he’s the happy surprise I didn’t see coming to Templar so back story we have a squad that’s not doing to well with maybe one officer KSI Ath3na comes and helps it out and gets this kickass officer right here he does all his responsibilities and more it was a big change for Templar and he was one of the main guys that caused that Awards: SSGT: SGT: CPL: Forums Staff (Mods, Senior Mods, Admins): Department Head: @KSIxAsuma 77 Alright so I don’t normally nominate department head but aye what can I say I’ve seen him be a co founder a general for dynasty and also head of productions this man has been doing a lot and still always see him streaming and doing all his responsibilities.he is constantly trying to improve everything he does so Ik productions has a lot coming in the next year to come. Awards: Devoted Double trouble Gen otm divisional 2021 Donor Member assistance Divisional hall of fame SL Production staff otm Pro recruiter Department Member: Member (Overall best member of the community for the year):
  4. @Loyalty Paradox 2021 donor Halloween spirit Thankful for you naughty or nice Merica Out of summer May 4th be with you Spring chicken Luck of the Irish I love me Fresh start
  5. Gt :KSI Sasuke08 Forums: @Sasuke08 Awards:Have been subscribed for 14 months would like the months of subscription to twitch I do not currently own evidence: picture below
  6. 10/11/2021 Host : @Sasuke08 Event: Rank Structure Attendance: @KSI Hero 7 @KSI_Lucifer @KSISparky Fly Evidence: I hosted it
  7. 10/11/2021 host : @Sasuke08 Award:Forums Certified attendance: @KSI Hero 7 evidence : I hosted it can also check SL activity log
  8. Date: 07/31/2021 event:C.A.P.S Workshop attendance: @KSI NoBe evidence: I hosted it
  9. Gamer tag @KSI KHOSEC @KSI Bearded1 Award: advance training and CAPS hosted by @Sasuke08 evidence:I hosted the workshops
  10. @KSI GAARA2405 Award: Forums workshop Leadership aspects basic training rank structure recruiting evidence: I hosted it
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