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  1. On point -verified yes Staff award Call of Duty
  2. What can i say about kami well he put in 110% into what ever he does.Malice took a big hit awhile back and he turn that squad around with his strong leadership skill he has made malice a power house. He work around the clocked it dont matter what time it is if something need to be done he get it done. He is always open for advice and tring new thing out to better his squad. He is also a great person to talk to if you are having a problem no matter the rank he will sat there and listen to you and try to help out.I dont see how he does all the stuff that he does he does so much Not only is he a Gen he is also a Senior Moderator he does a good job with that to. Not only is he a good leader i also i am proud to call him my friend cause i know i can always count on him.I just cant wait to see what the future hold for him in KSI
  3. Gamertag KSI Cuteroxy Link @KSI CUTEROXY Award Gamerscore hoarder evidence has 40910 gamer score
  4. Gamertag KSI DARKPARADOX Link @KSI DARKPARADOX Award Gamer score hoarder Evidence has 43641 gamer score
  5. Legen-: Yes Staff Award: Air Force Support
  6. Ripp!e Effect - Yes Supplemental Meta Award: Call Of Duty
  7. Round of Applause : Yes Staff Award: Optic Requiem
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