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  2. Show respect to others even this who don't deserve it not as a reflection of their character, but yours.

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  5. Checking up on yall (:

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  7. I'd also like to witness for dear ol' Doctor. Mr. KSI Doctor 7 has been an invaluable asset to KSI in Clan Ops, Web Ops and in general. This guy puts in 110% in everything he's involved in. He's helped in a number of IA issues to assist the Seniors & IA Dept with information he's gathered. The guy tirelessly assists with the management of the forums which is no small task might I add. To this end, he's rightfully earned the KSI's forum staff of the year 2014 award! That's really saying something as Luci and the others are great choices for that award as well & pose as legitimate contenders for such a coveted award. He's constantly assisting members from across all edges of KSI to better help them with forums issues, clan ops issues, or even just to play in their game nights. The dude is nothing short of awesome and excellent in everything he applies himself to. There's something recently he's accomplished which hasn't been heard of in quite some time. This guy created a position that more effectively integrates KSI's social media departments which directly resulted in him carving his way into the Board of Directors. Okay, there are many many gaps in everything I just said so allow me to put this into perspective. Doctor has been here for 2.5 years'ish. As a regular member of KSI, he's accomplished much in his career to set himself aside in such a short amount of time. Having never reaching the clan ops rank of director, it speaks VOLUMES that he's just THAT awesome to make his way into the BOD. The dude is prolific in all his duties. He's been on autopilot since anyone can remember. I sincerely believe the time and energy he's put in to better the community and all members he reaches should be recognized and awarded - OS LVL 3. Description of the OS lvl 3 award Given the description and all that KSI Doctor 7 has accomplished, I truly believe this award appropriately suits him and his accomplishments. Not only has he satisfied each position he's filled in KSI, but he's has clearly gone above and beyond earning him several accolades along the way and a respectable following of supporters here in the community who have seen him work first hand. Him going above and beyond is what led him to this point in his KSI career today - Clan Ops Rank of Founder (SH), Senior Forums Mod, Court Judge, Department Head, Social Media Editor (one of a very select few), Public Relations for Web Ops, and finally Chief Department Manager of the BOD. Phew...holy Poop. I do believe he can say if he hasn't done it all by now, he's damn near close lol. Mad +props+ to you twin. You've done a bang up job since the day you joined and you're STILL trailblazing a great positive legacy while being a good role model for the community. Respect.
  8. Forum Staff (ADMIN/MODS/AAP//DEPARTMENT HEADS) Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - ImPeRiiuM Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/user/2917-pope-impyyy-vii/ Reasoning why they deserve this - Impy has been busting his ass off to keep the News Team alive whether it's himself as 1 of 1 or not. Talk about determination, despite being severely understaffed, he's clearly dedicated to ensuring KSI News is just as active as it ever was while collaborating with other KSI members for content as well as creating original stuff of his own. On a more grand scale, Impy has revamped the News Site altogether. Dude, he's not some webmaster or site administrator like worstplayer; He's a small town girl... I mean regular guy like the rest of us, BUT has an eye for improvement. That's just what he's done with the site. The new and improved interface and layout makes it easier to view articles, incorporates a marquee of information, RSS feeds, everything very easily available at the the visitor's sight and touch. By revamping the site, he's improved the availability of its content and the efficiency by which information reaches our visitors. If I must break it down further as to what that means..... the more people we, KSI, reach the more people we engage and have interaction with, which in turn assists with retention of current KSI members and as a collateral effect help with the growth of our community. I'll take it a step further and, if I may be so bold as to say this much, the layout also effectively and more efficiently makes connections of all its content to ALL visitors (KSI members and non members) which also advances KSI's potential recruiting field exponentially. Everything he puts out is a positive reflection of KSI, and with awareness out and easily available for all to see, it pleases current members and best represents us to others outside of our community who may be potential recruits. I don't know how much more one would have to do within their own department, in collaboration with, and outside of their field of expertise to deserve such an award outside of sheer fulfillment of duties. Writer Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - ImPeRiiuM Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/user/2917-pope-impyyy-vii/ Reasoning why they deserve this - Other than being one of two writers on the News Team, dude pumps out quality articles multiple times a week every single week. Though the News Team is severely understaffed, Impy has single handedly taken ownership and responsibility of all things KSI News and has brought the department the most activity it's seen in ... well ... at least 2 years. Most recently implemented voting buttons on the News Site while managing www.ksiglobal.org which facilitates the "Question Of The Week". This new feature, also publicized via all social media channels, is an quick and easy way for members to be active simply by voting for an answer to the Question Of the Week. Simple ideas like these often have great rippling effects that create change for the better. Among this change, this guy has completely overhauled the News Team site altogether to bring a more sexy interface, layout, and additional content. Impy for Pope! Productions Team Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad)- Snyder462 Link to forums account- http://www.ksiforums.org/user/7780-snyder/ Reasoning why they deserve this- This guy clearly has some serious editing skills. Using his self-taught acquired editing ability he created a new sexy intro for 2015 KSI Global videos. In order to stay fresh, relevant, and cool I can't tell you how much of a difference intros like these make for our channel of 2,500+ subscribers. See spoiler. Much more to come from this guy.
