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KSI Gambit 7

Destiny 2 Head-Hunters Season: Schedule & Stats

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Schedule & Stats: 

This thread contains links to both the Destiny 2 Head-Hunters Season Schedule/ Updated Team Roster as well as the Personal Stat tracker for all members wishing to follow their stats for the season. Both of these links will be frequently updated to accurately reflect current standings in real time. 

Reminder - 

In order to accurately reflect proper standings and stats, it is crucial for all team managers to submit legible pictures of each round of their matches to KSI Gambit 7 within 24 hours of the match time. If there are any discrepancies,  please personally message him via discord or xbox.


2018 Destiny 2 Head-Hunters Season Schedule & Rosters:

2018 Destiny 2 Head-Hunters Personal Stat Tracker:

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