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    Team Captain: KSI DCRUNK Gamertag: KSI DCRUNK Division: SL Teammates Gamertag: KSI Akatosh Division: SL Gamertag: KSI JAGER97 Division: SL
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    KSI Arc 7

    KSI FadeZ 7 OS LVL 2

    Fadez is 110% deserving of OS lvl2. Over 6 1/2 years I've known this guy. Ever sense literally the first week of me knowing Kacey(fadez) hes impacted me as a KSI member a friend and a brother. Back In the days when DR was still standing in way earlier times, there was a problem in DR with past upperleadership pushing aside gens and below, "if you didnt have a 7 you were treated lower" for lack of better words. KSI Airborne 7 can witness to this being true as well. The biggest goal of all was to push equality as a person and to be able to bring more 7s with all non 7s. Well here we are now DR's gone. Most of the members scattered or have left, but Fadez took that idea and made it massive. Fadez took the idea and made it his own. (--Court Judge, HSI Head, Join Moderator, News Team Member, and although hes not currently working clan ops hes still in touch with many members that are.) Allowing what some of us call a second home to be real. See not everyones life is great and not every 17 yr old or 18 yr old etc. Has friends or has someone to talk to and some of us even if we do, we feel alone. Fadez has been that KSI member to go the extra mile to hear what you need to let out before something bad happens. Fadez has impacted this community in ways that alot of us would have never expected. Weather its encouragement and motivation to get out of your comfort zone within KSI or Real life scenarios. Fadez will sit and break down your situation. Kaceys been apart of one of the toughest times in my life and when I was on the edge ready to fall, This guy made sure to help me back up. And I've seen him do it for countless others. He really doesnt know how much he is loved. 
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    Team Captain: KSI December 77 Division: Divine Warriors Teammate: KSI FadeZ 7 Division: Divine Warrios Teammate: KSI Harmony 7 Division: Divine Warriors
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    Gamertag: KSI RougeLSG88 Link to Forums Account: @KSI RogueLSG88 Award-/-Achievement: Die Hard Reason-/-Evidence: I can offer my personal testimony, that KSI RogueLSG88 has indeed started out in KSI with the harshest conditions. He was recruited into a squad that was becoming problematic and was continue to degrade in a downward slope. KSI RogueLSG88 went up the ranks pretty fast, considering at the time he was the only officer that contributed to any success that squad had. KSI RogueLSG88 had dedicated a large amount of time dedicated to picking up the pieces with what he saw was left from a problematic General. Since then he has been the lead spearhead into rebuilding the squads atmosphere that has allowed for leadership to foster in a family environment. During these times, KSI RogueLSG88 has been falsely accused of being too harsh to a community that originated from SL. This came about when the division deliberated on SR a spin-off group called "GDU" from SL. Rogue has been at some point or in another endured harassment from people who have proven to become problematic and cringe. Through all of this struggle, KSI RogueLSG88 has been a shining example of a quality of leadership, that we consistently make an effort to reach with all of our junior leaders coming in to the ranks. He has even go on to bring his squad (Imperial) growth consistenly, they are currently in the process of beginning of splitting.
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    KSI UppishB592

