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  1. Generals Just a reminder generals have every right to remove someone from there squad if they are causing issues. There are to be no reprocussions should a general choose to remove a problem child from there squad. Fun It is important to remember why we all joined this community. It was to have fun and always have people to play with. We need to take time as leaders to remember that but also to have some fun ourself. Our prime job as leaders is to make sure our members are still having fun by setting up events in the division and Squads so that we give everyone an equal chance to have fun as well as building each other up. Some ideas for activities include game nights setting up teams movie nights playing cards against humanity online there is no limit to what you can do! Be sure as leaders you are having game nights just the 7s and generals with no ksi business to build up friendships. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy/girl. Mentoring Make sure if you are not already that you take some lower ranking memebers undwe your wing and teach them everything you know. This shouldn't be limited to just memebers directly below your rank either. Pull some people in your party and have them watch what you do (when it's appropriate). As leaders we should always be looking downwards to who the next up and coming unicorns are and make sure you make future plans aswell as backup plans. Headhunters We will be starting up a divisional headhunters season the first week on August. Each division is encouraged to get a team together that has a 7 as a manager (no 7s will be allowed to play) we think this will be a very fun things for the divisions. the game will be black ops 2. We want teams of 5 with 5 backups for practice purposes(less than 5 backups is okay). If anyone has any questions contact KSI mpliers 7. Ww Weekend warfare this week is a 2v2 tdm on ghost 360 at 8 eastern on Saturday the following week will be a doritos crash course tournament which is a free game and also backwards compatible so please get the word spread . Weekly update Weekly update This week will be the theme of departments. If you have any questions about departments please tune in to on Friday at 8 pm eastern. Hirings News and productions are always hiring go check out there sections on the forums. Also t&e is currently hiring so make sure you spread the word.