  9. If the staff doesn't mind, I can also vouch for this individual as his former director. Winner really came into his own right on time when CO was in real need for leadership. Poor CO was poached, full of db ppl some would call moles or even sleeper agenagents lol... okay not that funny but Poop was real and it was happening and it caused many to leave. He stepped up to the plate to retrain every new member among all his squads and all members of his charge particularly with regard to how to properly address security issues as it was a rampant ordeal there. Outside of these two things, he and Royalmonkey both tag teamed hosting open training sessions for Sgts/SSgts & officers weekly (Tuesdays). So absolutely, he qualifies. Exactly how many he's trained when I was there is superfluous... dude trained ppl by the lobby full on a regular basis. In fact, that was the most activity the division had seen in some time - through his training sessions.
  10. I'd like to witness for Master Recruiter, helping hand, and OS LVL 2. Granted this has only been open for 3 days, I'm pretty surprised this hasn't flooded up. Please allow me to fill in some gaps and explain why this individual is worthy of OS lvl 2. KSI Azrael 7 was recruited back September of 2011. To not make this into a mirror KSI History thread for Az, I'll focus more on 2014. Should the staff desire more information on Az's cumulative accomplishments please feel free to ask. I'll start with OS lvl 2 statement... As several people have mentioned, Azrael was once Division Leader of Forced Induction. What many don't recall or weren't around for, Az was also among the founding members of this division as well. Coming from Demise DL, when the division split he was brought over along with KSI Veilsix 7 to build up this solid division. Due to family issues and moving cross country, KSI Veilsix 7 ended up leaving KSI which left Az to fill in the gap as the only 7 in a fresh new division right off of a split. Talk about taking on a challenge, this guy was a fairly new 7 as is and then to take on running a division just 2-3 months later is tough....real tough. Reaching the highest rank one can achieve within a division, Az stepped away from KSI for a much needed break, a vacation we could all use at some point. When Az returned, he was like the old him on crack. The dude was rejuvenated with a serious motivation to prove himself once again. It started with him just wanting to come and help out in Velocity. He trained others how the leadership roles vary from rank to rank but explained how leadership in general has an underlying constant - taking care of your people. Regardless of the rank, Az makes himself available to any and all members (particularly on XBL) to answer questions, be their guide, knock out COD elite wars and any issues there may be. But Az wasn't satisfied with just sitting back and pitching in here and there. Upon being placed into Lotus, a failing squad at the time, by divisional leadership, He kicked it into overdrive by showing FI members how the flub Poop is done around here. Dude busted his ass to bring Lotus FI from 8 no Poop members to 80+, approaching a split in less than 2 months, 60 of which he personally recruited and 4 of which are officers right now (KSINBPxMOVIE, KSI Vonix, KSI Plooger, and I just don't have the time to find the other dude sry). As he was doing all this, he was showing others how the Poop is done and having others recruit as well. He rolled up his sleeves and took the hands on approach to really cultivate this squad into a solid cornerstone of Forced Induction. As a Co-Founder again in FI, he hasn't lost a bit of that motivation and momentum that got him there for the second time. Mind you, this is a feat in itself - to go from division leader and redo everything to claim the Cofo title again. It's a taxing experience to redo all that made him division leader in the first place. He's the 7 you don't have to worry about. Put him in place and he's on autopilot. Everything you expect a 7 to maintain, he does. He goes to squad meetings still. He's currently mentoring 3 generals across 2 divisions among other members. He's still an active part of FI's "Welcoming Committee" which gets a hold of new members and recruits to give more information about KSI to, game with, and put them into contact with more FI folks and KSI departments. When needed or requested, he attends the weekly division leader meetings in place of KSI Shinobi 7 ( Division Leader, FI) and/or KSI Sm0oth 7 (Founder, FI). Please note, for those of you unaware of this, only the senior most ranked 7 must attend the division leader meetings, however, should circumstances arise, they are to designate someone to attend in their absence. This is nothing new to Azrael, and he's more than capable of delivering the accurate information the Directors and Seniors require on demand at a moments notice. His delivery isn't only because he's experienced, but because he is intertwined with much of what is going on in FI and is THERE when things happen, game nights are hosted, meetings are taking place, promotions occur. He's THERE during the FI divisional meeting where FI 7s and Gens and officers get together and talk about what's going on and what needs to happen (and how to take over the world #pinkyandthebrain). In the spirit of giving back, rewarding, and keeping things interesting, Azrael has dropped over $100 out of pocket for name changes to deserving individuals