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  1. Moderator Application

    Gamertag: KSI DragonWar Division/Squad/Rank: Harmonic Destruction/ Vanquish/ 1CPT How active am I on the forums: Always in it during my free time. What kind of pat experience do you have as a mod: Pretty much none. But I'm always stuck moderating chats. What do you seek n becoming a mod: Just looking to be a bigger part of KSI. I've always been interested in joining IA, being a staff member, history team, etc... I'm just looking to gain more experience as a whole. Why would you make a great candidate: Tbh I don't make a great candidate. But I would still love to learn I'm all about learning so I would be a clean slate. Do you understand that this is a voluntary position and if we feel your not doing your job correctly, we have the right to remove you: Yes I completely understand and if it's not meant for me I would completely understand. Not everyone's perfect and I just seek to expand my horizon.
  2. Why is it that I can't just upload any profile picture I want it has to be 0.49MB. I've never been so frustrated with the fact that I can't have a profile picture. 

  3. Why did you join KSI?

    KSI LEGION. He is a huge insperation to me and many others and also the fact that leadership always appeals to me.
  4. The Meaning Behind Your Gamertag Name

    The meaning behind my gamer the fact the I used to look up to dragons as creatures of pride and power. And the part behind war is because I can be extremely aggressive.
  5. Sex with me is like...

    Sex with me is like a black hole. Once your caught in my gravity you can't exscape. Next word: Radio
  6. Hey man no worries about what I put in the chat earlier what happened happened there really wasn't anything I could do without braking coc