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KSI Blood 7

SYTYCR June own department inquiry

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I would like to inquire about said topic and why it was deleted? I would like to read what people wrote. If you have an area where I can access this that would be great if not maybe start archiving it please. Thank you!

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I was also looking for this topic recently. Wanted to refer back to one of the posts and use it in my squad. Thank you

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3 hours ago, KSI Blood 7 said:

I would like to inquire about said topic and why it was deleted? I would like to read what people wrote. If you have an area where I can access this that would be great if not maybe start archiving it please. Thank you!

Hi blood,

It wasn’t Deleted, it was actually archived..

Unfortnatley the News sections Archive is not available to everyone, however I’ll see if I can have a new archive made.

Later today I can quote all the posts and pop them in here for you both.



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On 29/05/2018 at 0:55 AM, PHIL0S0PHY said:

Public Relations Department

This department would be tasked with keeping the image and message of KSI Global a positive one. They would run the KSI social media(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) they would also be the ones who people not currently in the community would speak to about KSI, or speak to if they have an issue with a member.

Like HR, they would not have many members, just as much needed. 

They would work to make KSI look good essentially to the outside world, and try to repair our negative image, as hard as that maybe.

PR Roles:

Director: The director would be in charge of all the operations in PR and ensure everything is running smoothly.

Social media managers: These members would be in charge of running the social media and answering any questions or comments have for KSI on social media.

PR associate: This will be the standard role. These associates will be available on the KSI forums, Xbox, social media(personal accounts), and other forum/message boards and Reddit.

On the other forums/message boards/reddit they won't try to get people to join, they will represent KSI in there profile in every way, and represent KSI through there actions and be active, polite, and positive. They will also be available if anyone on these forums would like to ask or talk about KSI. The purpose of this will be to try to repair the image of KSI.


On 30/05/2018 at 7:23 PM, KSI ROCKDOGG said:

Recruiting department

They would take the best recruiters from each division maybe even a few and there main focus would be recruiting and helping other feel more comfortable with recruiting. They would get together a couple times a week and just go on recruiting runs looking for quality recruits on different games. And would help get the numbers up in each squad splitting the recruits between the squads and also putting them in the squad they would fit best in.

It would help numbers grow as well as increase activity for the whole community


On 30/05/2018 at 7:37 PM, KSI Ch4ttyK4thy said:



Efficiency Department


The job of this department would be to evaluate procedures for efficiency and work with the other departments and members to make sure that we are providing a uniform KSI experience through out while also maintaining efficiency and retaining active members.  


I believe that this would benefit our members by making things simpler for our leaders to be able to do what they need to do and giving our lower ranking members a platform for suggestions on how to make things run more smoothly. 


Examples of where to start are Bio’s, meetings, recruitment and promotion processes and game nights. Potentially leading into other processes within the behind the scenes stuff higher up in organization.


On 30/05/2018 at 8:38 PM, KSI MeShell 7 said:

Education Department 

This department would be responsible for hosting the Performance Operations Workshops and Guides for all members within KSI. 

Performance Operations Officers would work with this department to effectively and efficiently train its team on all of the PO Workshops and Guides that have been developed. Similar to LEAD 101 classes, the Education Department would post Workshop sign-ups where KSI members are to sign-up, keeping in mind that some workshops are geared toward specific ranks (i.e. the Basic Training Workshop is geared toward SGT & SSGT) and those ranks would have first priority. Each class would have a limit of 10 members to minimize the party from disconnecting. 

Hosting PO Workshops where members are welcome from all divisions would be extremely beneficial. Each division is unique in its own way, and this would give other officers and members the opportunity to meet other officers and members alike to discuss leadership within KSI. 

Even though this would be a separate department, divisions are still encouraged to host their own workshops to continue training and development within their own divisions.


On 31/05/2018 at 11:22 PM, Scarface 77 said:

Gaming and Activity Department -  (Requires minimum 1 member from each division as a rep)


The sole goal of this department is to help divisions come up with creative and innovative game nights and tournaments for their squad. In conjunction with Productions and Possibly News/Marketing, they will help organize and oversee special game nights for any squad with the assistants of the squads officer staff. They will also bring in Streamers to get it put on live stream and the News/Marketing will come in if a tournament is discussed to help bring in members. The staff members of this department need to have multiple games that is often played in KSI , including but not limited to Halo, COD, R6S, Smite, Rocket League , etc. Also must have flexible schedules to meet majority of time frames and be willing to be outgoing since they will be meeting new members and squads etc. They can also kick up ideas to T&E to help keep them in the loop on whats been the most popular games requested from each division to help keep that department up to date with desired WW.  Lastly, they can also be outsourced to host Game night workshops with officers on how to improve attendance and ensure that their members would be excited for the next game night. 