via tournaments and some on the spot for those looking to commit and move up ranks under his tutelage. However, counting for his entire time in KSI, I can estimate personally he's come up off of about ~$300 since 2011 in MSP cards for others (~$100 in 2014 alone). The cofo rank can be particularly murky rank in regards to what needs to be done on a regular basis (for those not properly trained). However, for upper leadership, we all recognize how crucial it is to have a cofo locked on as well as ranks below them. That's just what this guy is, once again. Azrael's drive has inspired those around him to pick up the pace and actively contribute as well. I can't tell you how vital it is to have 7s do Poop other than manage and he's doing just that. Under his leadership, others have also received recognition in the form of complimentary comments in posts, pm's, and some even via forum awards. Az's leadership style of "do as I do" has spread like wildfire across the division and many have taken it to heart. I guess you can consider this a positive collateral effect of leading by doing, or indirect mentorship? Idk... however you want to put this into context, it's working and working well. So what do we have here? A highly active KSI veteran who has made waves before, came back, and is doing it all over again. Pulling bills out of his pocket to facilitate the growing numbers of name changes which ultimately adds competitiveness to officer ranks and other leadership positions. However, the most invaluable commodity is not money or a few kind words here or there. It's one's time. You can't take back time you've devoted to something or someone. You can't get reimbursed for it. Once spent, it's gone. And he's put in some serious quality time with the new FI and everyone is reaping the benefits of his activity. There's much more cumulatively this member has done over the course of almost 4 years of KSI service as I've pointed out. However, this information is what I have amassed over 2014. I'm still surprised he doesn't have this already from anything he's done in previous years. Granted the above should be sufficient statement for all three awards, I'd like to break down witness testimony to ensure these are divided and accounted for properly. Master Recruiter: - I can personally attest to this one without a doubt. Him and I both along with a core group of others banded together to recruit our asses off to recover from FI's early hit of mass fluff removal. Back in late 2012/early 2013 FI cut ties to all fluff. Literally all of it. We picked up on it via meeting attendance & squad tag inactivity and decided to send notices then remove. In that time, even with replacing members who have come and gone, he's easily recruited and assisted in well over 100 recruits. I've been there for the biggest portion of his recruits during this time just as he was usually present during mine. Consider it a dynamic duo of recruiting at the time. If anyone remembers KSI McClaytone (no longer in KSI) who was easily one of the most prominent recruiters this community has had in recent years, you'd understand just how many recruits we mustered together as a team. Helping Hand: - There's not much to say for this one unfortunately. KSI Oraclex7 created was is known as "Coporal's Showdown" and we've continued the tradition since its inception. Az has personally contributed and hosted many of these events himself. As mentioned earlier, he's also given some name changes out for those he believed would remain committed and continue up the ranks. These conversations are always fun to be part of. The appreciation members have for receiving something like this never gets old to see. It's fulfilling in its own right. *Side note, Az has contributed ~$200 to members out of pocket before his hiatus and ~$100 since he's been a Cofo. For those of you who recall his financial struggle early 2014, he's managed to overcome that obstacle in life and still find away to make this happen for FI members. Yeh... he's a lifer and will contribute as long as he can. That concludes my witness statement. Once again, should the AAP staff desire any additional information regarding this post, please let me know. Cheers
  11. I can certainly vouch for this. As her former director, royalmonkey was my goto person for training a sum of new individuals per my request. I wanted someone I could clearly trust to get the job done the first time, correctly, and give the members something to look forward to. Monkey did just that and more....made more trainers
  12. Just reserving my post for now. Will fill out/edit this post when I have time to. And I apologize upfront for the spoilers, however, kinda like a little privacy <3 Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - Link to forums account - Reasoning why they deserve this - Director Division Leader Co-Division Leader Founder Co-Founder General Captain LT Forum Staff (AAP/MODS/ADMINS/DEPARTMENT HEADS) Writer Member GFX Artist Productions Staff-
