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    Strong enough to walk through hell (life gave me the training)

    Loyal enough to be a lifelong friend

    Smart enough to not have xbox relationships, (just not my thing) 
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  1. Co-Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Joe 7 CoFo/DM/Cruelty and Venom Link to forums account - @KSI Joe 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - This man is a Die Hard. He takes a beating and always makes it to the final round. His one flaw is not seeing just how tremendously incredible he really really is. DM for the last few months unfortunately has had an incredible work load for 2 of its cofo's, Joe being one of them, and he never missed a beat. He never dodged the punches. (And he never slept). Whether its recruiting, pro
  2. Happy Birthday Man :jig:

  3. Division: Demonic Mayhem 1. Gamertag of Rep: KSI EzeD24 2. Gamertag of Rep: Luminairus Alternates (Up to 2): 1. KSICowGurl58
  4. Happy Birthday Man :jig:

  5. Happy Birthday Man :jig:

  6. Welcome to the fam :Peace:

    1. Midnight DyE

      Midnight DyE

      Aw thank you :) Happy to be a part of it! :)

  7. Happy Birthday Man :jig:

  8. Are you tired, does it seem to you that you keep trying to fit in but you just don't have the right charisma or personality to make it happen...well im here to say that that makes you a part of a big club here in KSI. As a member do you spend time helping others to feel they fit in whether it be by helping them with their game or being a good friend? As an officer do you work hard continuesly just to be overshadowed by those who can talk a good talk? I'm being transparent just to take this opportunity to encourage, even if its just 1 member, YOU. I know it feels like no one sees all you do, bu
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