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KSI Gambit 7

Rainbow Six Siege: REC League Roster Signups

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This thread is to be used to log your team for the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege REC League season. When filling out this application, we in T&E expect you to have fully completed any and all necessary try-outs, and that you have named a team captain. Please also make sure to read through the Rules and Regulations thread for this season of REC League.

Note: Like all activities hosted by T&E, the C.o.C must be upheld by any and all members participating in REC League activities and matches. Any breach of the C.o.C must be reported to staff members and will be handled by both clan-ops divisional leaders and the T&E REC League staff running the season. That being said, any and all participants should by now have read and fully understand the Code Of Conduct.

Once again, do not break the Code Of Conduct. Doing so could result in the disqualification of your team for a single match, or the entirety of this REC League season.

  • Only two teams per division.
  • Remember to keep your roster updated throughout the season.
  • Rosters must be posted and updated by the team captain only.

Please use the following template to sign up your team:

Team Name:


Team Captain: 

Team members:


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Team Name: Shy Guy 'n' Co

Division: EO

Team Captain: KSI Astral

Team members:

  1. natebluue44
  2. S3TAQUA
  3. KSI Astral
  5. KSI Mgacka
  6. KSI Smokeyy
  7. KSI Skarzx 77
  8. I Jump For You
Edited by KSI Astral

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Division: ES

 Team Captain 
1. KSI SN1P3RB0552 

2. KSIxRaging24
3. Cola7667
4. KSI CycL0ne
5. KSI xMidnightx
6. Dubasquad2011
7. KSI KuroRipa
8. KSI PsychoKiwi

Edited by KSI Eyonia 7
Member backed out

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