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KSI Gambit 7

Call of Duty: WWII HH Playoff Schedule & Rules (2018)

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This thread is specifically designed to present an accurate representation off post season play-offs for those teams currently participating in this years Call of Duty: WWII Head Hunters season. In this thread you will find:

  • The rules and regulations set forth specifically for all play off matches
  • An updated list of match ups and map selections for those teams who progress in the tournament
  • Any additional disclaimers, notifications, or disqualifications dictated by HH Moderator: KSI Gambit 7

If there are any questions, comments, or issues, these are to be reported directly to KSI Gambit 7 through the following means of communication:

  • Discord: Gambino#5224
  • Kik: xxGambitIXV
  • Xbox: KSI Gambit 7


Rules & Regulations:

The rules and regulations for play-offs are identical to those of the regular season (listed in the Rules and Regulations thread in the Head Hunters sub forum) except with the following additions:

  1. All play off games up until the final match will be played as a best 2/3 style. The final match however will be a best 3/5 series.
    • All games will be played the same day on the same map (i.e. no playing game 1/3 today and game 2/3 tomorrow etc.)
    • The team with the HIGHEST SEAT will decide which side they would like for game 1 (Axis or Allies)
    • The team with the LOWEST SEAT will decide which side they would like for game 2 (Axis or Allies)
    • In the event of a game 3, the team with the LOWEST SEAT will decide which side they will play on. 
  2. All games will be played on a 5v5 basis, this is MANDATORY.
    • If a team only has 4 members, they are at the mercy of the team with 5 members. IF that team agrees to play 4v5 then the game will be permitted. IF the team declines, the team with 4 members will be disqualified.
  3. All games are to be played within 4 days of the originally posted date. No exceptions.
    • Example: If matchups are announced to start Tuesday the 12th but one team needs to reschedule in order to have 5 members, they have until the 16th to reschedule or the team will automatically forfeit.
    • In the case of a needed reschedule, BOTH TEAM MANAGERS must agree to the newly rescheduled date of the match.
  4. There will be no complaints of L-A-G or complaining about HOST. If teams can not agree to which side can host the game, ahead of time, a Neutral Host (NH) is to be requested per KSI Gambit 7 to host the match.
    • If you know that your members struggle with connection and foresee this being an issue, it is the teams responsible to reach out for a neutral host, there will be no after the fact complaints accepted.


Round 1 Schedule, Matches, Map:

- Matches are set to start this Friday, April 6th 2018 

- Map Selection: London Docks


Round 1 Matches:

  • Eternal Souls (2) V. Final Strike (8) (WINNER ES)
  • Wayward Desolators (3) V. Dark Legions (9) (WINNER WD)
  • Evolution (4) V. Forced Induction (6) (WINNER DW)
  • Demonic Mayhem (5) V. Primal Predators (7) (WINNER DM)
    • Crimson Knights (1): First Round Bye

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Round 2 Schedule, Matches, and Map:

- Round 2 matches will begin This Friday, April 13th 2018

- Map selection: Ardennes Forest


Round 2 matches:

  • Crimson Knights (1) V. Wayward Desolators (3)
  • Evolution (4) V. Demonic Mayhem (5)
    • Eternal Souls (2): Bye

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Round 3 Schedule, Matches, and Map:

- Round 3 matches will begin This Friday, April 20th 2018

- Map selection: Sainte Marie Du Mont


Round 2 matches:

  • Eternal Souls (2) V. Demonic Mayhem (5)
    • Westward Desolators (3): Bye

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