On 01/06/2018 at 4:53 AM, KSIxROMEO said:

Helping Hand 

Made up of experienced 7's and Generals and would help mentor and train new leaders across KSI. Finding and training new strong officers can become a headache for anyone. This department would help easy that burden. They would go where needed, and assist the Generals that are struggling. 

      This would benefit our community across the board. The squads would begin to retain the members they have and would grow. With strong trained officers that enjoy what they do instead of stresa over whether they are going to make it or not. That positive attitude and demmeanor would spread and people would feed off of that. Start coming to more gamenights, getting around their squads, bringing in their personal friends. This is what the Helping Hand department would strive for.



On 01/06/2018 at 6:10 PM, KSI BattleBear8 said:

 Security Department 

This department would be tasked with checking the security of all KSI websites, social media, and the members themselves. Each division would need at least 2 members per division and the members would need some skills in working with computers and being able to use security programs like Norton. Members would be responsible for security checks to make sure our members don't have any friends from blacklisted communities. The head members of this department would  have responsibilities of a admin, with monitoring the website for issues like not being able to access links, problems with posting comments, and just accessing the website, as this can be caused from hacking. The CSO would work directly with the CTO as they correlate directly to these issues. I think we should have this department because if the website were to go down because of hacking, the results would prove caytacalismic. The head members would be able to DDos security risked players for the safety of our community.


On 01/06/2018 at 7:53 PM, KSI FadeZ 7 said:

Divisonal Relations Department.

This department would be ran by a trusted leader of the community with a hand picked member of each division as a primary liason with a staff of atleast 2 to 3 reps from each divison under them. The departments main focus would be to bridge the gap between divisions and to promote and create healthy fun friendly relations between each divison and to improve the overal unity and retention of members throughout the community by setting up gamenights between divisions on a rotating basis on multiple games. this would bring everyone together across the community and make us far more united across the board and make the members feel far less isolated in their divisons and squads, it would build a healthy morale boost and bring prosperity to the community.


On 03/06/2018 at 1:33 AM, SadieJ said:



The Internal Oversight Department of KSI serves as a “checks and balances” entity. There is nothing worse, or more discouraging, then working hard to achieve something within the community just to see it passed on to the friend/favorite/popular/etc person from those that should be impartial. Unfortunately, this is a byproduct of being human, but it can greatly influence our retention rate and member morale. Concerns may be submitted to this committee in writing.


In order to ensure that this department itself remains impartial, two representatives from each division will serve a three month period on the board. A representative may only serve for a maximum of 3 months(or one term) per year.


The DIRECTOR of this division will be responsible for maintaining organization of the board members and documenting the final decisions but will NOT participate in any investigations, interviews or decisions.


As stated above, each division will elect two REPRESENTATIVES. A representative should be a member that can commit to the duties of the board for the length of their 3-month term. In the event of emergency or conflict of interest, a rep may elect to sit out of an investigation. The board may operate with a minimum of 3 representatives.


If found to be guilty of showing favoritism, a member should meet with the department director, a representative, and a member their division leadership to discuss how such actions are damaging to member retention, morale, and KSI as a whole. Repeat offenses should result in a fitting reprimand to be decided on a case by case basis.



On 04/06/2018 at 4:16 PM, Nikki Cola said:

The watchers

This Department is made up of one Watcher per division. The watchers are highly entrusted members, they are a member who has shown they are in good knowledge of KSI security protocol, the blacklisted communities and basic knowledge of the Code of Conduct. 

The primary responsibility of a watcher is to be on each squad tag in the division. Generally, no matter how involved your squad is there will always be members adding blacklisted or security risked people. There will be people that will change their information and nobody notices. There are those people who fall through the cracks and could have been saved but, never were. The  watcher is here to help. They will survey the overall health of each squad in their respective division, look at each members friends list and location/bio once a week.

They will keep track of members who are offline for a period of time, and ones who are not interacting with other members. Also, as a person who is not on the list of every member they will check their settings to make sure they are compliant with divisional standards. The watcher does this once a week and reports to the upper leadership of their division to report consistent issues within the squads, the overall health status of each squad and what can be improved. The watchers of all divisions will gather bi-weekly to monthly to discuss the trials and tribulations of their own division, what is working and what else they can improve on or change. 