    DM Spirit Week Participants

    Award: Spirit Week Participant Reasoning: All of these members participated in one or more events during Spirit Week! KSIxTHOR @KSIxTHOR BO4 HC SnD, R6S Bomb KSI UppishB592 @KSI UppishB592 BO4 Melees, Minecraft, R6S Secure Area KSI Soap 7 @Soap God BO4 Melees KSI Fats McGee @KSI Fats McGee BO4 Melees, Halo KSI Funtime Foxy @KSI FuntimeFoxy Minecraft Infinityhunt @Infinityhunt Overwatch KSI Trixie @Trixie Brawlhalla KSI Ezed24 @EzeD24 BO4 Hc dom KSI BLK JAK 7 @ksijakripper Minecraft KSI NightDaff @KSI NightDaff R6S Secure Area KSIxROMEO 7 @KSIxROMEO 7Minecraft, Karaoke KSI MeShell 7 @KSI MeShell 7 Karaoke Luminairus @Luminairus Karaoke KSI ninja dm80 @KSI ninja dm80 Halo KSI TyraTreXxus @TyraTrexXus Brawlhalla HUNTERKING555 @Hunterking R6S Secure Area KSI Fax @KSI Fax BO4 HC Dom KSI xRonin4896x @KSI Ronin9 Uno KSI Vonner 77 @KSI Fear Meta 7 Halo KSI Atriox @KSI Atriox Halo KSI Blocky @KSI Blocky Rocket League KSI Jupiter 7 @KSI Jupiter 7 Rocket League Frvnchise @Voodoo iTL Rocket League KSI Radi0active @Radioactive KIA R6S Bomb KSI SoulTrain @KSI Soultrain R6S Bomb KSI TimberKing @KSI TiMBERKiNG Brawlhalla KSI Dragons 7 @Dragons 7 BO4 HC Dom KSI Mitch @KSI Mitch Overwatch KSI Dawnstar @Dawnstar BO4 HC Dom KSIsupermonkey3 @KSIsupermonkey3 Minecraft KSI Direwolf @DireWolf R6S Secure Area KSI Gaming20 @brayden R6S Bomb Stevie Schroder @KSI Renegade22 R6S Bomb KSI Skullcru5her @KSI SKULCRUSHER Halo There are others who do not have Forums Accounts: ManualGalaxy289 R6S secure area Skully XV R6S Bomb I will post if any of these members make a Forums account
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    Name: KSI Harmony 7 Link to Forums Account: @Nikki Cola Award-/-Achievement: Novice Recruiter/Recruited 30+ People Reason-/-Evidence: Can confirm, whether it was me as her Gen, or me as her Co-founder right now, She's recruited more than 30 People sense she's been back.
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    Name: KSI Joe 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Joe 7 Award-/-Achievement: Jack Of All Trades Reason-/-Evidence: member has all required awards to qualify for this award
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    On Saturday, July 13th, T&E will be hosting a Halo MCC Shotty Snipes 3v3 tournament. . The event starts at 8pm EST, and signups close promptly two hours before the event starts. (6:00pm EST.) Please use the following format when signing up: Team Captain: Gamertag: Division: Teammates Gamertag: Division: Gamertag: Division:
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    June Top recruiters DW @KSI Headshot RR LS @KSI Swaii SL @KSI DCRUNK WD @KSI Ballistic18
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    Team Captain: Gamertag: KSI Dragons 7 Division: DM Teammates Gamertag: KSI Vonner 7 Division: DM Gamertag: KSI BLK JAK 7 Division: DM
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    KSI Greenday 7 7th Request

    @Greenday 7
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    @KSI YeetQueen
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    KSI YeetQueen


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    Team Captain:KSI Torch096 Gamertag:KSI Torch096 Division: ES Teammates Gamertag:KSI PRicanMatos Division: ES Gamertag:KSI DarkAngel 7 Division: ES
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    Dragons 7

    DM Spirit Week Participants

    I can verify these members have participated. Sorry for the delay buds @Airborne @KSI UppishB592
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    Team Captain: Gamertag: KSI YeetQueen Division: SL Teammates Gamertag: KSI Azrael5509 Division: SL Gamertag: KSI FRUITY B Division: SL
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    Team Captain: Gamertag: KSI Akame 7 Division: Dark Legions Teammates Gamertag: KSI Nebula 7  Division: Divine Warriors Gamertag: KSI DropShot 7 Division: Dark Legions
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    Gamertag/Forums name: RampageRay4069 Award: New Member Certified Evidence: Attented New Member Training Workshop on 7/11/19 Person(s) who ran the workshop: @dcrunk @KSI Codyo
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    Gamertag/Forums name: KSI Buddy420 Award: New Member Certified Evidence: Attented New Member Training Workshop on 7/11/19 Person(s) who ran the workshop: @dcrunk @KSI Codyo
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    Forums Newb: Verified - Yes Forums Rookie : Verified - Yes
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    gamertag: KSI Lightning5 @KSI Lightningfiber5 award:new member certified evidence: attended new member workshop 7/10/2019 Who ran workshop: @KSI Starset 7
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    KSI POLO @KSI P0l0 Award: New Member Certified Evidence: Attended New Member Workshop 7/10/19 @KSI Starset 7
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    ok lets bring forth the the bereave people that wont to talk about you
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    AAP Again

