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  1. Stuck with me for life <3 okay

  2. Bo4- KSI HellsKnight Bo4- KSIJetLife 1month xbox live - KSI DarkQueen 7 I can witness he has bought these members the above stated as I am his director
  3. Just wanted to say " hello".  Hope your day is great : )

  4. As having been over him multiple times in EO this guy goes out his way to help member's he's over wether it be a KSI or unrelated matter.He's always one of the first to help no matter the time of day.Hes even helped me on SMITE builds.He never let's a difficult problem stop him from figuring out the solution and he's willing to try new things even when others are not.Him becoming a 7 never stopped him getting involved with the member's on a daily basis wether it be game nights, workshops or meeting.He dives right in to maintain the fun and knowledge we have here in KSI.He deserves this award and expect nothing less to see him achieve all his goals.
  5. What to say about Odinn, well there's definitely No one else I've met here in KSI like him. As has been over the division as a director and watch him rise as Gen. His squad mates look to him for the knowledge and guidance for KSI related issues. He was always at the forefront to handle any issues that may arise. He's also not just here for the " business side" of things here but here to chill and game with member's no matter what squad or div they are from. He's always pushing the member's to do their best. He's also the one of the biggest pushers of the experience that is KSI and of the events that we have here.Im proud to know him and to have worked with him.
  6. I've known Cherry pretty much all my years here in KSI back when WD was still WI on the xbox 360 days playing black ops 2 .It's been a privilege and a honor to work with Cherry all these years.she's always been there for the member's as awhole regardless of her rank here in KSI. I've personally worked along side Cherry on the issues that have came up in the time I've known her and she always hits them head on and tackles the issues at hand with nothing less betterment of the community and the member's in her mind .She is not afraid to face any challenge.Cherry is always down to game or to just hang out and shoot the s#@t with. She has always had a postive outlook even when the horizons don't look to be. She's a really awesome person and VERY outspoken and really deserves this award if not level 3 for the things she's done here in KSI or for the division we called home and it's member's. @KSI Cherry 7 your one of my good friends here in KSI and I'd expect nothing less but great things to come to you in future here in KSI.
  7. https://www.cialispascherfr24.com/

  8. What to say about @KSI LEGION ever since the merge of HD into WI was the first time i met him and 2 years and some change.this guy has been very outspoken and charismatic which makes him the shining light in his squad Vanquish WD.He is always willing to help member's out NO MATTER what squad they are from. He's been a ear for many and many more to come whether it be KSI related,personal,gaming, or even WWE.He has also helped me out in my journey of playing SMITE . He's even put on many tourneys in my time over WD with prizes that member's could win.He is not a selfish dude at all and always willing to help out even as a Sgt not just for himself or to better his "KSI career " but to help KSI as a whole to preserve the FUN.To take some words from this guy "He's the face that runs the place" in Vanquish. The squad looks up to this guy.He is well deserving of OS lvl 1 if not lvl 2
  9. i didn't know Akame back in the day to well but since I've been over his division I've gotten to know this guy pretty well .He's always striving to better his division and member's knowledge of the community.He goes out of his way to meet new members and give them the full KSI Experience so they feel welcomed not even just new members but members that are already. He has vast knowledge and experience in the community and always willing to share the wealth
  10. He deserves this award because he lives and breathes KSI .No matter if it's the web ops side of things or clan ops 7s stuff he finds the time to be more then just a "7" but a actual member of the community by getting to know his members in his division and even outside of his division.He always finds time to get with member's of KSI be it to lend a ear, help with problems that arise or just to hang with fellow members and play games. @KSI xKing 77
  11. I can verify this as I am their director
  12. Gamertag/Forums name:KSI Trendies 7 / @KSI Trendies 7 Award:New Members Workshop Evidence:attended KSI Skarzx 77 workshop on 7/15/18 @ 2pm est Person(s) who ran the workshop: KSI Skarzx 77
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