The name is inspired by The Watchers of the Marvel Universe. They are there to oversee the universe and make sure there is order. They only interfere when there is a catastrophic event that can destroy or alter the universe as it is. 

I chose this name because the Watchers are there to be unseen and unheard, this is not a judgement session, the watcher does not go and tell the Generals how they are doing a bad job. This is an residing position that is a safeguard to improve the overall flow and experience for all members. 


On 04/06/2018 at 5:40 PM, KSI Memes said:

Miguel De La Cueva

The "KSI Treasury" Department

     KSI has many established sections that rely on a steady monetary income. Whether it be from donations, or ads displayed on our forums pages, the vital areas that are able to exist thanks to these forms of income are able to thrive and persist. The forums pages for example are hosted on servers owned by a larger company, and the money that KSI receives from ads and donations are the things that keep them running. We also can not forget about the prizes handed out thanks to these sources of income, such as the $50 prize that is being offered for first place in this competition. Every member in KSI should be grateful that such generosity exists within our community, however, like everything in this world, this section could use some improvement.

     Keeping your community well informed is always a good thing. The more the people who are KSI know their communities financial situation, the more they feel either; obligated to help or peace of mind. A Treasury Department would give KSI a prime opportunity to do just that. Letting the people know how their community is doing would instill a sense of pride and importance within them. There are also ways to make donations feel more interactive. These options come in the form of: donation goals, donation meters, and divisional monthly donation competitions. These would not only motivate people to donate, but also inspire a new form of interaction between the divisions that make up our community.

     While creating new things within KSI and looking at fresh ideas is always beneficial. Looking back and improving on what is already established is vital when wanting to move on with anything. You need to nurture the foundation if you wish to build upon it. There have been multiple cases of members being promised things and either getting them at a extremely delayed rate, or not at all. In one case, KSI "Sexy" ODINN 7 purchased a "KSI" sticker in the year 2014, but never received said sticker. In another, spirit week winners who were promised rewards for doing well, received said rewards but they were delayed by a number of months. While these cases are far and few in between, KSI has the potential to eliminate these problems entirely. A "KSI Treasury" can ensure that this happens by keeping track of all items sold, shipped, and delivered, and keeping track of all prizes handed out or promised to members.

     There are few downsides to this idea. However that is not to say that there are none. One is that an informed people will come to expect certain things that KSI may not be willing to provide. KSI, however, has the power to quell these small groups who might feel entitled just because the money is there. Moving past those particular incidents, there is really no reason why a "KSI Treasury" should not exist.

     Given all the arguments for and counterarguments against, a "KSI Treasury" seems like an amazing proposal. Instilling pride, allowing for moral upkeep, and ensuring promises are kept are all things that would come to fruition if it did exist. KSI is a community made up of people who care, why not show that KSI cares back by having enough trust to be transparent and open with their members.   


On 13/06/2018 at 7:58 AM, KSI xShocK 7 said:

AD (Activity Department)

The single most important thing to any gamming community is fun. So how do we inspire fun? that’s where the activity department comes in. Member retention seems to be a hot topic and the solution is obvious to me members wont leave if they’re enjoying themselves. Made up of the upcoming leaders of KSI with one goal to create activity.


The department would be led by two heads the Chief Activities Officer (CAO) and the Chief Forums Activities Officer (CFAO). They would also have two Co-Heads to help support them. The Role of the department Heads as well as Co-Heads would be to get with leaders (Gens, Co-Fos, Founders, Co-Divs, Div Leads) to help organize game nights for divisions and individual squads to try to inspire members to take more of an interest in our community. For the common staff they would help diversify their divisions game night schedule by hosting game nights at time that differ from the standard times, as well as participate in events set up by the heads. For example, in Divine Warriors we tend to host all our events at 8pm est to 9pm est with such a structured time for all our events many members in other time zones don’t get the chance to a true KSI experience. To combat this the staff members would strategies and organize in an attempt to give their members game nights at different times to better suit those members. I would hope that this department would have access to the gens chat on the forums to better reach out to those leaders its meant to help. We would all encourage starting a game night attendance page in the meeting note of your respective divisions ( The following format was posted by KSI HAVOC 7 but I couldn’t determine who first came up with the idea.)


Please post attendance from gamenights, events, etc in here in the following format.





