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  1. Happy Anniversary, KSI Forums, you will never know what this website and revitalized community has helped me achieve thus far and what will continue to help in my future. Hope another year is in store. #
  2. May 11th's 4v4 Hardpoint has KSI Relentless and KSI AchievHuntr however i would like a third member. So please post if you can help May 25th Full house poker tournament has KSI Hedgie 7 i would like at least one more host for this so please post if you can its a few weeks away but still thank you.
  3. Recap May 11th at 8 pm est, WW will be doing 4v4 Hardpoint on Blops 2. The host will be KSI RELENTLESS, KSI AchievHuntr. May 18th, WW will be doing a Minecraft Rollercoaster building contest. Judges will be KSI PR3DATOR 7, KSI FadeZ 7, KSI Tohdoh. Judging will begin at 8 pm est. May 6, 2013 Covered upcoming events. May 25th, WW will be hosting a Full house poker tournament for 800 msp at 7 pm est. Judges will be KSI Hedgie 7, KSI kiki 7, ask for another host with a good connection
  4. "Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake."- Matthew 5:11

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      If there was a like button on here I would be spamming it right now

  5. Halo 4 FFA Tournament Next Saturday May 4th at 8 pm est with KSI Purge, KSI PR3DATOR 7, KSI Oni 7! May 11th at 8 pm est, WW will be doing 4v4 Hardpoint on Blops 2. The host will be KSI PR3DATOR 7, KSI AchievHuntr, KSI Zohan 7. May 18th, WW will be doing a Minecraft Rollercoaster building contest. Judges will be KSI PR3DATOR 7, KSI FadeZ 7, KSI Tohdoh. Judging will begin at 8 pm est. Decent attendance. Stick with your dates people..dont back out last minute..or kiki will be very angrwy.
  6. I can witness to this award. Zohan loves this community and had done it great justice. He has been helpful to me and other people for quite a while. He has gone through his own ups and downs, but He has persevered where others would have quit. He is a great asset to this community and ever since i have met him, he has talked about bettering his division and himself. He is a star in AV and a bright star in KSI.
  7. Way to tired for things. Seriously debating why that is.

  8. Events to do like 'Blast From the Past' Everyone goes and rocks an old game, like h3 campaign or something... or Netflix movie weeks, party hop bop where peeps pick who leaves another joins and it keeps going Divisional Headquarters Building in Minecraft. Have to have all squads included We could get like 4 Snr Leaders to do a live stream minecraft, and have all the divisions use the chat to guess, top 3 divisions get gold stars under their forum area banner(?) Going over these on the 29th..be prepared to discuss
  9. April 22, 2014 Meeting notes Cod Blops 2 FFA , April 27th at 8 pm est with KSI Fadez 7, KSI Voltage 7, KSI AchievHuntr. GET THEM WW ACCESS Halo 4 FFA, May 4th at 8 pm est with KSI Purge, KSI PR3DATOR 7, KSI Oni 7. Decent attendance, keep up with the skype gonna be a bit random this week.
  10. Sent 15 April 2013 - 08:43 PM Roll call: KSI Zodiac 7, Natasha, austin Bullard, Grim Lock, Connor Caldwell Topics: Halo 4 4v4 build off is still happening. Hosts are KSI Supremacy, KSI TheEnforcer, and KSI Stonedage We might have a second tournament during the Forge Build off. But it still needs to be decided by kiki. Suggestions for future tournaments are: 4v4 halo 4 team slayer tournament 1v1 slayer tournament CoD Domination Quick Scope tournament on CoD Meeting attendance needs to go up!!! NOTES BY PREDATOR
  11. Trainer: I can witness for these he has been a great trainer through his time in KSI. Member Assistance: This member was a great asset in TW and im sure in DL as well. He was wonderful when it came to assisting anyone with anything needed no matter how much time it took. Committed: I remember cheddar when he was a lowly CPT in Omega TW. It has definitely been more than a year since he has been in KSI. He is a very dedicated member. And even though he was down, he has came back to help this community more.
  12. Predator is one of the most committed members i have met in KSI so far. I met him when he was in SR as bosspro and he astounded me with his drive even though his division was not doing well he kept pushing himself and his squad to do better. He has had KSI in his name for the last three gts that i have seen.
  13. Attendance: KSI Pr3dator 7, KSI Supremacy, KSI TheEnforcer, KSI Dr Swarm, KSI AchievHuntr, KSI ZODIAC 7, KSI MERK, Connor Cardwell, Charles bond, and Natasha Topics: April 13th Halo 4 snipers 4 vs. 4 still consists of KSI Pr3dator 7, KSI Purge( Sebastian), and KSI TheEnforcer. Also on the 13th the Halo 4 build off starts for builders April 20th consists of Halo 4 build off 4 vs. 4 hosts are still KSI Supremacy, KSI TheEnforcer, but KSI Stonedage did not show up so im not sure about him. But KSI Purge offered to help if we cant get a third judge and Zodiac also offered to help if he has an open schedule. Also Merk and some others want more CoD tournaments so I told them I would talk to you about it since this month is full so I told them next month Purge asked if the griffball event is still possible since he is willing to help out with it. The day of it he said would be the 20th as a second event while the build off goes on. And last some members asked about admin and I told them to message you on skype for it Given by KSI Pr3dator 7 (he does better notes than me)
  14. April 1st meeting April 6th at 8 pm est 2v2 Snd On blops 2 with KSI Samurai 7 and KSI AchievHuntr. April 13th KSI Predator 7 and KSI TheEnforcer will be hosting 4v4 Team Snipers on Halo 4 at 8 pm est. April 20th Halo 4 4v4 forge build off! Judging on Forge Island will take place at 7 pm est. Judges will be KSI TheEnforcer, KSI Supremacy, and KSI Stonedagex. Contestants will begin building a week prior and will have a week to complete until the judging on the 20th.
  15. oh man taywick watch it its pretty good. Season three just ended last night and i got to say the governor is freaking crazy killing all those people and whats even crazier...is the fact that some people still went with him SMH cant w8 till october for season 4!!
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