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Destiny 2 - HH Season Format (2018)

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Destiny 2 Head Hunters Season:
2018 Format

This document will cover all the need to know information in regards to the 2018 Destiny 2 Head Hunters season. Like the previous season, teams will have access to the personal stat tracker, schedule/team roster, new awards and so on. Below is the decided format in terms of pre-match duties, in match game game-play, and post-game necessities to ensure a smooth, well run experience for all those involved.


Pre-Match Duties:
Every team will have both a team captain and team manager. It is the responsibility of those two individuals and the reciprocal individuals on the opposing team to meet before the match, confirm the match will take place, as well as review the following topics:

  • Roster Accuracy: It is the job of the team captain/manager to confirm that the members playing for the opposite team in the match are in fact listed on their team roster BEFORE beginning the match. Failure to do so will result in whatever outcome that match may end in, win or lose.
  • Host: As there cannot be a neutral host in Destiny 2 private matches, it is the responsibility of the team managers/captains to agree on what team will host the match. If a host cannot be agreed upon, please contact KSI Gambit 7 to resolve the issue. It is encouraged that both teams come to a reasonable agreement on what is best for everyone.
  • Confirm Map Selection: The map for each week will be pre decided by KSI Gambit 7 and will be posted as part of the team schedule. Captains/Managers need to confirm that the map of the week is the map being played on. No exceptions.


Match Game-Play:
Each match is to be played as a 4v4 competitive match with no exceptions (4v3 not allowed). This Head Hunters season will differ from those of the past as it will include both a TDM and objective based game-type per match. This being said, each match will be played as a best 2/3 series and will be composed as follows:

  • Round 1 (Clash): Round 1 will be a straight forward TDM style game of clash played to the default settings goal of 50 kills. First team to reach 50 kills or whichever team in the lead when time runs out will be the winner of round 1.
  • Round 2 (Control): Round 2 will be an objective game of control where each team will push for zone domination. Settings again will be default, first to score 100 points wins.
  • IMPORTANT: Reminder that these games are best 2/3. If team A wins both Round 1 and 2, they will receive the win for the match and there will not be a Round 3.
  • Round 3 (Survival): If both teams are tied after round 2, they will enter sudden death in round 3 playing a game of survival which is both a TDM and objective style game mode. Each team is limited to only 6 re-spawns for the entire team. When the counter reaches 0, members will not respawn after death. The team with the last living member wins however, if for some reason both teams remain alive, a cap point will spawn allowing the capturing team members to win the point for their team.

In the event of serious Lag: 
Within the first two minutes of the match, if there are connection issues for most of the team (2 or more), that team is to have all players crouch and stand still to signal the other team to stop the game. The L-A-G experienced must be substantial and must also be recorded for proof. 


  • If there is no proof of substantial parafor multiple members of the team requesting new host, it will result in a loss for that round and the match will move immediately to phase 2.
  • Please send all recorded evidence to KSI Gambit 7 for evaluation of rematch qualification.


Post-Game Necessities:
As stated before, teams will have full access to the personal stat tracker as well as the team schedule and roster which will contain current team records and standings. To accurately portray this information, it is imperative that team managers report the results of each round played of every game to KSI Gambit 7 in the specified format:

Picture of stats:


  • Both team managers must submit a picture of each round played to confirm winners and stats
  • Pictures submitted NEED TO BE EASILY LEGIBLE and should include both teams stats from each round. If we cannot read the stats, the accurate numbers for your players will not be submitted and could affect their abilities to win awards.

Overall the T&E staff hopes to deliver another well run, competitive, fun season for those participating and wish all divisions the best of luck! Any questions, comments, concerns please reach out to KSI Gambit 7:

Discord: Gambino#5224
Kik: xxgambitIXV
Forums: KSI Gambit 7

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