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    I play the bass so I flip over music. I love words, I might not talk much in the party but I'm listening. (and some times I've been known to come out of my shell). I write but the topics arent easy. I work with high-risk youth and tell them H.ang O.n P.ain E.nds. and that yes, life sucks and sometimes it sucks the big one but I will be there anytime and anywhere. They are my passion. They are not perfect but they are super incredible
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    Mentor = Yes
  2. Nebula Meta Award Hobbyist Nomination

    Legen - Award Hobbyist - Yes
  3. KSI MeShell 7 Meta Awards

    Legen - Round of Applause - Yes
  4. KSI xKamikaze Master Recruiter

    Master Recruiter - Yes
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    Gamerscore Hoarder - Yes to All
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    Novice Recruiter - Yes
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    Good Karma - Yes Friendly, Approachable - Yes
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    Member Assistance yes
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    Gamerscore Hoarder for Voltz and Hellsknight: Yes ApolloBelow Member Assistance: Yes
  11. KSI RI0T meta award nomination

    Legen yes
  12. Airborne 7 Meta award Self Nom

    73 awards Verified All Lower Award Tier(s): I <3 Awards YES Requested Staff Award(s): Luci's Side, Cero's Little Helper. YES
  13. KSI Scotland 7 - Meta Awards

    Awards all to I <3 Awards yes
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    Friendly-- Yes Wasted Life- Yes Capped Out- yes