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  1. Positive Comment

    ^ don't know her. But name is funny
  2. HI :)

    Good decision on coming back! Have fun.
  3. Its my birthday today

    Happy birthday
  4. The Meaning Behind Your Gamertag Name

  5. I'll be on tomorrow guys. finally a day off and time to train and recruit!

  6. Newbie

    Welcome! And happy easter.
  7. new.

    Thank you! Greatly appreciated. Hope to play.
  8. new.

    Hey guys, I just joined KSI. My gamertag is missQU33N. I wanted to say hello and hope to make some new friends and have fun. I make parts for john deer, Harley davidson, decker, fiskars, honda and many other companies. I do have a strict schedule. here it is One week i work monday, tuesday, have off Wednesday and thursday. Work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 6 pm to 6 am. Next week I have off Monday and tuesday. I work wednesday and thursday. Have off Friday, saturday and sunday. 6 pm to 6 am I usually am not able to play on the days I work because I drive 3 hours a day and get home and have to go straight to bed. But on a day off, once or twice a week, I drive 4 hours total to go to a home I own 2 hours away. I have it for sale and am still packing things up. So bare with me if it seems as if I'm not on as much right now.