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  1. Three Cheers-verified yes Staff award- RiiMPY 2k18
  2. What can i say about king that not allready said. I first meet king in PO he was hard worker in po he was on top of his stuff by getting his eval done and make sure that the Div he assisted with was doing good and help out any time they need it.. Not to long ago king become i Dir over WD he has help and made a big in pact on WD. He can hit the ground running and has not look back. He know that the squad i was in was struggle and he offer his help in any way he can like hosting squad meeting if i could not do it, He make lot of time for KSI and the member he is over Like this one time we was supposed to have a Gen meeting and there was not a 7 on to host so someone got ahold of him and he was at work so he took his break and hosted our Gen meeting if that not dedication i dont know what is.He is just one of them guy that know what need to be done and he will get it done he dont care who he pisses of if it going to help and better KSI he does.I have learned a lot for him and myself has became a little bit better leader cause of him.Also he does not do favoritism he dont care who you are if you dont deaves something then he not going to hand it to you there a lot more i could say he just doe so much.
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