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  1. My head's under water But I'm breathing fine You're crazy and I'm out of my mind

  2. Darth was my first mentor. He paid to change my name so i could become an officer when I showed interest to him and then stayed with me my whole way to LT. He then transfered to another squad that was in need to help them out and soon became their General. Darth didnt ditch me when he got busier or ignore me, He still checked in on me and askes me if I need anything daily! Darth makes a good mentor and im very happy he became mine! I would not be the officer i am today with out him because I did not have the money to change it and I didnt have the smarts! Thank you Vader! You are a true father figure to me!!!
  3. Ksi CaRmEnIa Ksi Yop Yop Ksi Hack Fail 15 Ksi Prospin 913 Twisted Warefare
  4. I am not forums staff but I have see this members hard work all over the forums. He is always online helping someone or trying to improve a section that is when he is not on mission over seas! He still takes the time out of his day to constantly do the aap and shout box. Anytime a member has a question or problem he does his absolute best to help them or get them to some one who can help them if he can not. No matter what anyone says this member deserves this award. And he is a very important part of the forums staff.
  5. “Success seems to be connected to action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.†― Conrad Hilton

  6. You apparently dont care about me, so why should i about you?

  7. And I end up loosing everything all over again

  8. Idc im gonna be happy :)

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    2. KSI AfterChrist
    3. KSI Iron Lord Meta 7

      KSI Iron Lord Meta 7


    4. CaRmEnIa


      Omg luci I love you haha

      After Christ he is crazy! :)

      Gregory Thank you dear

  9. Why would u spread such a lie...you were my friend

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    2. CaRmEnIa


      Added u back sorry about not playing tonight my headset is busted can't here unless tv is turned up loud and me and toxic had a lot to talk about but we will play soon friend!

    3. KSI AfterChrist

      KSI AfterChrist

      No worries. Made a new friend last might who wants to join; just didn't time to do all the recruitment stuff. She said to contract her layer.

    4. CaRmEnIa


      Sounds great good job

  10. Oh pinky! Pink is my newest mentor she had took me under her wing and helped me a great deal! She has showed me more in the apt month then I thought I could ever care to know. The is good at showing you how to put more love into your squads and how caring goes a lot farther than anything else pink is An amazing woman and great mentor!
  11. I can vouch for both legal has helped me many times in parties weather it's with game nights, problems , or just having fun with members. He is always respectful and sting and makes sure that the party stays respectful esp when a lady enters. I have joined many parties where he had been trainin or even recruiting some one into Ksi even as a co-fo. Which I found amazing! I go to legal for lots of things in Ksi and he has always he looped me he deserves both of these awards. Thank you
  12. Not sure if I included it above but yes sworn is a mentor to me.
  13. I witness this award sworn has helped me a great deal in Ksi after I had to step in killjoy he helped me learn my duties ad how to be strict yet fun with my members. He comes I many game nights even when they are on halo (which he hates) lol and I have Ben in many parties where he has helped ppl with simple to very big problems. Sworn has the soft approach and I have never heared him yell or be mad. He has also hosted several workshops that were fun and very helpful for the members and officers that were there. Sworn pits a great deal of time into Ksi and I respect him for that.
  14. I don't have any 9 in heels I just kick it in my nikes!

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