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  1. I am 44 years old , self proclaimed nerd ( Nerds are best because we think about it more ). Love my ps4 love to play destiny ( Crucible , quickplay , iron banner , mayhem clash ). I love sports , and great rock & hard rock music. I am married and I have a 22 year old daughter who is a destiny player. I started out playing Destiny from a recommendation from my daughter because I was bored of playing mlb baseball. The first day I played I was hooked. Spending everyday afterward playing. 6 months later I join Guardians of Texas but soon left because the admins there were making up rules as they go and that wasn't for me. A month later ( 18 months ago ) I found xAx. Now I have moved on to KSI and I hope to be able to pass on the knowledge I have learned from being in a large organized clan to KSI.
  2. Share a bit of my Knowledge

    I know I am knew here but I came from a very very very large clan that was very organized and structured ( xAx ). I see that you guys have a ton of potential. If you guys want me to I can share some info I know that had made xAx 5000 member strong. I was an admin and ace recruiter with xAx for over a year and a half.