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    ace can twerk better than scotty <<<<< true that
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    So, just recently found out that my baby due in June 2019 is going to be a GIRL! If you have any awesome girl names you think we should consider, feel free to post.
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    go away


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    So excited about being a Staff Sergeant!
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    Lets keep those recruits rolling in ABADDON!!!! This has got to be the greatest squad in all KSI!!!
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    O.o i once took so long to name a puppy....it responded to long pause
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    Honored to be Executive Chairman of KSI. Thank you all for the opportunity. I'll do my best to not Schuck it up.
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    Lets keep those recruits rolling in ABADDON, you guys are doing a great job, keep it up
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    Once upon a time there was a magical being called: mum.... She cooked she cleaned....she kicked your ass when you screwed with her......but she never forgot a thing you did as a child or adult. the moral of the story....be very very afraid of your mum.....becuase she will ALWAYS tell your GF-BF-Spouse Every single.....dumb thing or screw up you did growing up.....yet still retain the power to make you feel like a todler who just spilled juice on the carpet...... ^^ the magic of mum....HOARDING ALL THE THINGS TO USE AGAINST YOU AS AN ADULT <<<<<