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  1. Head Hunters Season 2019 - Game Selection Poll

    Black ops 4 mix hard core and core. And why not blackout? Make it harder and would be interesting
  2. Legen- award and ripple effect

    Legen to ripple effect yes
  3. TaerTech Gamerscore Hoarder

    GamerScore Hoarder Yes
  4. KSI x Samurai gamerscore hoarder

    Gamer Hoarder Yes
  5. KSI VeriiTas 7 Gamerscore Hoarder

    GamerScore Hoarder Yes
  6. KSI TAYWICK 77 Meta award

    Three cheers yes
  7. KSI Jynxie helping hand award

    Helping hand yes
  8. KSI iSToNeD JAM Gamerscore Master

    Verified GamerScore master & GamerScore Hoarder yes
  9. KSI GreendayFox nomination

    Die hard yes
  10. KSI BattleBear8 Meta Awards

    Ripple effect yes
  11. KSI Folkstyle On Point Self Nom

    On point yes
  12. KSI VENUM 7 Friendly, Good Karma Self Nomination

    Friendly and good Karma yes
  13. Hatter 7 - People Magnet

    People magnet yes
  14. Turkey Bowl 2018 Poll

    Lets go DL
  15. KSI DropShot 7 OS Level 1

    I will be dropping my vote to be a witness to this I have my statement done by end of today if okay this great leader has always gone above and beyond for all his members all the time he always there to talk to and he will always give you advice even if it personal or KSI related the guy always knows the answer and will point the member in the right path just look at what this guy does for this community T&E also apart of marketing and court Judge and he is always pushing the Marketing information for member to know all the time so there always aware he is a great mentor since I rejoined he been a great person and helped me as I would probably quit KSI for good but he always there with a way to slove the problem and he will go far within his career of KSI and can't wait to see it this guy derisive his level 1 os 100% more than anyone I know so just look at what he does for this community and he still have time for his members amazing kind of leader