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    I play the bass so I flip over music. I love words, I might not talk much in the party but I'm listening. (and some times I've been known to come out of my shell). I write but the topics arent easy. I work with high-risk youth and tell them H.ang O.n P.ain E.nds. and that yes, life sucks and sometimes it sucks the big one but I will be there anytime and anywhere. They are my passion. They are not perfect but they are super incredible
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  1. KSI DropShot 7 Multi awards

    Novice/Pro/Master Recruiter: Yes Trainer: Yes
  2. KSI PROPHECY v7 Outstanding Service LVL 1

    Posted 15 hours ago Outstanding Service Level 1 - Yes Outstanding Service Level 2 - Yes
  3. KSI Akame 7s Master recruiter award

    Novice Recruiter: YesPro Recruiter: YesMaster Recruiter: Yes
  4. Self nomination (2 awards)

    Committed - Yes Master Recruiter - No
  5. Friendly - Yes Approachable - Yes People Magnet - Yes
  6. KSI DarkAngel Gamerscore Hoarder

    Gamerscore Hoarder - Yes Gamerscore Master - Yes
  7. Self nomination ( 2 awards)

    Enlightened - Yes Wasted Life - Yes
  8. KSIfiremomma7 Multiple Awards

    Novice/Pro/Master Recruiter - Yes Trainer - Yes
  9. Romeo's Mutli Nom's

    Award: Member AssistanceReason-/-Evidence: I can witness KSIxROMEO 7 for this award as he has helped me numerous times in answering my questions most specifically through the squad split of cruelty. I was basicly brand new when this split occurred and he has continued to always be just a Discord message away. Award: Mentor KSIxROMEO 7 is definitely my number one mentor. He has always been there to train, encourage, challenge, teach, and listen with every move I make in Venom. I never would have had the foundation in KSI that i have today if it were not for this man. He was a #1 General of KSI and I know he is now going to be a #1 7. THIS IS A TRUE AND ACCURATE WITNESS OF KSIxROMEO 7
  10. DM FC 2018 Div HoF Nomination Thread

    Information on Nominee: Division: Demonic Mayham Gamertag: KSI Joe 7 Link to Profile: @KSI Joe 7 Nominee’s Current Rank: Joe is currently a SGT in DM due to IRL as we all know can happen. He has been in KSI for a couple years. Awards: I LOVE ROIT, SPIRIT WEEK 2018, PRAISE BE THY CAT, MEMBER ASSISTANCE, DIVISION LEADORSHIP CERTIFIED, TRAIN THE TRAINER CERTIFIED, SPRING BREAK 2018, OUTSTANDING SERVICE LV1, BASIC TRAINING CERTIFIED, THATS SO FETCH, SQUAD LEADERSHIP CERTIFIED, NEW MEMBER CERTIFIED, CAPTAIN OF THE MONTH: DIVISIONAL, DEDICATED, SQUAD SPLITTER, RUNNER UP OF THE YEAR:17, KSI MENTOR. CO-FO OF THE MONTH, GENERAL OF THE MONTH, OFFICER, MASTER RECRUITER, SPIRIT WEEK 2017, GAMERSCORE HOARDER, TRAINER. Testimony: Why does he deserve this award? KSI JOE 7 has always displayed, in my opinion, Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity. When I first came in he always took the time to explain and make sure I more then understood all the different interworkings of KSI and DM. He always put the member first and his gaming wants secondary. If I came to him with questions or concerns he would instill hope and loyalty to DM by believing the best of people and situations. Everyone in DM knows him and respects the 7 that he holds. But the number one reason this member deserves this award is that when he did go through one of the toughest traumas in his life, DM watched him display incredible KNOWLEDGE, STRENGTH, AND INTEGRITY as he made the decision, for his division to step down in rank just for a season. He knew, even though it broke his heart, that he could not give his all and best to DM as he dealt with RL. Every decision Joe would make for DM, he would take very seriously and take to heart and he knew he could not do that distracted by his RL. So for the health of DM, he made the decision of this sacrifice. It takes a true man of character to put the good of the division before themselves. He still stays very active and still encourages all the members and I truely have seen KSI displayed in KSI Joe 7.
  11. Happy birthday, hope its incredible.

  12. In memory of my son, he would have loved KSI!!!