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  1. Count to a Million

    just to let you know these dont count towards your shoutbox eligibility but 1573
  2. Where's heaven?

    no im asking if i can put forward my own idea of it
  3. Where's heaven?

    is this open for debate or is it just a statement of where we think it is and we wont get shot down for it?
  4. new military shop awards

    idk if this has allready been suggested or not but i like the idea of adding in coast gaurd and national gaurd as one of the military awards or if you would consider them a part of one of the other branches but it would be awesome if they were added :D <3
  5. relationship status/Public profile commenting/Chat

    good idea to an extent but alot of people would want to be married to like 400 people XD
  6. Dangers of Motorcycles?

    as long as you are a good driver on bike its not quite as dangerous. as far as malfunctions its just like any motorized technology as long as you maintain its upkeep it shouldn't malfunction. yes there's the danger of other drivers but if you really want a bike then you'll accept those dangers and as long as you don't drive like an idiot there should be no problem. i would also recommend still maintaining a car/truck so that you have something to drive in crappy weather.
  7. food subforum in general section

    There is, but cooking isn't necessarily a hobby its a profession, and there's multiple types of cooking. because i could go through and make 10 topics in the hobbies sections. Or we could make a section completely for cooking only and make the topic count there stay down. and less confusing.
  8. What's the last movie you watched?

    black hawk down again love that movie
  9. What book are you currently reading?

    its really a series but im reading every single dragon lance that there is
  10. Family Guy

    fun to watch when theres nothing else on
  11. Positive Comment

    idk you but you like L.O.L so your awesome!