  13. I wholeheartedly agree with the statements above and will also witness for this MOST OUTSTANDING MEMBER. Huck and I have work closely together for well over a year. Somehow he thinks I mentored him, but in truth he did more for me as a person and leader in KSI than I write in a single post. He's helped me so much in my personal affairs as well as professionally here in KSI. When I absolutely had enough, he was there to calm me down and help me view things rationally. It's easy to talk to others and tell them not to take things personally, or that things will get better, be optimistic etc. It's an entirely different thing for someone else to tell THAT person (me) the same thing but more effective. He's a true friend, great manager, and no bs leader. When he noticed I wasn't gaming but submerged in other things and getting stressed out, he pulled me out of the water and resuscitated me and told me to shut up and game! As a director, it can be hard to take a break sometimes because of what we do. He made sure that all of us were afforded that opportunity by personally overseeing the hundreds we're over. He was the driving force behind 7s vs Viewers. He had a vision as to what he'd like to see done - did it himself, and said there's how it's done now go do it. You want to talk about a success story? A story about trials and tribulation? How about one of triumph? Huck has all these. Chaos and Queenjess can better speak & elaborate on this, but the dude had a stroke. To better work on his coordination as part of physical therapy, racing games were recommended. KSI was there for him through his rapid recovery and he has paid back in full and then some. He's devoted so much of his time and efforts to so many individuals and this community as a whole in such a wide array of areas it's just amazing that he was able to accomplish all that he has and maintain his sanity. This guy is one of a kind and a true gem of a member here. His output is so grand metrics just don't capture it all. Yes he's mentored dozens, trained many, recruited and so on. There are some things you just can't tie a number to. How about the lives he's touched over the mic. The differences in leadership he's created. How about how he engages members to do better for themselves, others, their squads/divs and KSI? This guy is nothing short of amazing. Actually, allow me to rephrase that, KSI HUCKLBERRY7 IS NOTHING SHORT OF MOST OUTSTANDING. I understand what it means to witness for something like this and other personal awards that require descriptive witnesses. I will stake my everything in KSI on what is true... and it's true that he most certainly deserves this award. He's earned it. Director of the year wasn't just for show last year. He earned it. He has excelled in every rank he's ever had, hence why he's a Senior Director now AND NOT SLOWING DOWN! He's full steam ahead all day everyday. KSI is very fortunate to house such a member, to call one of our own. Through his journey to this point, he has become a recognized leader and notable public figure here in KSI. WHO DOESN'T KNOW WHO HUCK IS? This is a man with a hell of a reputation that stretches across KSI. He's always been one you could count on to be there for you when you need him. That goes for every member. I've butted my way into his parties on many occasions and have witnessed him at work handling situations, motivating members, helping them realize their potential, and the occasional spankings. Hey... it's not always sun shine and rainbows...sometimes you gotta make someone go grab the switch and go to work. But in the end, he's always maintained a healthy relationship with everyone he comes into contact with. He's made a positive impact on policies and even particular sections of the rank structure that is the foundation of our community. The Advisory "position". The Sgt rank. Activity vs inactivity (fluff). Tag management (more so for directors). I'm just rattling off some things he's positively effected as there are many good gawd. You know this member deserves this award when you're just gathering witnesses to put a check in the box as part of SOP - because even the AAP staff is well aware of this :D If there's ANYTHING in particular the AAP staff would like for me to elaborate on, PLEASE LET ME KNOW and I'll gladly do so!
  14. Member Assistance - I agree with this nomination and can witness for this award. This member has taken on the challenge of committing himself to several different active programs currently in use by FI which have a direct effect on new and old members of the entire division. As a welcoming committee officer, he has reached out to freshly trained new members to give them an orientation to KSI and to Forced Induction. This orientation is crucial to proper indoctrination to FI as they're a very tight-knit group (gotta get with the program quick). When assisting these new recruits, he's answering their questions about programs, our structure within/outside of the division, and any lingering random questions they may have. I'll further point out that there's no way to get a squad up to splitting numbers and produce several notable named leaders within a squad without assisting members along the way. OS LVL 1 - I am not sold on this one. Granted this member is doing much for the division as a whole, there are some basic things that need to be taken care of within the squad. I feel that to qualify for OUTSTANDING service awards you have to not only take care of your primary duties but to go beyond the standard and excel at your position. Furthermore, it should be so blatantly obvious and there should be no shortage of witnesses (or withdrawing of statements). This member, as I said, is doing a good bit for FI, but there are some fundamental tasks as Gen member should be taking care of. Once locked on, should certainly be revisited. Until then, does not receive my vote.
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