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  1. KSI Global turney

    first off i would like to say this, as a member of the KSI comunity i have noticed that many of the members dont comunicate that mutch between divisions. i have run into other KSI members randomly on games as i play them. i would like to prupose a turnament for all of KSI to partisapate, so that we as a comunity can become stronger, learn new things, and make new friends. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- step1/ each division will hold prelem matches to procure the top ten players for the finals. step2/ of the players that dont make it to the top ten, thare will be a second turney called subfinals. step3/ once each division has completed there prelim, a date will be anounced for the finals step4/ all matches in the finals will be brodcasted on twitch, mixer or any form of network so that all members will be able to watch and talk throughout the event. step5/ the choice of game will be decided at the start of the event ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the end of the finals the first place winner will receve a 50$ xbox gift card. at the end of the subfinals the first place winner will receve a 3mo Xbox subscription, (i have both rewards in my possession) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if a division wishes to not participate but some of thare members do it will be to that division to come up with a solution. signup will begin 1mo before the prelims at that time all divisions that wish to compete must regester within the time limit. after the prelims the sub finals will be held 1 week after and the the finals will be set the following week if for some reason a member is unable to compete on thare day, thay may recquest a different day 24H before all fights are to be fair and fun, all vulgaritys such as insults or threats shal be handled in a respective manner by the division heads. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------as a comunity i feel it is important to do what we can to bring the members closer. i know im still new to the KSI comunity and that i have never set up an event like this, but as a comunity i feel like im not alone. i hope this gets through because i want to make KSI stronger. P.S. lets all have fun a play discord// KSI crow3366 Xbox// CROW36669