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Forums Usage Guidelines


Organization & Forums Sections

  • All forums sections may have multiple pinned topics, as long as they are pertinent, organized and well-maintained.
  • The highest ranking member of divisional leadership will be responsible for overseeing the topics within their division’s forums section, both pinned and unpinned, as well as delegating this responsibility to lower ranking divisional leadership if they wish.

Topics that may be pinned are:

  • Meeting Notes (1 topic)
  • Rules and/or Guidelines (1 topic)
  • Division Announcements (1 topic)
  • Division Suggestions (1 topic)
  • New Recruit Sign-In Topics (1 topic)

Topics that may not be pinned are:

  • Squad-specific Topics (Anything that has to do with your squad: meeting reminders, looking for someone to help you out, updates, etc.)
  • Game-related topics
  • Spam-related topics
  • Teams-related topics (Tournaments may have a topic created for them but once the tournament is over, the topic must be closed and archived.)
  • Anything not important, irrelevant, out-dated or unused


Forums & Shoutbox Rules

  • Do not create excess topics in your division section in an effort to boost forums post counts.
  • If a topic is deemed unnecessary by forum staff, it will be locked, closed or removed.
  • Spamming is not permitted. This includes but is not limited to one word posts, repeated messages across many sections and inappropriately-placed topics. If you are not sure what is or is not considered spam, ask a Moderator or Admin.
  • Do not disrespect other forum members. Please keep in mind that what you may consider a joke may be seen as offensive by someone else.
  • If somebody is purposely starting or contributing to a problem, bring it to the attention of a Moderator or Admin.
  • Do not use abusive, inappropriate, racist or discriminatory language.
  • Do not use "ban evasion techniques". This includes using proxies or creating another account to circumvent a ban or suspension. If you are banned or suspended from any part of the forums, it is for a reason. Any attempts to circumvent a ban or suspension will result in additional punishment, up to and including an indefinite revoke of forum privileges.
  • Do not create more than one account on the forums. A user is allowed to have only one active account. A user should only need to create and use a second account if that user is unable to access the first account. (The "forgot password" feature and administrative help should be exhausted before this happens.)
  • Misuse of the Shoutbox will result in suspension from the Shoutbox.
  • All Moderators retain the right to exercise their judgement and ban a forums account for any reason and at any time. Forums accounts may be banned for any of the following reasons, with or without notification from the CAO, Senior Moderators or Moderators.

Creation of multiple accounts

Creating an account for another user

Attempting to bypass a ban or suspension via a secondary account or through alternative IP’s

Posting or sending private messages or using the Shoutbox to post anything deemed harmful or offensive to the community

Being Blacklisted or DNH'd

Asking to have your account banned, deleted or suspended

Messaging Admins or Moderators excessively

Posting, sending or asking for explicit content

Lying to or harassing Admins or Moderators

Impersonating Admins or Moderators

Accessing other users’ forums accounts



Ignoring the warnings from Admins or Moderators

Ignoring section rules or guidelines

If you are banned or suspended from any part of the forums, it is for a reason. Do not post links to images that violate any part of the KSI Code of Conduct. The use of the ShoutBox is a privilege which can be revoked at any time at the discretion of an Admin or Moderator. The KSI Code of Conduct applies to all forums account users. No forums account user is exempt from following these Rules and Guidelines.

If an Admin or Moderator determines that a forums account user has not followed the rules set forth in this page or in the KSI Code of Conduct, or has otherwise posted forums-inappropriate content, the user will be given a minimum of one (1) warning. Any successive warnings, suspensions or bans will be issued at the sole discretion of the Admin(s) or Moderator(s) involved.


Forums Accounts & Usage

  • Your account is yours and yours alone
  • You do not need more than one account
  • You are not permitted to have more than one account
  • Do not pass your login details to other people
  • Do not allow other people onto your account
  • If you are banned from the forums, it is due to the conduct of your account or personal interactions with these forums or other members
  • If you are banned from the forums, it also means you will most likely be disqualified from attaining the rank of General. This rank must be able to use both the Access Denied thread and the forums
  • You are held personally responsible for any and all content your account posts on the forums
  • You are held personally responsible for any violations of the terms of service and the KSI Code of Conduct
  • It is your responsibility to ensure your forums account is kept secure.
  • You are not allowed to sign into other peoples accounts on the forums to "help" them
  • You are not allowed to create forums accounts for other people to use
  • Any issues with forums accounts should be directed to 

                          KSI xKing 77

                          KSI DropShot 7

                          KSI AIRBORNE 7 

                          KSI VENUM 7 

Forums Account Warnings

Warning points are cumulative and do not reset.

  • Verbal Warning (0 Warning Points)
  • 1 Warning Point - 24 Hour Moderator Review
  • 2 Warning Points - 48 Hour Moderator Review, Restricted from posting content 24 Hours
  • 3 Warning Points - 72 Hour Moderator Review, Restricted from posting content 48 Hours, Suspended from accessing site 24 hours
  • 4 Warning Points - 8 Day Moderator Review, Restricted from posting content 4 Days, Suspended from accessing site 2 Days
  • 5 Warning Points - Indefinite Moderator Review, Restricted from posting content 22 Days, Suspended from accessing site 14 Days
  • 6 Warning Points - Indefinite Moderator Review, Suspended from accessing site 30 Days
  • 7 Warning Points (Full Ban) - Indefinite Moderator Review, Restricted from posting content indefinitely, Suspended from accessing site indefinitely


Originally titled "Division, Area Section, and Shoutbox Rules". Created by KSI worstplayer on 9/11/17.  Updated, edited and formatted by KSI December 77 & KSI Luci Lux 7 on 8/29/19. Updated and Reformatted by KSI xKing 77 & KSI xKami 77 on 3/20/20.

This document is subject to change with the approval of the Chief Administrative Officer or Senior Moderator(s).

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