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  1. Team Captain: KSI x Nutty Division: DW Teammate: WickedMammal493 Division: N/A
  2. TC: KSI Artifice Div: DW TM: KSI x Nutty Div: DW
  3. Maybe a rocket league 2v2 or a 3v3 tournament but only rumble
  4. DIV Leader KSI HAVOC 7 @KSI Havoc Reason: Oh havoc. One of the nicest guys I have ever met. There is no bad side to HAVOC but he can be strict. Being strict is part of what he has to go through in order to full fill his JOB in KSI. Havoc helps the people in need and goes above and beyond to get what is needed done. General KSI Artifice @KSI x Artifice Reason: me and artifice go way back to like 5 months ago lol. Anyways he recruited me and I was thinking like wtf was I getting into. But as I continued with KSI and learned all sorts of stuff from him I loved it. One of my friends left KSI but I decided to stay because I love it here and artifice was a good reason to stay too. He teaches me all sorts of stuff like where to find workshops, where to find the attendance, and gamenight stuff. He is a nice person who can be strict at sometimes but he just doing his JOB. But yea he is a great guy with an awesome persanalty and I hope we countinue to be friends for time to come
  5. Basic Training Award Needed: Basic Training Certified Gamertag: KSI Bidn3ss @KSI Bidn3ss Evidence: Completed Basic Training workshop hosted by KSI x Nutty
  6. Team Captain: KSI Artifice Division: DW Teammate: KSI x Nutty Division: DW
  7. Team Captan: KSI x Nutty Division: DW Teammate: KSI x Daddy Division: N/A
  8. @KSI x Nutty new member certified nomination completed new member workshop @KSI Teufel can witness
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