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  1. KSI Tax Day Challenge

    Woop woop tax day
  2. Multiple nominations for KSI DC SNIPER 6 (Awarded)

    I witness that KSI DC SNIPER 6 has done Outstanding Service for our squad and for KSI. As he is now General of Downpour he has been putting in a lot of effort to keep this squad up and has been doing a great job! Started from the bottom and were almost at the top...some what I WITNESS KSI DC SNIPER 6!!!!!!
  3. KSIxHONESTYx77 OS LvL1 (Awarded)

    Name:KSIxHONESTYx77-/-FOUNDER-/-Harmonic Destruction Award-/-Achievement: Outstanding Service Level 1 Reason-/-Evidence: KSIxHONESTYx77 is a really great guy and friend to me! I'm nominating him for outstanding service because he puts in outstanding service....he's me amigo
  4. What's on my Mind..,? Everything!

  5. Welcome to the forums KSI MsLEGION :)