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  1. Nascar

    Hey guys, anyone really into NASCAR here? If you ever want to play NASCAR 14 or talk about NASCAR, hit me up! GT: KSI TurtleSloth
  2. Favorite map pack of Ghosts?

    Favorite map pack?
  3. Divisional Squad Team List

    Squad/Division- Omega/Explosive Ordnance Game Platform- Ghosts Gametype- HH Contacts- KSI Hypnos, KSI Xander272, KSI Turtlesloth, KSI Zombie
  4. Challenge Us

    Want to face Explosive Ordinance Omega's Headhunter team? Well the first one to post their team on this forum will be playing us on a 6v6 match on Call Of Duty Ghosts, on the 2nd of May at 8:00 eastern time.
  5. KSI Tax Day Challenge

    Come on guys tell your friends to get on the site for a chance to win free stuff. We can beat it!!
  6. KSI Tax Day Challenge

    Now we have a reason to like Tax day!!
  7. Favorite Doctor?

    lol woops looks like i got carried away
  8. Favorite Sniper Of COD

    I just love the intervention. it would be cool to be put into ghosts
  9. Favorite Doctor?

    Any Doctor fans out there?
  10. Black Ops 1, Black Ops 2 Or Ghost?

    ghost is amazing
  11. Favorite Sniper Of COD

    What is your favorite sniper to use in COD?
  12. Should we have a sniping contest

    good idea i want to try this in EO
  13. need help getting in my division and squad

    @Laffy Taffy, Yes ET don't exist but the gamer tag has not changed its still ET
  14. Welcome to the forums KSI TurtleSloth :)