Approx. Length:


(S) = Samurai

(E) = Elysium

(H) = Hannibal


Squad: Hannibal

Date: 2/12/18

Host: KSI Ronin 77

Game: Halo Wars 2

Approx. Length: 6:30pm-1:30am


KSI Billybob (H)

KSI Becky (S)

KSI Garyetta (S)

KSI Yorker (E)

xXHeartlessXx (H)


Using the format above allow the leaders in your division to keep track of not only the active leaders, but members in your division.


The CAO as well as the two Co-Heads would could use a calendar like the one in the link currently being used by Paladin DW created by KSI xKamikaze and KSI xShocK 7 to keep organized (Made for Mobile Users).

The Chief of Forums Activity as well as their staffs main object would be to promote activity by creating new general chat topics as well as find ways to create more interest in the forums.  When I first joined KSI back in April of 2014 the forums were a happening place, but today it appears there are more locked inactive topics then they’re active ones. We should also promote using the chat box to meet members to play with. A common complaint I hear from new members is that they feel that just about every topic has already been covered (massive number of topics). Based on all of those prior experiences with new members its my belief that we could vamp up forums activity by archiving all the old chats (which I don’t doubt is a job on its own).


General Chat:

Gaming (we are a gaming community where is our E3 conversations)

PC gaming (It’s underused and would make the main page cleaner)

Split up Music and Movies (if you go halfway down the page its locked anyways)

YouTube (a place to talk about our favorite youtubers and viral videos)

TodayILearned (Inspired by Garys Fact of the day)

Funny (for all those clean jokes if abused closed)




On 14/06/2018 at 10:29 PM, KSI xxXGhostXxx said:

Consoling department

The idea for this department is for those who are going trough a hard time and need some one to talk to and can trust.

This would be a department of members from all divisions to help those in need of some one to talk to. Those to be added would have to be understanding and have good listing skills. these members need to have a good emotional understanding and be ready for any type of emotions. To join this department you would need to have at least three or four members vouch for you and then the generals of each division would decide on the best rep for this department. At that point they would be added to the roster and be able to help those who need it.


On 18/06/2018 at 8:28 PM, KSIdontask said:

The second highest cause of deaths for 15 to 24 year olds in the United States is suicide. It used to be number one in most states but because of use of cell phones vehicle accidents has taken that spot. 

I have a very shy and hard to fit in type personality, especially when I first came to KSI. I was not comfortable "jumping into" parties or friending other members without permission. I was very afraid to start posting on forums and I still haven't found the courage to compete in competitions. Unfortunately, as I have served on the welcoming commitee, I am finding so many gamers just like me. The problem is, they, for what ever reason, have fallen through the giant crevices that are left open because our leaders are incredibly busy with all the different aspects and extreme responsibilities of their duties all ready. 

KSI has an incredible opportunity to step in and make sure the second group I mentioned does not become a statistic of the first. I believe that if we had a department that was strictly for taking these shyer new members by the hand and bridge that gap of deep dark pit of unknown beginnings to the "this isn't at all as hard as I thought it was" side, not only would it take some pressure off of our officers and leaders, but it would develope the type of members that would be sensitive to others in the future and, in my opinion,  make incredible leaders.

Now, here is the hard part for me. In this department the leaders need to be trained and somehow know the warning signs and the dangers of high risk members in KSI. To teach workshops on warning signs to divisional and squad leaders. To have a plan of action to get in touch with someone qualified even if it is to call 911. Sometimes someone won't say or do anything,  not because they are heartless but just because they are scared. Once this subject is not looked upon as "taboo" and more as a fact of living it could really help save someone. Think about it, there might not be anyone in person that someone would drop a hint to if they were planning suicide, but if they are on with gamers who don't have a face or live in their everyday surroundings, those frustrations are voiced even if in the smallest way. If we could save one life, wouldn't it be worth the work and extreme hassle of developing this department?

I'm going to get super real with you. Not because I want to win, as a matter of fact, Its fine if I don't because there are a lot of GREAT suggestions here that are very needed. But please, just consider this for the future. I lost my 15 year old son when he decided to lay down in front of a train. We knew he struggled with depression but he had gone through in house therapy, and I didn't know at the time, but the doctor told him he was a spoiled adolescent from a good home looking for attention. He was discharged, he swore he was ok, and then he was gone. He was my dearest and best gaming partner but he always felt he never fit in places. Believe it or not, I honestly believe, because of the friendships I've developed, if he had had a friend in KSI and if he had been in a party, he might have dropped a hint of what was in the future. 

I realize this is not a cheerful subject and I don't want to bring a bummer bomb to everybody's day, but I do strongly believe this could be an excellent department. 



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