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  1. KSIxMitsuki SL MW https://kapwi.ng/c/3BHbGVROJP MW video
  2. Team Captain: KSIxMitsuki Division: SL im going solo ;}
  3. Team Captain: KSIxMitsukiTeammate: KSI NoBeGamemode(s): TDM
  4. I claim @KSI xATHENAx as my mentor
  5. General: @KSI Huntartt Reason: I’ve been in KSI for around 5 months now and met a lot of KSI members and one of the many amazing people that stood out to me was huntartt, she’s one of the nicest and most kindhearted person I’ve ever met. She is always checking up on people and making sure there doing okay, always lending out a helping hand to anyone in need as well. she is an awesome person to game with or even just sit in party chat with, always a fun time. But apart of all that she’s also willing to take charge where its needed, one of the things that stands out to me most is that she’s not just a leader she’s a good role model too, instead of telling people to go do stuff shell go out with them and help them do it too. LT: @KSI xATHENAx Reason: Ever since Athena joined our squad she’s been working her butt off and helping things get changed for the better, since her arrival our squad grew massively in members. Her game nights are always consistent with being fun and having a crowd. She’s always an outgoing person as well doing things that need to be done rather waiting around for someone else to do it, she’s also another person who’s always asking everyone how they are and making sure there good, making KSI feel more like a family then it is a gaming community, a few examples of this are when she’s not playing the same games as you shell hop into the party’s just to say hi and how you’re doing, she’s always the first person to introduce herself to anyone new or even if they’ve just never met before, she's climbing the ranks working her way up super fast and I believe she will continue to get higher as time goes on.
  6. Team Captain: KSIxMitsuki Division: SL Teammate: Comfy Speedo Division: SL
  7. @KSI Starset 7 I sent them to you , you’re discord is star to the set correct?
  8. Gamertag / Forums Name: KSIxMitsuki @gemqigaming Award: 2020 donor Any evidence if required: I can send pics on discord
  9. Gt :KSIxMitsuki forums: @gemqigaming award: Gamer Score Hoarder evidence: pic upon request
  10. Gt :KSIxMitsuki forums: @gemqigaming Award: Twitch Sub Club, Summertime Scorcher Evidence: can send a pic on request
  11. If we could get rules/regulations of a tournament at the time of it being announced
  12. Name/gamer tag: KSIxMitsuki link to forums: @gemqigaming Award: Gamerscore Hoarder Evidence: look up my gt won’t allow a pic, Gt:KSIxMitsuki
  13. name/gamertag:KSIxMitsuki Link to forums account: @gemqigaming Award: Twitch sub club Evidence:
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