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  1. Helping Hand KSI ShayyahS

    Thank you, Blood. You glorious co-fo, you Thank you as well Lacey <3
  2. Looking to meet some KSI Peeps

    The entire Insanity squad in Demonic Mayhem plays Halo 5 religiously. Also in DM Cruelty plays D2 consistently. I'm currently on a Elite Dangerous kick (space sim game) but I hope you enjoy the community. Welcome in advance
  3. Anime Lovers Department

  4. Anime Lovers Department

    It would be amazingly to have a department that watches anime/episodes together or separately. They could then review and critique. A funny name for it would be a great selling point I.e. WeebsAnonymous. If I had a dollar for every fellow clan mate that talks about anime with me I’d definitely have enough to purchase an entire visual novel/manga collection.
  5. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

    New Member Workshop Complete 4/5/18 @KSI Blood 7