    @Airborne @Dragons 7
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    Bane 7

    KSI Bane 7 - Goodbye Everyone

    Hello everyone. I’m KSI Bane 7, formerly KSI Bane since 2018 and KSI Maniac5 since 2014-2018. This is probably the hardest thing I ever had to write to be completely honest. KSI has been something great for me. These last 5 years have taught me a lot, stuff I probably wouldn’t have learned elsewhere. KSI got me through a lot. The fact that I can get online and chat with wonderful people like you all is amazing. If you told 15 year old me that he was gonna make it far in this community he probably would’ve laughed. Never would I have thought I’d get to be a Department Head of something I had no interest in back then. Or even that I’d be a Co-Founder. KSI has been great to me and I hope we can still chat in the future. Maybe one day I’ll return, today I can’t answer that though. I want others to have the chances I’ve had. Thank you for all the memories. It’s not anyone’s fault, I’ve stayed positive, but doing this is just something I can’t do in this time of my life. I’ve kept it all bottled up till now. I know I might be leaving a big part of me with leaving but it’s what I need to do. Thank you to everyone both past and present who’s helped me through my lengthy career in KSI. KSI Python 7, KSI Koolaid 7, KSI Zkittlez, KSI Raiders1, KSI VENUM 7, KSI xKing 77, KSI Gary 7, KSI Skarzx 77, KSI Kalakoi 77, KSI MeShell 7, KSI Majesty, KSI xMinion, KSI FadeZ 7, KSI AIRBORNE 7, KSI Scotland 7, KSI December 77, KSI xKamikaze, KSI Starset 7 and much more people who know who they are. This is KSI Bane 7, and I hereby relinquish all duties I have in KSI. Good bye, I love you all. -Tim
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    Celebrate the 4th of July with KSI!

    This post will open on the 4th of July and be open until the 5th at midnight (EST). In your post, please let us know how you and your family or friends celebrate the 4th. Let us know what the holiday means to you. Those that post will receive the 4th of July 2019 forum award.
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    KSI UppishB592


    @KSI Itachii basically the Staff Awards and Supplemental Meta Awards are complementary to the Meta Awards. Meaning the awards like Legen- or Ripple Effect are accompanied by either a Staff Award or a Supplemental Award. Here is the link to all of them: http://www.ksiforums.org/awards/
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    Gamertag: KSI Skarzx 77 Division: Director My Beginning: It was but a simple game of Joust on a game called Smite. Not unlike the many instances before , it was a slow and steady game with neither team getting too much of a lead on their opposition. However, a few costly mistakes by my enemies combined with the help of my new teammates the game tipped the scales severely in our favor. After the following 10 minutes of what can only be described as a complete victory on our part we went our separate ways as we loaded back to the main menu to queue into another match. It was during this time that I received an interesting party invite from one of the teammates from the recently won match , so i decided to join it. Little did I know looking back on that day 2 years, 2 months and 22 days later that I would not only join a community for gamers, but grow through the ranks. Every good story needs an ending, except this story is just beginning!
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    Favorite Video Game Music?

    Zelda: Ocarina of Time Loved that games music
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    Favorite Video Game Music?

    Not even gonna lie, Zelda music was purtty cool when it 1st came out.
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    KSI Meatshield

    Favorite Video Game Music?

    TONY HAWK PRO SKATER 3 / all the soundtracks are just old school PS1
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